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    (BPRW) What is Good ‘Synthetic’ Hair?

    (BLACK PR WIRE) -- CHELMSFORD, Mass. --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Whether they bought it or grew it, no one wants to imagine their hair on fire. FRX Polymers developed a flame retardant that can be mixed into synthetic material so it would be less likely to burn if the unimaginable were to happen. They named the flame retardant Nofia. Nofia can be used in many applications including hair fibers in wigs and weaves (hair extensions).

    Traditional flame retardants have increasingly come under fire (if you’ll pardon the pun) for being toxic to humans. But flame retardants are a necessary ingredient in synthetic hair. One simply needs to view the burning difference between synthetic hair treated with Nofia and synthetic hair not treated with a flame retardant to understand the need for its inclusion in the make-up of wigs, weaves and hair extensions:

    FRX CEO, Marc Lebel says, “Nofia is a phosphorus-based polymeric flame retardant additive with a most favorable toxicological profile, and unlike competitive liquid and powder-based flame retardants that both tend to migrate out of the plastic over time, Nofia, when it is mixed with the host plastic stays locked in and will not migrate out.”

    To inform users of synthetic hair about this key ingredient in some synthetic hair fibers, FRX is launching a campaign to highlight the positive aspects of Nofia. Their PR agency, (YPRC), has created a fictional character and named her Tracee A. Jackson, PhD. The edutainment campaign will highlight Nofia in hair fibers and other materials. Tracee Jackson, PhD is a successful, smart, fly girl with a doctorate degree in polymer science and is the CEO of an emerging company that just happens to also be named “FRX Polymers!”

    J. Abra Degbor, Principal of YPRC, in discussing the character, says “Dr. Jackson is a strong, stylish and sophisticated role model, driven in business to improve the safety of the additives in plastics in general, but in hair fibers initially.” Degbor added, “We intend to encourage positive life themes around education and acquiring the best that life has to offer, while incorporating relevant messages about Nofia flame retardant.”

    The campaign launches on February 17, 2015 the week leading up to the 2015 Mid-Winter Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show.

    Subscribe to learn more about the work FRX is doing in flame retardant technology through “The Life and Times of Tracee Jackson, PhD” at After you subscribe, Dr. Jackson will make her debut in your mailbox on Thursday, February 19, 2015.

    For more information about this announcement, please contact J. Abra Degbor by calling 617.999.3783, or e-mail [abra] at [].

    About FRX Polymers:
    FRX Polymers, Inc. was founded in 2007 following over five years of intensive research and development in the field of halogen-free polymeric flame retardant blend components. The company operates a pilot plant in Chelmsford, MA and a full scale plant in Antwerp, Belgium. Having recently commissioned its commercial plant in Antwerp, FRX is in the high growth phase of its evolution. It is commercializing a novel family of halogen-free, transparent, high melt flowing, polymeric flame retardant polymers. FRX Polymers is headquartered in Chelmsford MA. For more information about its products, visit their website at


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    Echelon Hair

    Echelon Hair

    New York, NY (September 17, 2014) If there’s one thing that Echelonembodies---it’s the heart, the echo, of the everyday woman. Since it’s conception in 2010, Echelon’s sole purpose is to make women look and feel fierce, fabulous and flawless. For four years, Echelon has watched the beautiful transformation of its clientele, as they beam with pride, with their lustrous locks flowing with effortless movement, exuding confidence from the inside out.

    Echelon Hair
    New Long Island Location

    Echelon Hair is the opulent trend in Virgin Indian hair technology, offering 100% raw and unprocessed human hair directly from it’s place of origin, guaranteed to last for well over twelve months! It’s no wonder why celebrities such as Rihanna, La La Anthony, Angela Simmons, Zoe Kravitz, Jessica White, Rocsi, and Mashonda, claimed their Echelon. Most recently, even actress Dascha Polanco, claimed her Echelon with the debut of her flawless custom grey unit created by celebrity hair stylist, Cynthia Alvarez, during New York Fashion Week.

    Headquartered in the historic Empire State Building of New York City, Echelon prides itself in offering premium Virgin Indian Hair straight from our temple to your temple. As a direct manufacturer, each bundle comes from one individual donor and is naturally cleaned using ultraviolet rays. Unlike most virgin hair brands, Echelon undergoes rigorous audits to ensure that all of the hair is hygienic and that all cuticles face the same direction, ensuring minimal tangling and matting. As a direct manufacturer, Echelon is able to provide consumers with quality hair products, ensuring 100% satisfaction at the most competitive prices.

