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    My Hidden Figures Reflection

    By: Breyonna Fox, Blogging Intern with My Quest To Teach
    Jacksonville, Florida

    My first thought when I finished watching Hidden Figures was, "Wow, they actually did all of those things, like they accomplished their goals." I thought this was very inspirational, because back then it was very hard for other races besides Caucasians, to do the things they wanted and love. In the movie there is a part when Mary Jackson's husband even doubts her accomplishing her dreams, showing how un-motivated people were and how many dreams were simply crushed and forgotten.

    Hidden Figures

    Then there was Dorothy Vaughn who wanted to be a supervisor for her group of women who are highly skilled with computers. She wanted to move on with her dreams when she realized Katherine and Mary was moving up with theirs. NASA wouldn't make her a supervisor though, she worked hard and even acted like a supervisor to her group of woman.

    Then one day she got a huge offer, but she would only do it if her girls were with her as well. So they allowed it. She finally became a supervisor. She is the first African American woman to supervise a staff at the West Area Computers Division.

    Another part in the movie shows when she took her sons to the library to get some books to help her out with work, they ended up getting kicked out, just because Dorothy needed the book, but the library was whites’ only. It was upsetting to see how she couldn't check out the book and then the security guard pushed her sons out as well. Then when she got on the bus she still had the book on her and when her sons asked why and she said she pays taxes and those taxes help the library out. I know Dorothy is a very witty and strong person. She stayed determined in what she believed in and knew she could accomplish her goals, she didn't leave her girls and moved them up with her.

    Mary Jackson, wanted to become an engineer, in the beginning she had doubts about it. She was talking about it with her co-worker and she said how impossible it felt, her co-workers told her she could do it, because they were already doing the impossible. I thought about what she said and how she had hope that Mary could accomplish her goals. It showed me even when things feel impossible, they aren't. She even went to court to fight for what she wanted and got night classes at University, an all-white school! That was amazing. I really loved that part, because that filled so much hope in Mary and made her believe more in herself that she could accomplish a lot more things after that, Mary Jackson became the first female African American NASA engineer. Mary is a sassy, brave and determined for what she fights for.

    Last, but not least was Katherine Goble, she was strongly skilled in mathematics and had an analytical mind. She got a new assignment by Al Harrison, so she had to move to a new part of the company.

    When she was getting escorted, the woman told her, "you will be the first black person here. Don't make me regret choosing you. Most people only last a few days, so don't get used to it." Then when Katherine entered everyone stared at her. Her co-workers were rude towards her as well. She went to grab some coffee and everyone was staring at her. She immediately felt uncomfortable and sat down and sipped her coffee slowly. After that incident they got a second coffee maker and it said "colored", she went to use it, it was empty, sending a message.

    This showed me how even though Katherine accomplished her goals, there will always be people trying to bring her down. Then she got upset and explained to Harrison how rude everyone was acting towards her and how she never got pearls and how no one wants to use the same coffee maker as her, since earlier she was always in the bathroom and he would ask where she went. Then the next day he tore down the "whites only" bathroom and the "colored" signs and he said, "no whites or colored, we're all the same here." That showed me how Al Harrison really cared about Katherine as an employee and he didn't care about skin color. Then when Katherine got engaged, her co-workers got her a pearl necklace, which was Harrison's ideas too, which she wore to her wedding. Then later on in the movie, when John Glenn was going to orbit around earth, he said he only trusted Katherine with her calculations and with his safety, he knew she was brilliant and he only trusted her not the computer machine. He was right too, he had trouble up in space, but he got back safe.

    Katherine played a huge roll in John Glenn's journey and Apollo space program landing a man on the moon. In 2015, Katherine received National Medal of Freedom from President Obama.

    This movie showed me that anything you set your mind to you can accomplish. You just have to stay determined and full of courage. This movie is very inspiring and does prove to other women and girls they can do things even when they feel it's out of their reach. Edited by Prof. William Jackson #MyQuestToTeach

    William Jackson, M.Edu.
    Educational Technology
    Edward Waters College
    Jacksonville, Florida

    Blogging at: My Quest To Teach
    Twitter: WmJackson


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    How Millennials Are Finding New Jobs

    In new article, CMRubinWorld asks global millennials to share their secrets for success in a rapidly changing labor market.

    Youth unemployment continues to grow. An increasing number of people around the world have higher education degrees. Despite this, more than half of the workers are employed in jobs for which their levels of education and skills are inappropriate. Skills are mismatched in the world labor market.

    The 15 Millennial Bloggers are based all over the world. They are innovators in entrepreneurship, journalism, education, entertainment, and academic scholarship. C.M. Rubin, founder of CMRubinWorld, asked these young professionals to share their perspectives on the challenges they face to find jobs and how they view the role of education.

    Headlines like “Is College Worth the Cost?” still plague news outlets…” writes Francisco Hernandez, who interviews economist, leading jobs expert and director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, Anthony Carnevale, to determine if higher education is as relevant as ever.

    “As globalization brings us closer together, schools need to better prepare students to live in a world that demands failure in exchange for the keys to success,” says Jacob Deleon Navarrete.

