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I would like to introduce myself. I am Mark Angelo Askew. An experienced senior black web business consultant, artist, composer, poet, writer and motivational minister. My mission. Aspire to inspire by promoting family values, good black business ethics motivating, uplifting news media content and the promotion of wholesome productive black talent to reveal the best that is in all of us. To that end I recommend the following resources for inclusion in your directory:

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I hope you appreciate my contributions to our productive community of successful, driven and resilient black achievers. Thank you in advance for inclusion in your directory and search engine.

Mark Angelo Askew
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The Jazz Art Series


Comedian Chris Tucker and Former Child Star Todd Bridges Share in a Unique Noble Humanitarian Effort At The 10th Annual Corner 2 Corner Drug Dealers and Street Life Conference

Nashville, TN (December 11, 2013) – Smiling faces, tears, supportive spouses and relatives, pomp and circumstance filled the Union Baptist Church Sanctuary in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, last week. Two hundred ex-drug dealers, gang members, prostitutes and other street life individuals received a certificate of completion at the 10th Annual Corner 2 Corner (C2C) Drug Dealers and Street Life Conference. Actor and Comedian, Chris Tucker, and former child star, Todd Bridges, surprised the graduates by delivering words of hope, healing and inspiration to help commemorate the monumental event.

Dr. Sir Walter Mack, Jr., pastor of Union Baptist Church, envisioned an innovative ministry strategy to target the diverse leadership qualities of the drug dealer. Over 10 years ago, Dr. Mack casually observed a young man dealing on the corner and he felt compelled to confront this problem. The Corner 2 Corner Conference was birthed to bring an acute awareness of the existing strengths of dealers—strengths that need refocusing and brought into a positive light. C2C’s mission is to educate, mentor and provide viable alternative options for employment and entrepreneurship to deter current and future drug dealers. Sir Walter Mack, Jr. shared, "This initiative is God inspired. I refused to casually walk past the community ills and not DO SOMETHING. Every year we see hundreds of great people in our community 'turn their life around' with the assistance of C2C."

The conference included tailored workshops by professionals in the specific topical field, testimonies from delivered drug dealers and families, luncheons and community worship services. Todd Bridges, whose career was brought to a stand still for nearly 10 years due to drug and alcohol addiction, encouraged the graduates through his story detailing 18 years of the ups and downs, sobriety and the necessity of faith, determination and perseverance to overcome challenges and adversity.

Todd Bridges affirmed, “None of what you see here (referring to himself) would be possible without God. I could've died many years ago - but, I'm here! I'm here, to encourage you and let you know, you can make it too!" C2C's surprise guest, Chris Tucker added highlights to the graduation ceremony with his gut-wrenching jokes, impersonations and life stories that encouraged the star-struck listeners to laugh, through the good and through the bad. “We’re all in the same boat, we all fight the same battles, but God will give us strength to never give up. The main thing about life is to never give up.” The focus of Corner 2 Corner Drug Dealers and Street Life 10th Annual Conference is clear: 'Everyone can change for the better,’ especially with the help of compassionate people. Dr. Sir Walter Mack, Jr.’s God inspired vision should be reproduced around the nation to proactively create positive change.

About Sir Walter Mack, Jr.:
Dr. Mack completed a continuing education program at Harvard University which focused on economic development and community revitalization. Dr. Mack has written four books and was selected to render the opening prayer at the prestigious Hampton Ministers Conference in which more than 15,000 people were in attendance. Having traveled to three continents, Dr. Mack’s global work began with international missions trips to Haiti and Israel. Diligently serving as pastor and teacher, Union Baptist Church experienced substantial growth from 300 members to over 4,200 and continues to grow. His insight and skills have been used at Tyson Foods working with chaplains and ministers from more than 120 countries, American Express, Winston Salem Urban League, Western Carolina University, Elon College, Wake Forest University, Harvard University and the NAACP.

About C2C:
Through a Drug Dealer’s Conference, created by Sir Walter Mack, hundreds of drug dealers were galvanized in his church to enhance their knowledge of God, self and society. He formed a C2C committee to get the word out about the conference, with a team of 10 volunteers visiting neighborhoods, knocking on doors and passing out fliers to dealers and users on their own turf. C2C’s mission is to educate, mentor and provide viable alternative options for employment and entrepreneurship to deter current and future drug dealers. To this date, thousands of individuals have experienced life-changing results through C2C’s initiatives.


The Thompson Twins: Las Vegas Adventure

Prepare your child for success by getting them hooked on reading. Give them a book that has characters they can relate to, fictional twins Letty and Carlos Thompson are half-black and half-Mexican and live in Oakland, CA.

The Thompson Twins: Las Vegas Adventure will captive your children's imagination while teaching hidden life lessons and exposing them to careers and role models showing them that everyone can achieve success. In this book the twins (Letty and Carlos) go to Las Vegas to visit their father. When they spot their favorite television star Phoenix Skye, they embark on an adventure they will never forget. While there, they also meet their first role model Mr. Leonard Wilson, who is a successful executive.

 Achievement U, Inc.

Thompson Twins: Las Vegas Adventure is the first book of the Everyday Role Model Book Series, a project of Achievement U, Inc. devoted to inspiring students to live the best life they can. In the series, real role models come into the lives of fictional characters Letty and Carlos Thompson. As the role models share their stories with the twins, they also share their story with your middle grade readers. The stories are designed to engage the reader with an entertaining story while teaching principles of achievement and success as practiced by everyday people who have a successful life.

As an exclusive offer to BlackRefer readers, you can order the book for only $4.95 (that's $2.00 off the regular retail price). Go to and enter the discount code KCCFP7XX. You can also purchase the book on Amazon (but you will pay full price).

Lesa Hammond

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr

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