    "My goal with Echelon was to use my connections with India temples and resources as a factory owner, to provide 100% Virgin hair extensions at an affordable price," says Raj, Founder of Echelon. "With so many companies selling poor quality hair, I'm devoted to providing the best quality hair extensions and options for all women."

    Available in a variety of gorgeous textures such as: Nature Collection (straight, deep wavy, loose wavy and curly), Enhanced Collection (deep curl, afro- curl, ocean curl, coil curl, kinky straight, and relaxed straight), Brazilian Collection (Soft Wave and curly patterns), and Rebel Collection (Colored Indian virgin hair), Echelon has a texture complimentary for every hair type. Each true-to-size, four ounce bundle ranges in lengths from 8 to 34 inches. Lightweight and supple, Echelon hair is chemical free, guaranteeing a flawlessly natural and refined extension style.

    In addition to it’s main office and retail location at the Empire State Building, Echelon now has a retail store in Long Island with China Doll Hair Salon located at: 2136 Grand Avenue, Baldwin, NY.

    Echelon wants to bring it’s fierce, fabulous and flawless hair to your workplace and pamper you and your staff with a happy hour appropriately dubbed, #ClaimYourEchelonAtWork. Experience Echelon’s fine textures up close in a fun and relaxed ambiance, complete with complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

    [Video: Rihanna's stylist, Yusef, Speaks About Echelon] Watch Here!

    About Echelon Hair
    Echelon is the premier hair company providing superior hair products directly from their place of origin. We are headquartered in New York and own our own factory located in south India.We sell only 100% virgin, Indian hair. We never sell synthetic, non-remy, silicone-applied, acid-washed or cuticle stripped hair products. Echelon appreciates the fact that our clients’ want hair that is not only beautiful, but is easy to care for and maintain. That is why we use only 100% virgin, unprocessed Indian human hair that can last for over twelve months. Our exceptional, organic hair products can help you effortlessly achieve the beautiful look you desire.

    Follow Echelon via Twitter & Instagram: @EchelonHair | Like Echelon on Facebook: | Visit Echelon

    Echelon Hair
    Celebrities in Echelon (Rocsi Diaz, La La Anthony, Mashonda, Angela Simmons, Rihanna, Dascha Polanco, Jessica White, Zoe Kravitz, and Po Johnson

    Echelon Hair
    Enhanced Collection- Ocean Curl

    Echelon Hair
    Rebel Collection- Colored Platinum Blonde

    Echelon Hair
    Enhanced Collection- Relaxed Straight


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    Hair Extensions…What are you really buying?

    There’s so many options for hair extensions out there. It seems like everyday, there’s some new online store or what I look instapeneurs (girls haphazardly claiming to sell you great hair on Instagram of all places). I don’t quite know how to tell you this, but all of that hair is exactly the same! Basically, it’s all crap (Sorry, not sorry). It seems like it doesn’t matter where you go, you’re going to run into a wall of chemically processed, synthetic and pitiful hair.

    The kicker to it all is that the people selling this hair to you have the gall to lie…flat our to your face! They tag on elusive titles to the hair like Bolivian, Peruvian, or my favorite BRAZILIAN. FYI to any naïve buyers out there; Brazil is a country filled with gorgeous women who focus on maintaining their beauty. Imagine a country filled to the brim with naturally gorgeous Kim Kardashians (minus the 6- hour glam squad prep time, painfully narcissistic fiancé, and knack for irritating the public). Now, imagine those women running around completely bald. Let me save you time here because YOU CAN’T!

    Here’s the truth, no matter where you’re going to purchase hair extensions there is a high chance that you’re paying top dollar for junk and that it is not in fact Brazilian or whatever else it may be that season. Not to say Brazilian hair does not exist, because it does. You just won’t find any genuine Brazilian hair selling for $60 per bundle or clip in set . It’s just Economics 101 people- you can’t get an amazing, rare, quality product for 60 bucks. If that was the case, Bentleys would be going for a manageable $20k….dream on.