    “Millennials are the ones who've had to incur the loans they'll spend years repaying, many in jobs which may not, by and large, be particularly satisfying (where they're not actively soul-crushing),” says Harmony Siganporia. Is now the time to “revisit what we define as success”?

    Visionaries such as Tom Stoppard, Bob Dylan and John Lennon inspired the planet yet all opted out of academic programs. James Kernochan recommends that patrons behind the arts “place emphasis on and resources behind programs that give artists structure and a meaningful social milieu when they are done with school.”

    “There’s a stark difference between “academia smarts” and “business smarts,” says Isadora Baum. Baum advocates for embracing failure, building solid relationships and life-long learning.

    As the movement to educate girls gains ground, Sophie Hemery believes that “Sex and Relationships Education is failing young people” and that “Mandatory, high quality and critical Sex and Relationships Education would dismantle the ideology behind such patriarchal shackles.”

    “Is the focus on standardized testing useful for students in their future careers?” asks Erin Farley, who talks to education thought leader, futurist and author Charles Fadel about redesigning curriculum for the new world.

    Read the full article here

    The Millennial Bloggers are Alusine Barrie, Sophie Hemery, James Kernochan, Kamna Kathuria, Jacob Deleon Navarrete, Reetta Heiskanen, Shay Wright, Isadora Baum, Aw Cheng Wei, Francisco Hernandez, Erin Farley, Dominique Alyssa Dryding, Harry Glass, Harmony Siganporia and Bonnie Chiu.

    These remarkable young people have produced shows and founded companies. They have been featured on Forbes ‘Asia 30 Under 30’ list and honored by Asian Women of Achievement Awards. They have been awarded numerous scholarships and fellowships. They hold Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees. They run schools and train educators in underprivileged communities. They have taught all over the globe in environments ranging from maximum security prisons to elementary schools.

    CMRubinWorld launched in 2010 to explore what kind of education would prepare students to succeed in a rapidly changing globalized world. Its award-winning series, The Global Search for Education, is a celebrated trailblazer in the renaissance of the 21st century, and occupies a special place in the pulse of key issues facing every nation and the collective future of all children. It connects today’s top thought leaders with a diverse global audience of parents, students and educators. Its highly readable platform allows for discourse concerning our highest ideals and the sustainable solutions we must engineer to achieve them. C. M. Rubin has produced over 500 interviews and articles discussing an expansive array of topics under a singular vision: when it comes to the world of children, there is always more work to be done.

    For more information on CMRubinWorld
    Follow @CMRubinWorld on Twitter


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    The African Story Must Be Told To African Americans

    by William Jackson @wmjackson

    Promoting unity among Africans and African Americans in the growing digital age. The African Diaspora, an interconnected bloodline of history, legacy, new families, lost families, rapes of the body and of the mind. Endangered unification and associations. The fight to balance assimulation and self-destiny. The connection between African Americans and Africa is connected with blood and tears. There is no denying that slavery spread the lives of millions of Africans to impregnate America with free labor, slavery on a generational scale, colonization and lost identity.

    History and legacy has shown that Africa is the cradle of civilization and the history of the world started with Africa, even the bible states this.

    The story is factual, the evidence seen in the faces of millions of African Americans that are decedents of the slaves that were forcibly brought to this nation. It can be seen from South America, the Caribbean Islands and other sites that where in possession of slaves. The struggle for levels of freedom are still being sought ironically resulting from slavery in America and colonialism in Africa. The history being taught in schools in too many cases is a travesty, filled with false truths, misconceptions, lies and information that is intended to be safe and easily manipulated to create a level of understanding and thinking that does not encourage cultural growth or continued investigation by children.

    African American students are not interested in a continent they do not see their connection to, African children only see what the media wants them to see of America whether it is music, videos, movies and the sports athletes and entertainment powerhouses that lack historical or cultural relevancy.

    The intellectual understanding of the importance of Africa is sometimes lost in the haze and misdirection that people perceived from "nature" shows. Africans are in to many cases fodder for discriminatory shows that show bare chested women in desert sands, children whose protruding bellies are from malnourishment, starvation and war.

    Men who with yellow eyes sit around fires with spears, glazed looks and missing yellowed teeth. The media shapes and molds these stories and are sometimes the only story that has been shown for decades or half centuries. There is another side of Africa that is rarely shown. The Africa You Rarely See

    This is why "The Danger of a Single Story" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is important to share as I have in my classes,

    No one person or group should be allowed to talk about, mold the conversation around, or dominate the discussion of another culture. All parts of the African diaspora are of historical and cultural significance.

    Soyinka and Achebe "Africans Have a Story Inside to Tell" #MyQuestToTeach an additional blog created to show the power of African storytellers that in history by colonization were systemically silenced because foreigners learned that storytelling shared messages that provided hope, courage and unity.

    Blogging by Africans is critical to share the stories that influence education, business, commerce and impact collaborative efforts that transcend race, religion, gender and alternative lifestyles. "blogging is critical today more than ever." Anthea Adams - Twitter

    The stories of Africa must be shared with African Americans to open dialogues of collaboration and content sharing. The damage by slavery and colonization must be put aside and the damage repaired by connections that embrace brotherhood and sisterhood. Moving African Americans and Africans to new opportunities in education, business, commerce and foundation of reconnection and respect. The importance of telling factual stories is real and powerful. If people are told a lie and false truths long enough they will begin to believe them even if they know there is no truth.


