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    The World's 20 Most Popular Bucket List Activities

    People are willing to spend up to £10,000/ $12,888 on their bucket list on average, new research has revealed. A survey exploring bucket list budgets revealed respondents would be willing to part with between £5,000/ $6,444 and £10,000/ $12,888 on completing their travel goals.

    But with the cost of completing the ‘top 10 bucket list activities’ coming in at a whopping £18,519/ $23,866 (at an average cost per activity of £1851.90/ $2,387), that would only be enough to complete five bucket list items.

    Going on safari (£5,600/ $7,217) and walking the Great Wall of China (£1,139/ $1,468) both appeared in the top five bucket list activities. And visiting the Grand Canyon (£1,181/ $1,522), going whale watching (£2,000/ $2,578) and taking an American road trip (£3,365/ $4,337) also made the top ten wish-list.

    Joe Gardiner, Head of Brand and Communications for, said: “We all have a bucket list, but many of us probably don’t take the time to work out how much it would cost to complete. “If you’re serious about getting everything done before you kick the bucket, then that’s where you have to start.” The thrifty and frugal, however, can start working towards completing their bucket list right now by choosing one of the three free activities on the list.

    Starring as an extra in a movie, writing a novel and running a marathon can all be completed without costing a penny. In the meantime, big dreamers can try a new bucket list calculator to find out how much you need to set aside. Using the definitive top 50 bucket list, compiled a smart bucket list calculator which gives users the ability to pick their own ultimate activities from amongst the world’s favourites.

    The tool then calculates the total cost of users’ individual bucket lists, before presenting them with the percentage of their salary they will need to save in order to achieve their dreams, based on whether they have two, five or ten years to stockpile funds. Joe added: “Planning ahead and staying on top of your finances is essential if you’re going to get the most bang for your buck, especially when it comes to travelling and life experiences.”

    The Top 10 Bucket List Activities

    See the Northern Lights (average cost: £572/ $737)
    Go on safari (average cost: £5,600/ $7,217)
    Walk the Great Wall of China (average cost: £1,139/ $1,468)
    Visit the Grand Canyon (average cost: £1,181/ $1,522)
    Go on a cruise (average cost: £1,338/ $1,724)
    See the Egyptian Pyramids (average cost: £1,112/ $1,433)
    Go whale watching (average cost: £2,000/ $2,578)
    Spend New Year’s Eve in New York (average cost: £1,103/ $1,422)
    Gamble in Las Vegas (average cost: £1,109/ $1,429)
    Take an American road trip (average cost: £3,365/ $4,337)

    See the top 20 bucket list activities here -


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  1. A.D. Parties & Events ...
    We specialize in planning-décor-rentals. We have been executing breath-taken events and wedding since 2006. Give us a call today and let us help bring your vision for a fabulous wedding, social event to life.

  2. African-American & Caribbean Wedding Planners ...
    Wedding Day, Inc. plans, designs and coordinates weddings and events in New York City for an African-American & Caribbean clientele. Our interns will have the opportunity to work in an interesting and unique environment.

  3. Amazing Grace Event Management ...
    Amazing Grace Event Management offers personalized and customized consultative and planning services for weddings, social, corporate/non profit events.

  4. Black and Gold Productions...
    Be the FIRST to find out about all of our upcoming events.

    Entertainment, Party, & Event Planning.

  6. Bravo Productions ...
    Bravo Productions is an award-winning, full-service event planning and production company specializing in staging corporate, association, government, military and non-profit functions nationwide to support clients' strategic marketing communications campaigns.

  7. Divine Delectables...
    African American owned catering, event planning and baking company. All of our foods are prepared homemade and fresh daily by our chefs with our guest in mind. We specialize in gourmet food with a home made taste. We will gladly customize any menu and please feel free to request any special needs when planning your event with us. If you need assistance in planning your function, please feel free to call us and we will gladly go over every detail of your affair to make it a truly enjoyable experience.

  8. Event Specialty Partners...
    The name says it all...we specialize in planning, organizing, and presenting events and collaborate with the best in the business to make sure your project is successful.

  9. Family Reunion Planning...
    African American family reunion organizer software with 50 printable templates invitations books booklet maker flyers name cards labels certificates and more.

  10. Jessica Ann Mitchell ...
    My experience includes organizing events, conferences, volunteer programs, public informational meetings, and company research initiatives.

  11. KRJ Event Planners...
    KRJ Event Planning, Inc. is the finest event planning company in Miami, Florida. Although this company is relatively new and upcoming it has already garnered citywide acclaim and appraisal.

  12. Lois Pearce Beautiful Occasions...
    We handle the details while you enjoy the affair.

  13. NY Event Planning Company ...
    A full service wedding company based in New York offering wedding planners for local and destination weddings, wedding invitations, limousines, caterers, photographers/videographers, flowers, tuxedos, favors, and much much more.

  14. Renee Tyler Consulting ...
    Renee Tyler Consulting is a dynamic full service organizing and event planning company, serving the greater Chicagoland area and Northwest Indiana.

  15. Robert Van Arlen ...
    Robert Van Arlen enjoys working with meeting planners. Both he and his team of professionals are happy to provide you with the tools necessary to secure bookings for your clients.

  16. Sharon’s Decorations Inc....
    Sharon’s Decorations Inc. is a premiere full service wedding and event management company providing services for event planning, linen, as well as decorations for any occasion.

  17. Tasha Gardner Parties ...
    Party planner serving the greater Philadelphia area.

  18. The Creative Source...
    Jeanne C. Warren "Certified Wedding Specialist" & Event Planner. The Creative Source LLC, is located in the Greater Hartford area of Connecticut and is your source for your wedding and event planning needs.

  19. Tracey Dowtin Events ...
    Washington, DC. Full Service Event Planning Company, fun, creative, fabulous, unique events, Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia.

  20. Urban Soul Atlanta...
    An upscale events promotions company based in Atlanta, Ga providing services including corporate event planning, concert promotion, and special events management.

  21. Your Dream Weddings and Events ...
    Full-service coordination for weddings and events. We want to make the event planning process as stress-free as possible and provide excellent service to very smallest detail.

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