    Where is the hair actually coming from you ask? Very good question. It is most likely coming from one of two places, China or India. For the purposes of this blog we will ALWAYS say NOOOO to China because they are the reigning authorities when it comes to chemically processed hair, with many of those chemicals being illegal in the US...yikes. India has gorgeous hair (we should know, we carry it), but only from the correct places, otherwise they’re giving you product at about the same level as China (more on this later).

    There’s a huge wave of VIRGIN and REMY being thrown around in the extension industry. Take it at face value because many of these people have no idea what they are talking about. Basically, you’re just buying the same hair we talked about earlier with a new name and flashy packaging.

    Save your money and buy something that you will look good in and feel good about. Our hair is ORGANIC, I’ll let that sink in. It’s the same principle as organic food. No chemicals, no dyes, just natural good- looking hair that will last and add an extra oomph to your va-va-voom (we all have it!). If you want to check out some organic hair check out our website (link below). To see the other hair that we discussed (Remy, Virgin, Brazilian etc.) all one needs to do is simply go to your nearest beauty supply store or google “Virgin Brazilian Hair” from the comfort of your own home. Trust us, you will laugh…and maybe even cry when you realize what these people have been selling you.

    Toodles & Tresses,


    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents. Use at your own risk.

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    Diora Hair

    A hair extension company that capitalizes the industry with their plethora of imported, untreated human hair extensions.

    With a wide range of extension selection, Diora Hair offers extensions from the following ethnicities: Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian and Peruvian and in a range of textures: curly, wavy and straight.

    Diora Hair is set apart from competitor hair extension companies due to its offering of four in-demand human hair types, as most companies only retail Brazilian and Indian hair types that blends well with African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian and Latina hair textures.

    Diora Hair

    Diora Hair is now available online at

    Brazilian Hair: lustrous, silkier in texture than Indian Hair; body wave is the top seller; textures vary from curly, straight or wavy and the natural pattern allows the hair to hold styles without styling products

    Indian Hair: straight, body wave and slightly wavy or deep wavy hair that straightens and curls without breaking the cuticle; hair styles are manageable and hold in humid and damp environments

    Malaysian Hair: lustrous, naturally body wave, curly and straight textures that do not require hair products to maintain or “hold” the natural curl pattern

    Peruvian Hair: thicker in texture and coarser than Indian and Brazilian Hair; available in curly, straight or wavy textures

    The hair is exclusively hand-selected from women in pertinent regions and citizens who are not exposed to harsh, damaging water. Each strand is inspected – with the removal of gray hair – and gathered and refined. 100% organic shampoo and conditioners cleanses the hair and it is naturally air dried to showcase the natural texture and ensure intact cuticles.

    Available in eight natural shades including natural black, jet black, dark brown, medium brown and blonde, Diora Hair’s color-matching process is one-less worry and with its natural foundation, the hair extensions can be dyed to your desire.


    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents. Use at your own risk.

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    This is Candy from beautymaxhair , Here's some good news to share with you, which is extremely important for your business, the skill to choose the best genuine virgin hair to avoid quality fraud.

    - The features of VIRGIN HAIR -

    1)100% PREMIUM GRADE Virgin Indian hair. Softest hair with dry condition, 2)Unprocessed hair without any chemical treated 3)All Natural black and natural brown, without dyed color hair 4)100% Healthy and Clean, with Health Certification. 5)No Fillers, No short or Waste hair, No Synthetic Hair, No acid Washed Hair, No nits, No Gray or white hairs 6)Hair Net Weight 100gram +-3gram, without Heavy rubber band or Heavy Paper, which is Scaled 8-10gram weight from other suppliers. 7) The virgin hair is in steam permed textures as well with no chemicals at all. It is not Chemicals Roller permed. 8) Reinforce weft-Shedding free&Tangle free 9) All the cuticles intact on the hair and the same direction, so it can be used for very long time.

    Please check to see more details about our virgin hair wefts. The difference between other suppliers and us, please check here:

    100% PREMIUM GRADE Virgin Indian hair
    We have 10000pcs in stock, while there is NO MOQ for you, from 10-38inch in stock with straight, body wave, natural wave, deep wave, Jerry curl, egg curl, romance curl in stock!! We are a trusted company which has distributors in USA, Italy, Spain, France, Australia etc., and we are the golden member of Alibaba, Made in China, Globalsoures and we have attended many overseas hair shows. The reason we have better quality with lower price is we collect the raw hair materials by ourselves, so we can control the quality and cost better.