    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.

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    How to Build Your Blogging Business In a Week

    Ariana Pierce

    Dream big and live those dreams today — that is what lifestyle and fashion trendsetter and influencer Ariana Pierce has been doing since age 17, with her inspirational lifestyle products, blog and online show.

    Ariana motivates thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs to dream big and follow her example. Her wisdom transcends the age gap, empowering business owners to acquire fortune, fame and fashion by accomplishing their dreams “now not later.”

    Ariana Pierce

    At the young age of 25, Ariana is enormously successful in six different businesses that gives rich beauty and fashion products and advice on real-world budgets. The beauty guru runs the wildly successful nail polish company, Superstar Nail Lacquer which she launched at the tender age of 17 with her mother, award-winning motivator, life coach and author, Dr. Stacia Pierce. She also manages a thriving online accessories company,, and is creating a serious buzz with her travel accessories.

    Her fashion blog chronicles her daily style, travels and insights on fashionable living and she was recently named contributing editor and blogger for Vogue Magazine’s Influencer Network because of her keen lifestyle and fashion insights and passion.

    Ariana Pierce

    As a lifestyle, fashion and brand expert, Ariana is a much sought-after motivational speaker, designer, business coach. Together with her mother, Ariana hosts the highly attended three-day International Women’s Success Conference, jam-packed with information, implementation and candid conversations that inspire and transform the businesses and lives of entrepreneurs.

    She and her beauty brands have become the lifestyle and fashion darlings of celebrities, movies and media outlets. A brilliant tastemaker and business woman, Ariana will continue to inspire and influence her generation and beyond.


    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.

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    The Responsibility of Bloggers of Color

    by William Jackson, M.Edu
    Social Media Visionary and Higher Education Instructor

    Bloggers of Color have untapped influence in their communities and the nation. BoC can impact their communities in so many diverse fields ranging from promoting educational attainment (why school is important), obtaining financial growth and stability in their communities; encourage political activism (why voting is important), importance of family stability, community unity projects and development and helping to provide intellectual escalation (being smart is cool).

    Bloggers of Color are influential, can inspire and inform and a great way to promote those in the community doing great things. The concept of “It Takes A Village” is on a digital level.

    Looking at #Ferguson and seeing how the media is manipulated, guided and even coerced in reporting events, BoC are vital to understanding the grass roots of issues where is matters. During protests, meetings, collaborations and even what is happening in homes BoC can develop a unique trust and confidence to tell the truth were mainstream media either is not interested or does not have access.

    The platforms available can touch lives to meet people where they are, from email lists, webinars, Google Hangouts, online classes, BlogTalkRadio, Podcasts, Vblogging, Microblogging and even the simplest of texting. Mobile technology has opened doors to content that can be accessed through mobile devices as people are on the go. The power of mobile technology can be seen in developing situations on the ground. The growth of mobile technology shows that 63% of consumers have Smartphones (Business Insider 2014) and it continues to grow.

    These devices when applied correctly can tell a story that does not require editing or an “expert” the truth is seen and heard. The growth of Bloggers of Color (BoC) is evident as news agencies continue to put a slant and a skew on stories that have cultural overtones. When truth and facts are blurred by video snippets and audio bites used to give just enough information to create a digital emotional response.

    The news media can manipulate their audiences emotional and psychological expressions and responses. Malcolm X’s statements have historical value and prevalence when speaking on how the media can manipulate our emotional and psychological reactions. Bloggers of Color through their content can link conceptual ideas that people share, being a “friend” has a different meaning in an online environment. The networking concept allows and encourages connections that increase the sharing of information, expanding of ideas and open doors for intellectualism.

    Bloggers of Color should take advantage of a new concept coined by Leisa Reichart “ambient intimacy,” keep in touch with people with a level of regularity and intimacy that you wouldn’t usually have access to, because time and space conspire to make it impossible.” So using technology to stay connected continuously has benefits and detriments. BoC must learn to make known the difference between what is vital and important and what is personal and intimate for them. State by Reichart, “It (Social Media) makes us feel closer to people we care for but in whose lives we’re not able to participate as closely as we’d like.”

    Points for Bloggers of Color (BoC)

  1. Create a Platform for Unity and Unification

  2. Create Opportunities for Collaboration – “Bloggers cannot view each other as competition, but as collaboration to completion.” Lamar Blogging While Brown Conference 2015

  3. Create opportunities to dispel intimidation, foster acceptance and respect for other bloggers

  4. Create a Niche where your space is one of safety, support and trust

  5. Create an atmosphere of approachability where those who have questions feel comfortable in asking them.

  6. Create a Brand that has a “visual identity” don’t just base your Brand on text content, people need to see who you are and the direction you are going. Creating a “visual identity” means using the right graphics and photos.

  7. Create the understanding that your Brand is your promise, when you make a promise don’t break it

  8. Understand the Visual Identity is important in the age of digital content to separate you from others that try to duplicate and imitate you

  9. Create opportunities for engagement, allow for open discussion so people can reach you and reach out to you. Your intelligence and intellect are valuable assets to influencing people and situations.