    As we ship our goods to distributors daily, we get the best discount from DHL, Fedex and UPS, that means you will have the best price from product to shipment with us. I am sure you will choose us after comparing with other suppliers!! Because Our Quality is better than other suppliers! Because we know what you want!

    by the way, we also have colored hair weft, Funmi Hair, lace wigs, closures, prebonded hair, tape hair, clip hair, prebonded hair extension etc in STOCK!! No MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY requirement for you!!! And we offer free gift for you if you buying hair from us, we offer

    1. The brochure (how to choose the best virgin hair)
    2. Eyelash
    3. Brush
    4. Hair iron
    5. Wigs

    You are welcomed to place sample orders, and refund is applied if you are not happy with our quality or service. We accept paypal & Escrow& Credit Card etc.

    Have a nice day.
    Best Regards

    Beautymax Hair Products Co.,Ltd
    Tel: +86 20 83229170 or +86 20 32729197 Fax: +86 20 83229215
    Skype: Lin.candy4
    Address: Room1502,Block B,TianXiu Building, Huanshizhong Road #300,Guangzhou,China 510050
    Website: -
    Hairextension Guide:


    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents. Use at your own risk.

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  1. Affordable High Quality Remy Hair...
    We offer 100% Virgin Indian Remy hair at an affordable price. We import direct from Southern India.Don't buy throw away hair, buy Remy Indian hair! The highest quality in Curly, Wavy and Straight textures hair in a variety of lengths. The Natural Look!

  2. African American Natural Hair...
    An African American natural hair website community for Black natural hair styles, weaves and hair care with articles and photos.

  3. African Braids by Hadja...
    With over 20 years hands on experience in Guinea West Africa and the Chicago area, African Braids by Hadja now offers the Austin Texas area real quality workmanship that makes the difference in your natural hair style.The beautiful hairstyles of locks, braids and cornrows we see everywhere today are amazing.

  4. African Hair Braiding Styles...
    You can get, African hair braiding style, single braids and corn rows, cornrows single braids we let your facial structure work for you- you will love your hair braiding do we love to show off our African hair braiding! Let's put your beautiful new hair braiding on our Website!

  5. Afro Care...
    We provide superior quality 100% natural human hair extensions (suitable for all hair types), remy, cinderella hair, celebrity elite, kanakelon, monofibre, toyokalon & profibre synthetic hair extensions and hair pieces at great prices, better cornrows braids.

  6. Afro Textured Hair...
    Natural hair, black hair, and afro-textured hair are terms used to refer to the texture of Black African hair that has not been altered chemically by perming, relaxing, straightening, bleaching or coloring.

  7. A'Kiyia's Natural Twist & Hair Braiding...
    Located in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

  8. American Health and Beauty Aids Institute ...
    AHBAI is an internationally renowned trade association representing the world's leading Black-owned companies that manufacture ethnic hair care and beauty related products featuring the Proud Lady Symbol.

  9. Anadika ...
    Anadika sells 100% indian virgin human hair extensions online. we are a black woman owned company.

  10. Angel Hair Braids...
    Angel Hair Braids, the premiere salon in Beverly Hills for hair care through braiding. At Angel Hair, it is our greatest priority to provide the style you desire without damaging your hair.

  11. Bad Braids and Dreds...
    This natural hair care salon specializes in locs, loc maintenance, braids, free maintenance and natural hair care alternatives and products. Find out some important facts about braiding and see how its done. Braids and Dreds.

  12. Black Beauty Hair Braiding...
    Hair braiding and weaving for men, women, and children. Braiding takes about 3 hours to complete. Our carefully-done hair braiding and weaving work is guaranteed to last about two months. 9 Years of Experience in Hair Braiding.

  13. Braids and Styles Unlimited...
    In operation since 1993, Braids & Styles Unlimited offers the finest braids and hair extensions in the Washington, DC, area. With the addition of the manicure and the pedicure spa, our licensed full service salon uses multi-color textures and the latest techniques to give you the stylish look you want, right when you want them.

  14. Braids by Onda...
    Skilled in cornrows, box braids, interlocking, twists, bantu knots, straw curls, and hair weaving. I do not perform any chemical processes. Here you will find information on my style techniques and pricing. Prices are listed by minimum charge, and do vary based on hair length and consistency. Please contact me to make an appointment.

  15. Braids By SaBrina...
    Braids By SaBrina is a full service Hair Braiding Salon in Los Angeles, California, providing hair braids, weaves, and extensions to men, women and children of all nationalities, types and textures of hair, including African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians and Pacific Islanders.

  16. Braids & Dreds...
    This natural hair care salon specializes in locs, loc maintenance,braids, free maintenance and natural hair care alternatives and products.

  17. Braids for Ethnic Hair Care...
    Ethnic Hair Care of Brandon, Florida is a hair salon that caters to ethnic women. Our stylists are professionally trained to deal with the intricacies of ethnic hair. We can help make your ethnic hair the best that it can be.

  18. Braid Hair Extensions ...
    Human hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, glue in hair and wigs for women for styling your beautiful hair.

  19. Braids Incorporated...
    Braids Incorporated specializes in braiding, twisting, weaving and locs for women, children and men. We provide quality service in a friendly and uplifting atmosphere. Our goal is to get you into braids and natural hairstyles that reflect elegance, sophistication and beauty.

  20. Brazilian Hair Extensions...
    We are the leading authority in Brazilian Hair Extensions. We have a range of products including VIRTUE: Brazilian Hair Extensions and the haircare range specially formulated for Brazilian hair.

    A beginner’s guide to cornrow braiding and how to care for them.

  22. Clip in Hair Extensions ...
    Clip in Hair Extensions is one famous shop online to provide clip in hair extensions,hair weave,tape hair extensions,micro loop hair extensions and pre-bonded hair extensions,all the hair are Indian remy hair with top quality.welcome to visit our shop online.

  23. Comb My
    Sexy micro-sized locks for easy styling and clean grooming. Long, strong, beautiful locks are now at you finger tips. Clean, sexy dredlocks are possible with the Sisterlocks system.

  24. Cornrows And Co...
    Cornrows Hair salon and hair/skin products.

  25. African Braiding Information...
    Cornrows how to, information, faq, forums, and online courses. Multi ethnic hair products. Be a braid artist and loctitian. Other alternative beauty fields and careers.

  26. Cuticle and Indian Remy Hair Extensions ...
    International Hair Company is committed to bringing you the highest quality 100% human hair available. This natural looking hair is soft, full of body, beautiful and long lasting.

  27. Dina Professional African Hair Braiding...
    Professional African Hair Braiding Services servicing Stone Mountain, Georgia and the Atlanta, georgia moetro area.

  28. Doctored Locks...
    A retail/wholesale company featuring hair extensions and alternative fashion accessories, bulk hair including kanekalon, human and toyokalon, body jewelry and more.

    Large hole beads and the artists who craft them.

  30. Dreadlocks...
    Visit our dreadlocks, cornrows gallery.

  31. Dreadlocks Site...
    We are a very large social network for people with dreadlocks.

  32. Easy Weave...
    Buy and Sell Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, Lace Front Wigs, Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Mongolian, European, Clip In Hair Extensions and More on EasyWeave. the eBay for Virgin Hair.

    Wholesaler of human and synthetic hair weave, extensions, pieces, wigs, and more at very compatible prices.

  34. Essence of Braiding & Weaving...
    Salon offering African Braiding Excellence in Richmond, Virginia. We will provide the best natural hair care services.bly need to know about natural hair care.and share the best secrets known to African tradition!

  35. Exclusives Hair Studio ...
    Specialties are Hair Weave Extensions, Retwist Dreadlocks, Braid/cornrowsk, color/Highlights, Press & Curl/Flat Iron, Precision Cuts.

  36. Extension Hair & Fashion Lounge ...
    The Fashion Lounge was created with the aim of providing the latest products for fashionistas, while making sure that value, customer service and quality remain our top priority. We began our business in 2012 and since then we have transformed ourselves from a fashion model dream to one of the most talked about fashion and hair extension shopping websites on the web. We have a number of items to offer and they all fit into the categories of shoes, bags, clothing, accessories and human hair for extensions. We ensure that our brands are top class and of new designers who are on the emerging front.