    Bloggers of Color can create awesome and transformative paradigm shifts in their communities and on a national and even international levels if they apply their creative and intellectual abilities in the right direction.

    Collaboration – Cooperation – Alliances – Associations

    Wm Jackson
    Parent, Blogger, Educator, Speaker
    Blogging at My Quest To Teach and Social Media in the Church of Christ


    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.

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    Fergueson, We Have A Problem!

    Recent revelations of racist e-mail by two now-resigned Fergueson, Mo. police supervisors and its former town clerk confirmed what Black protesters screamed for years. Coming from a small Southern town, Fergueson's traffic fine-driven apartheid inflicted upon its Black majority rings all too familiar.

    In Savannah, Ga., being a Black driver meant being slapped with every citation under the sun as part of a gauntlet run regularly. The Port City is also majority Black and despite the same pigment in city hall and police headquarters, community relations rots on the civic vine. In New Orleans, where I type, the civic vine connecting police with its Black majority has withered and died.

    The common thread weaving together the fates of Fergueson, Savannah, New Orleans and related locales is Democrats rule these ravaged roosts. Every ignored complaint, dismissed march and presumption by hostages that no one respects them can be laid at the well shod feet of Democratic rulers.

    These cities can't blame the parish/county nor state GOP for biased policing allegations and unresponsive authorities. Democratic mayors and councils direct public safety within each and said direction arguably blocks legitimate concerns. I implore the imaginary mission control of history to note, "Fergueson, we have a problem!," and so do other majority Black cities whose Democratic leadership hasn't improved police/community relations beyond 1960s impasses.

    -Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is an anti crime activist and security writer on touchy topics. #Cap Black Is Here! is his blog


    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.

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    Introducing Colour Bunz

    reinvents the traditional process and offers a cost-effective, comfortable, effective and fun way to color hair. Below please find You Tube links illustrating the easy to use, at home techniques with which Colour Bunz achieves highlights, low lights, ombre, tint backs and how curly haired girls can work with textured hair for salon results.
    Colour Bunz

    The videos also demonstrate color placement and application tips. See how simple Colour Bunz is to achieve professional results at home See how the curly haired set can work with textured hair types

    Colour Bunz is a patented device for highlights, lowlights, ombre, balayage, and more. Available in thin and wide channels, Colour Bunz can be used by every hair type depending on hair thickness and the possibilities are endless.

    Colour Bunz enables an at-home coloring process that is weightless and pain-free, and eliminates all possibility of color running or drying out. In addition to use at home with professional results, Colour Bunz can be used by professionals in salons as a fun, new technique to color hair other than using foils. Those looking to revamp their hair style can do so easily, save money, and in a comfortable manner. The product is environmentally friendly and puts a huge dent in the waste from the foils that take over landfills all over the world.

    Creative options are endless with Colour Bunz and founded by Barbara Forgione, a colorist who has been in the industry for over 30 years. The brand is now a US patent and is patent pending in four countries. Colour Bunz is a must-have revolutionary product and will forever change the way individuals color their hair.

    For additional information, please visit


    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.

    No Implied Endorsement: does not endorse or recommend any article on this site or any product, service or information found within said articles. The views and opinions of the authors who have submitted articles to belong to them alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of

    Niche Parent Conference 2013

    - Niche Parent Conference of 2013 held in Hollywood, Florida.

    Attended by over 100 participants that are Bloggers, Mommy and Daddy and VBloggers and multimedia digital creators of content.

    The Niche Parent conference displayed the growing intellectual influence and cultural diversity that has embraced not only the skill sets of Blogging, but the dynamic ability to create content that is read, interactively engaging and blending multimedia elements in the blending of various technologies. “People of Color and People of Culture must get involved in creating digital content to share the great things that diversity brings to the United States of America.”

    Wm Jackson with Daddy Bloggers

    William Jackson, Educator and Blogger Blogging defined as: the Art of writing, the ability to tell a story. Blogging has grown from a hobby to a business model and entrepreneurial entity that requires Bloggers to be Content Creators and Multi-media Architects. The Creation of Content is important to make a connection and build a relationship with the readers and viewers.

    Tools are diverse in the creating of inspirational and motivational information that are imbedded in many Social Media platforms: WordPress, Google +, Google Analytics, Blogger, Twitter (Microblogging), Youtube, Photobucket, Vine, Tumblr and the list continues to grow and evolve. Social Media platforms are broadening in the lives of people and groups that create content. Expanding on the generational differences and cultural dynamics of our society. One of the valuable lessons are Bloggers should no longer Blog using traditional text, they must be able to interact with their readers on an intellectual and even emotional level.

    Sharing content and resources that keep the subscriber engaged and thirsting for more information that empowers, excites and educates. Relationship building is key to a successful blogging presence. This being my first Niche Parent Conference I was blessed with being honored to attend through the efforts of Black Bloggers Connect and Niche Parent Conference. The opportunity of being engaged with the talents of passionate Bloggers inspired me to expand my ability to tell a story, to motivate and inspire through digital means. The Niche Parent Social Media Conference, the #1 Conference celebrating diversity among Mommy Bloggers, Daddy Bloggers and Parenting Bloggers showed the diversity not just in gender, but the cultural richness of Latino, African American, Cubano, Haitian and Caribbean cultures.