  37. God Given Beauty Natural Hair Care Salon ...
    We cater to your natural hair needs in a positive, supportive environment. Services include: Sisterlocks and Brotherlocks packages, starter locs, loc maintenance, braids, twists, cornrows and weaves.

  38. Going Natural; The Source For Pure Beauty ...
    Everything you need for Black natural hair care: Inspirational Hairstyles of Afros, Locs, Twists, Braids, cornrows, products, pictures, videos and more.

  39. Hair Braids for Kids...
    Hair braids, braid for kids and cornrows explained for different type of styles and proper maintenance.Includes braiding resources for teens and children like books and DVD on hair braiding.

  40. Hair Extensions...
    Our website offers a wide variety of hair extensions, including human hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, hair extension kits and hair extension accessories.

  41. Hair Extensions By Margaret...
    Hair Extensions By Margaret where I offer the latest technique in Hair Extensions, Weaves and Braids for over 18 years in the Elk Grove Sacramento and the bay area.

  42. Hairobics All Natural...
    Our Hair Detangler is made from the finest essential, vegetable and fruit oils from around the world. Not only does this product eliminate tangles, it also softens and strengthens the hair. Great for natural and braided hair.

  43. Hair Weave Information Network...
    Hair Weave | black Hair Weave Styles Hair Weave Information Network, salons that provide hair weaves.

  44. How to Braid Cornrows...
    Cornrows are a popular African style of braiding the hair along the scalp. They are also known as "underhand track braids".

  45. How to Quickly Take out Braids...
    How to Quickly Take out Braids, instruction by wikihow.

  46. Indian Hair Stop ...
    Indian Hair Stop offers information on the latest hair styles and maintenance on Virgin Indian Remy hair.

  47. Indian Remy Hair Extensions ...
    International Hair Company is committed to bringing you the highest quality 100% human hair available. This natural hair is soft, full of body, beautiful and long lasting.

  48. Jamaican Braids...
    Jamaican Braids is located in Newport Beach California. Call for a consultation or appointment. We specialize in hip-hop hairstyles!

  49. Just Braids Full Service Salon...
    Just Braids has been doing braids and extensions for residents of the Hampton area since 1992.

  50. Just Glam Hair ...
    Premium virgin human hair extensions, custom wigs, and mink eyelashes (cruelty free).

  51. Just Loc's By Marceline...
    Specialize In Starting And Maintaining Loc's. Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York.

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    Visit Katour Line by Kym today for the latest styles in wigs!

  53. Keystone Laboratories...
    Home of Better Braids, K7, Ultra Glow, Amber Glow and Long Aid hair care, beauty and skin care products.

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    How to make dreadlocks and locs and products to use to maintain locs.

  55. Leanna's Natural Hair Products...
    Leanna's hair dressing is made from a blend of natural essential oils which prevent dry, brittle hair. It can be used on natural, chemically processed or braided hair to nourish and lubricate dry and itchy scalps.

  56. Lela's Braiding Gallery...
    The leading natural hair style professionals in Philadelphia.

  57. Lisha Coleman Hair Extensions...
    Lisha Coleman named best hair extensions by Allure Magazine! Video Series teaches you how to do hair extensions!

    Sisterlocks™ are uniform locks that allow you to style and manage your hair without relaxers, gels or waxes. Serving the Detroit Metro area.

  59. LocLuvers...
    LocLuvers is a place can share information about 'dreadlocks' and other natural hairstyles.

  60. Locs By Isis...
    Starters, Retwists, Natural 2-Strand or Single-Strand Twists, Styles.

  61. Loosen Tight Braids...
    Learning how to loosen tight braids is critical for anyone who regularly wears braided hair styles, whether they’re simple ponytails or more complex micro.

  62. Lovettes Lovely Links...
    Hair Fusion strand by strand h and cold.

  63. Lovette's Lovely Remy...
    Affordable 100% virgin Remy/Remi Indian hair at wholesale prices. Our hair is unprocessed with cuticle intact. Various texture available.

  64. Mandisa Ngozi Art & Braiding Gallery...
    Enjoy the experience.

  65. Margaret's Braids & Weaves...
    Hair Extensions By Margaret Welcome to Margaret's Braids & Weaves Hair Salon where I offer the latest technique in Hair Extensions, Weaves for over 18 years in the Elk Grove Sacramento and the bay area.

  66. Master Weavers...
    Master Weavers official website.

  67. Mathematical Patterns in African American Hairstyles...
    The main objective of my work with black hair is to uncover the ethnomathematics of some hair braiders .

  68. Micro Braids World...
    Micro Braids World offers the last tips and resources on micro braids, cornrow styles, hair braiding styles and invisible braids.

  69. MissDarlene...
    This is my professional cosmetologist/ stylist page on MySpace. This page is to network with potential and existing clients and also to describe the facility all services offered.

  70. Mobile Hairdresser Hair Extentions...
    Ruth Walker Shepherd offers a professional mobile hairdressing service in Bristol (UK) and surrounding areas.

    Learn how to manage and style Nappy Hair and Curly Hair at home. Step-by-step hairstyling instructions, product reviews, homemade hair recipes, and many more helpful tips are all availiable for FREE!

    Learn how to make and grow dreadlocks - no matter what type of hair you have - using tips and techniques straight from professional stylists.

  73. My Indian Hair...
    Get the hair of the stars! 100% handtied lace front wigs and Pure virgin indian hair for weaving. Our hair last for 1 year and can be worn straight, wavy or curly.

  74. Naani...
    Dedicated to dreadlocks, braiding, cornrows, natural hair and all African (black) hair issues.

  75. Neatlocz...
    Online store for Dread locks and Accessories

  76. Nubian Secrets Online...
    A serious yet practical approach in formulae affecting Hair AND Scalp Wellness.

  77. ... Kids and Family: North Side salon specializes in dreads.

  78. Perfect Hair Days...
    The Highest Quality and Best Selection of 100% Indian and Remy Lace Front Wigs and Accesories!

  79. Remilaku Natural...
    Hair braiding & natural styles.

  80. Remy Hair Extensions ...
    Finding the best high quality Indian Remy hair is a very important step if you want an undetectable natural look.

  81. Royalty Braids...
    Braids are a great way to wear your hair in many different styles. You can do a combination style, or go from big to micro mini braids. Hair braiding takes lots of patience.

  82. South Africa in Transition...
    South Africa in Transition -- Features -- Hair Part 1.

  83. Strand By Strand Hair Fusion Extensions ...
    Affordable Strand By Strand hair fusion extensions worn by celebrities for years. No lumps, bumps, pins, clips. Free Consultations!

  84. StudioBraids...
    Professional Hair Braiding Shop in Oakland.

  85. Take Down - Remove Braided Hair...
    Take down prevents hair tangling and breakage when removing braids.

  86. Tamika Bell ...
    For Healthy Hair and Natural Looking Sewn-in Weaves. We revitalize hair with the aid of sewn-in weaves helping women grow their hair to longer lengths.

  87. Tanika Torrice ...
    Top New York hair Extension Artist Specializing in Hair Extension Exclusively. Providing Services to: New York City, Atlanta, GA and Toronto, Ontario.

  88. Texas Beauty Supply Store ...
    Texas Beauty Supply - black hair styles, hair care, hair extensions, curling iron etc.

  89. The Finest 100% Human Remy Indian Hair Extensions...
    Indian hair experts providing the perfect blend of quality and price, so everyone can afford beautiful 100% Indian human hair extensions and weaves!

  90. Tree Braids and Braids by Kaale in NJ ...
    Tree Braids are the new IT Girl hair style: more manageable than extensions and braids, you can grow your hair and easily transition.

  91. True Indian Hair...
    We are distributors of Remy Indian cuticle hair wefted and bulk for weaving... braiding and all hair extension needs.

  92. Wholesale Hair Extensions ...
    We provide wholesale hair extensions,wholesale human hair and wholesale hair weave with competitive price.

  93. Zayunu by Design ...
    Handcrafted Zayunu by Design Accessories. A celebration of Neckpieces, Rings, Dreadlock/Sisterloc/Twist & Braid Jewelry, Cultural Bridal Jewelry and Tiaras, Bespoke Design Service. Beautiful creations to enhance you from head to toe.

  94. 1007 BRAIDS...
    1007 Braids & Styles is a professional African hair braiding Salon specializing in all types.

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