    Being the minority in the gender area I and my sister Dawn were warmly greeted and accepted into the fold of Mommy Bloggers who have taken Blogging to another level. The presence of Daddy Bloggers shows there is a growing interest in men to Blog about their lives, their children and the everyday challenges of being a father, husband, mentor and role model. Traditionally it is thought men do not Blog, but this is far from the truth, men do Blog and are very good at it. As an educator (Engineering and Technology) and father I try to create content either by writing or Vlogging that is interesting and even fun.

    The Daddy Bloggers present are a great example of how men can be successful content creators and make money: Jim Silver, Ben Floyd and Manny Ruiz spoke of the need for Dads to share their experiences to strengthen families and share a unique solidarity that all fathers have being responsible and accountable as fathers and husbands.

    Blogging is not just an entertainment pastime, or a part time hobby, it has grown to being a business that requires the spirit of entrepreneurialism. Having a business mind is required because of the necessity of Marketing and Branding the Niche of the Content Creator, the individual that has a vision for sharing information. The Blogger creates content based on not what the Blogger wants, but what the consumer needs. It is important that the foundation of success is based on an agreement, a relationship based on trust and respect.

    Defining the skill sets of a Blogger has grown past the clinical definition of a dictionary; it requires the precision of a Marketing Plan. The plan must include a level of interactivity, there must be sustainability, adaptability and respect that will keep readers and viewers loyal to the Brand. The Niche Parent Conference of 2014 is a dynamic experience that opens doors of collaboration, cooperation and cultural empowerment. The skills of intellectualism and innovation are growing and expanding in the richness of multimedia content creation.

    Sessions that were influential ranged from: Start-up Secrets & Tools for the 21st Century Woman, Let’s Roadmap the Blog Route to Success, Vlogging – Making it Practical, Fun & Professional and even focusing on the physical aspects which is important. Discussed through the use of Yoga: Energize your Blogger Body was well received and attended as a movement adventure to continued good physical health and mental peace. Even members of the Tom Joyner Morning Show (Passion, Platform, Profit) with Nikki Woods, CeCe Clark, Mary Boyce, Kim Grimes participated sharing their experiences, incites and ideas as entrepreneurs and business leaders in a competitive industry.

    Blogging and Vlogging have quickly grown into a dynamic and fast paced business. Content creators must be prepared to think of their talents and skills as a potential business. The session: Stop Thinking Like a Blogger and Start Thinking Like a Business! with Lamar Tyler and his wife demonstrates that men and women have embraced their passion for Blogging and Vlogging, taking it to another level, a level that demands consistant attention in order to be successful. The business side should be explored and expanded, allowing for the opportunity to grow into markets that provide not just wealth, but building relationships that educate, engage and endure.

    The Nice Parent Conference –

    Slideshow of Photos by William Jackson and Dawn Heyward

    Wm Jackson, M.Edu.
    @Wm Jackson - Twitter
    Bogging at:
    My Quest To Teach


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    Blogging While Brown Conference

    Blogging While Brown 2012 (Philadelphia) is a powerful experiences to the diverse world of Social Media/Technology and the integration of technology. The ability to write and share content is important in the developing world of digital content.

    William Jackson, Tiffany 
Duhart, Lee Brown
    William Jackson, Tiffany Duhart, Lee Brown

    Attending this conference are bloggers/writers like myself (William Jackson), Tiffany Duhart (Jacksonville, Florida) and Lee Brown (Orange Park, Florida) looking forward to learning more about writing/blogging. Conferences like Blogging While Brown demonstrate the significance of learning about new and evolving technologies that allow for creating, posting, modifying and sharing information.

    Blogging While Brown is the premier conference for people of color as a national and international conference. The opportunity to network professionally, share skill sets, online tools, and discuss the dynamics of male and female Bloggers of Color. Sharing solidarity of digital content directed at national and international audiences.

    Tiffany Duhart and
    @TDuhart75 Twitter (microblogger)
    Lee Brown,
    @TheIntellective a Twitter (microblogger)
    William Jackson,
    @wmjackson a Twitter (microblogger),

    educator with DCPS and Edward Waters College Writers/Bloggers of Color need and should be involved by attending technology conferences wherever and whenever they can.


    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.

    No Implied Endorsement: does not endorse or recommend any article on this site or any product, service or information found within said articles. The views and opinions of the authors who have submitted articles to belong to them alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of


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    The great awareness comes slowly, piece by piece. The path of spiritual growth is a path of lifelong learning. The experience of spiritual power is basically a joyful one.

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    Positive Black (African American - African - Carribean) for a new vision toward leadership and self respect. Promotes mutual respect and better understanding among Blacks in the World.

  13. Black Age of Comics Convention ...
    Black Age of Comics Convention / Onli Studios. "The Black Age of Comics", was created by Turtel Onli to refer to independent creativity derived from the Black or African experience.

  14. Black Ambition ...
    a blog about our world, my life, your comments.

    A blog about relationships, parenting, kids, romance, advice, Q&A, black families and life!

  16. Black Art Depot Today...
    The Black Art Depot Today - Your #1 Source for News About African American Art.

  17. Black Bloggin...
    Black Bloggin provides helpful tips, support, and link exchange for African American bloggers.

  18. Black Blogopolis ... is The Capital Blog of Black Thought, Urban News, and African-American Opinion. Black Blogopolis intends to educate and empower Black youth for the benefit of future generations.

  19. Black Book Blog...
    Merged Publication, An Award, and Whatnots.

  20. Black Celebrity Kids...
    A celebrity baby blog featuring your favorite black celebrity kids,babies,and their parents.On this site you will find loads of pictures and news on black celebrities and their kids,and everything else in between

  21. Black Entertainment USA...
    A look at the world of entertainment, focusing predominantly on Black/Hispanic figures. Also trends in movies, commercials, and all other media. Comments on my views are always welcome.

  22. Black Girl a Book...
    Literature reviews and recommendations from an African-American perspective.

  23. Black Gives Back...
    A Blog Dedicated to Philanthropy in the Black Community.

  24. Black Introspection...
    Black Thought and Black Introspection is one of the best places to find insight from a Black perspective not beholding to white America.

  25. Black Male Appreciation ...
    All positive news and notes about Black males.

  26. Black on Campus ...
    News and views on the politics on Black Higher Education, from the editor of Twilight and Reason.

  27. Black Online Entrepreneurs ...
    Black Online Entrepreneurs is a resource blog / marketing tool.

  28. Black Pearls...
    A fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to BLACK fashion designers, innovators, chefs, trendsetters, authors and more!!

  29. Black Sissy...
    Commentary on black, black gay, other color gays, celebrity life and whatever I feel like talking about.

  30. Black Solutions ...
    A blog designed to encourage African Americans to leave urban centers and buy land in the South and Midwestern United States.

  31. Black Street ...
    This Blog Will Focus on Black Individuals, Businesses, & Organizations Doing The Great Things That They Do. If You Didn’t Know of Them… You Most Certainly Do Now! We Are BLACK STREET!

  32. Black Women in Europe...
    The place to celebrate women in the African Diaspora living in Europe.

  33. Black Women Speak!...
    Black Women Speak is a community blog for black women of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities to speak to each other about everything.

  34. Blogiva ...
    A daily discussion on life, love, business, finance and anything else that crosses my mind.

  35. Brotherdoc ...
    Deals with international, national, and local issues from a Black mans perspective.

  36. Brown Butter Beauty...
    My customers can rest assured that they are getting high quality premium herbal products that will help heal, moisturize, and nourish the skin, hair and body. I’m constantly researching natural ingredients and herbs to use in my infused tinctured recipes.

  37. Brown Man Thinking Hard...
    Personal political commentary and links to raw data feeds, pollster methodologies.

  38. Brown Skin Lady...
    The rantings of a Suburban Chick with a lot thoughts, issues, and misc. ideas on her mind.

  39. Candidly Candace ...
    Blog Talk Radio. Women discussing women's issues.

  40. Chittlin' Talk...
    It is a site of news, information, history, opinion, and videos.

  41. Chocolatecity Blog...
    African-American politics, socio-economic, Black fashion, Black arts, Black authors, education, politics, justice, and entertainment.

  42. Cincinnati Black Blog ...
    African American perspective on news, policies, culture, and politics from Cincinnati, Ohio.

  43. CMeNatural ...
    CMeNatural is a place for men and women who live, or are considering of living, a lifestyle of healthy all natural hair. It’s a social network as well as a learning tool to support you in your hair journey.

  44. "Crazy" Baby Mamas...
    A single mom who inspires Moms to be "Crazy" about their child and motivate Fathers to be IN their kid's life.

  45. Da Greasy Guide: NYC ...
    A NYC news and travel blog focusing on the best of urban NYC. Party listing and black culture news.

  46. Dee411...
    Keeping-it-real for God personal blog dealing with day to day issues that don't always see the light of day. e.g. Where are the Black Men in the Churches?

  47. Different Day, Same Shit...
    "Different Day, Same Shit" is a blog that covers a variety of social, economic and political issues that affect Americans on a daily basis.

  48. Discover Kai...
    The purpose of the site is to discover the intimate thoughts and experiences of a writer and to allow the reader to read, comment and contribute to the development of works of fiction.

  49. Double Strand Twist...
    Natural hair tips,personal hair journals,natural hair product referrals.

  50. Down Home Soul Food Cooking Blog...
    Soul food, Southern, and comfort food recipes shared by Willie Crawford, Author of Soul Food Recipes Learned On A North Carolina Tobacco Farm.

  51. Dream and Hustle dotcom...
    A raw, uncut blog written from Ed Dunn point of view about his entrepeneural goal to make a success and the challenges he has to face.

  52. Ethnic Scrapbooking Blog...
    Living a lifesyle of cultural awareness and preservation!

  53. Ethnic Skin Aficionado...
    This blog site was created by an award winning African-American esthetician and spa consultant for ethnic women who want professional advice and information about caring for their skin. It also appeals to other skin care professionals and business owners about the importance of ongoing education in ethnic skin care to address the changing demographics of today’s spa customer.

  54. Field-negro ...
    Biting and independent commentary on the news and social events of the day from an urban male perspective.

  55. Fornication: Our Dark Little Secret...
    This blog discusses the historic effects of fornication in the Black community and how it has led to an atmosphere of lawlessness, drug abuse, and destruction of our family fabric.

  56. Frankly Speaking...
    A blog about the political and social issues affecting Black America, the United States and the world at large. Written by Dr. J. (James) Alva Scruggs.

  57. From Ashy to Classy...
    This page is the journey for myself Darryl Frierson as I embark on the road of becoming an author. I chose to name this blog from Ashy to Classy because of the parallel between the Notorious B.I.G. song Sky is the Limit and my struggle to fulfill my dreams.

  58. From Chidley to Harvard...
    The blog looks at my day to day activities hear at Harvard from the perspective of a black man who attended an HBCU for undergrad. From Chidley to Harvard: The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Ernie Suggs, an African-American, Written by Himself.

  59. Gloria Dulan-Wilson Blog...
    Journalist Gloria Dulan-Wilson Eclectic Black People VIP (Views Interests & Perspectives) Blog focuses on Black People multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-talented eclectic lives.

  60. Harlem 26.2 ...
    The chronicles of a Black man running through Harlem in pursuit of rebuilding his business, a sub 3:00 marathon, and a wife - all through the lens of running.

  61. Herringpost...
    The leader in Black Conservative News And Sports.

  62. Hip Candy...
    Fashion, Celebrity, Entertainment, Me.

  63. How Many Know ...
    A blog that is not afraid to tell it like it is.

  64. In My Write Mind...
    Ramblings from a lefty.

  65. Invisible Woman.....Black Cinema At Large...
    Be forewarned: Everything on this blog is my opinion. Love it? Hate it? Let me know.

  66. Julinda (Caldwell) LeDee, MPA...
    Motivational Speaker. “You Set Your Own Destiny”

  67. Julius Speaks...
    A collage of personal, political,cultural, and historical commentary from the thought processes of Julius Gray.

  68. KaleeTalksHair...
    This is my blog site that has a wealth of haircare information for kinky and curly hair individuals.

  69. Kitchen Magic's Fertile Chaos ...
    A sensual foodist, singer & Bay Area native, Luna Raven is a breath of fresh air on the radio. The creator of fabulous yet sinfully good, for the body as well as the soul, desserts her passions include fairy tales, mythology and travel. She enchants her devotees with her magical voice and charmed way with a whisk.

  70. Les' We Forget ...
    Les' we forget that there are hundreds of Unsolved Civil Rights Murders that have yet to be prosecuted and justice served. This blog serves to bring justice by going beyound posting stories, but also having a follow up plan involving legal actions which will not be disclosed at this time. Justice will be served les' we forget.

  71. Looking In The Mirror...
    African-American Blog ~Written by CordieB.

  72. Make Fetch Happen...
    Blog examines the representation of black women in the fashion industry and images of black women in advertisements.

  73. MANTRA...
    Motion, Artistic Nuances, Tantric Realities and Anthology. My life through poetry.

  74. Maple Heights African American Gazette ...
    Blog is created for the African American residents of Maple Heights to share information, post events, local videos, post articles, or leave comments.

  75. MCAT tests, Premed GPA and MCAT Scores ...
    MCAT tests, Premed GPA and MCAT Scores are part of the medical school admissions experience.

  76. Mobile Notary Review...
    Rants, raves, and ramblings about business and whatever else comes to mind.

  77. Momma Used to Say ...
    Momma Used to Say is a blog written by aspiring author, Kirsten Upshaw, and it's dedicated to the sound advice our mothers dispensed daily...even when they thought we weren't listening.

  78. My Urban Report ...
    My Urban Report is a multi-media blog that explores urban news, media issues, and the personal experiences of its founder Amani Channel.

  79. Nasir Abdul-Aleem...
    The Brilliant Mind of Nasir Aleem.

  80. Natural Journeys ...
    Featuring my cultivated locs = Sisterlocks, rants & ramblings from my very soul; and personal website favorites of our Digital Culture...

  81. Neo Blaqness ...
    Neo Blaqness is a writer, poet, and commentator. His eclectic and controversial, raw, deep, and humorous no holds barred style has been called as provocative as Malcolm X, as witty as Mark Twain, and as soulful as Maya Angelou.

  82. Nugrotto Entertainment...
    Restaurant, Bar ,Nite club, stars pictures, Cuisine and good music.Visit us and see how we are redefining entertainment in Nigeria. We are awarded the best bar/Nite club in West Africa for 2009/2010.We render the best service delivery in our region.

  83. One Brotha's Mind ...
    Questioning the issues behind the story. Exposing news the mainstream & government hide. Sharing my view after critical examination, providing information sources for African Americans, and challenging the mainstream viewpoint on either side while having a little fun all from a Christian perspective.

  84. One World Singles...
    A blog announcing the launching of a new on line dating site for people of all races, ages(18+) and lifestyles. Provides the opportunity for singles to meet in a safe, comfortable and fun environment.

    The Best Blog on The Internet About African-American Celebrity News, Gossip, and Politics.

  86. Peace On That...
    My take on what is happening in the world or politics, current affairs, pop culture and anything else that happens to cross my mind.

  87. Perspectives-Another Way To View...
    The basic theme of this blog is to provide a forum for various perspectives on the many challenging topics/events facing us today. It may also become a means of problem solving or constructing theories as we debate them.

  88. Photography for Your Life...
    Orange County's Premiere Photographer. Also specializing in Children & Models.

  89. Planning and Preparing for College...
    My site is to be used as an infrastructure for providing college prep, scholarships, etc to high school students, parents, unde- and post-graduate students.

  90. plezWorld ...
    This is but a tiny thread pulled from the vast tapestry of plez's World.

  91. Prayer Notes by Cynthia ...
    Buy Prayer Notes by Cynthia, Christian Gifts items on eBay. Find a huge selection of Prayer Notes Originals, Hope Perseverance Gifts, Journals, Notebooks, Diaries items and get what you want today.

  92. Queen's Custom Store...
    Online store which sells customized & fun products and all proceeds go to my African American Autism fund at the American Society of Autism.

  93. - a weight loss blog ...
    My journey losing 50lbs.

  94. Sexkitten...
    I have never, nor will I ever behave myself in the bedroom. I will always be very, very bad. And I will most definitely behave like a whore.

  95. Simon and Sophia...
    Love story based on a biblical allegory.

  96. Sisterdoc ...
    This blog is all about Black people, Black politicos, Black pop culture, and our Black past.

  97. Society Noir ...
    Covering events, news, philanthropy and lifestyles of the International black community, that the mainstream media ignores. Introducing you to black socialites and other influential people in our society.

  98. SongBirds...
    Three lovely (and utterly insane) caged birds rambling on about life, love, marriage, singleness, midgets and the monotonous days in between.

  99. Soulfull of Thoughts...
    Soulfull, founder of, shares her thoughts and musings of being a black woman outside of Chocolate City, DC

  100. Soul Music Junkie...
    New R&B/ Soul Music, Album Reviews, Breaking News, Articles, and Commentary « Soul Music Junkie.

  101. Step Into the Nexus...
    Stimulating the Mind, Body & Soul.

  102. Super Chef...
    George Washington Story: Hercules the Slave Chef. Super Chef is an online magazine that follows the careers, empires, trends, media, and brands of super chefs in America and abroad. Super Chef publishes cookbook and other reviews each Wednesday and a Food Flick each Friday.

  103. Tacky Trashy Glamour...
    Because being sophisticated and classy is so BORING!!! Because being elegant and dignified is soo OVERATED!!!

  104. Team Jesus UK ...
    News and entertainment blog for Christians.

  105. Tees' Purple Martini Shop ...
    Tees' Purple Martini Shop LLC is now open for business. We have bridal items and Lolita Martini Glasses. Stop by and take a look

  106. Terri Dawn Arnold's Blog...
    Provides insights on movies, especially independent movies, and television shows.

  107.'s Fruit Market ...'s Fruit Market is a weekly launching pad of additions to the Black, progressive, openly inclusive, justice seeking, artistic online experience. Turn up your sound and experience one of the most captivating opening flash scenes on the World Wide Web.

  108. The African-American Pragmatist ...
    Dedicated to exploring, discussing, and finding real solutions to the problems facing the black community--regardless of political, religious, or cultural ideology.

  109. The Black Parenting Blog...
    Helping Black parents is the key to helping black families. This is why Black Parenting Blog aims to keep African American families up to date on the latest websites, books, and news for black parents, children, and teens.

  110. The Black Snob ...
    "The Black Snob" discusses fashion, popular culture and politics (lots of politics).

  111. The-B-Life ...
    The "B-Life" is an urban lifestyle blog that's all about living each day to the fullest! Check out The Committee's reviews of carefully selected products, services, events, arts, entertainment, and more! If it's hot, it's here. B in the know...

  112. The Dapper Gent...
    The Dapper Gent is a men's lifestyle blog targeting young urban modern successful men. It features different articles covering style, hip-hop, fashion, politics, business, race, African-american culture, psychology, self-help, entrepreneurship, women, relationships, dating, and other issues affect us African Americans in general.

  113. The Darker Shade of Sports ...
    This is a site with a social commentary perspective on sports and its impact on the community (not scores and highlights) I bring the barbershop conversations to the front and center.

  114. The Disputed Truth...
    Discussion of relevant political and social topics arising from the current events of the day.

  115. The Foxy Beauty Buzz...
    The Blog that gives beauty care tips for the fabulous woman of color.

  116. The Genealogy Workshop...
    A community site or resources, forms and articles created to support participants of the genealogy workshop.

  117. The Ghetto Fashionista ...
    Fashion, Shopping, Beauty, Style, Culture, Entertainment.

  118. The Handmade Project...
    A domestic girl in a material world.

  119. The Misadventures of MiMi...
    The rants, raves, exploits and daily musings of a sexy single lady living it up in the big city.

  120. The Mo'Kelly Report...
    Latest news and information. Mo'Kelly is producer/editor of a nationally syndicated radio program for a top public affairs and pop culture pundit.

  121. The Savvy Sista ...
    This site is for the sophisticated woman of color who is interested in a wide array of topics that span many subjects i.e. Social Issues, Politics, Current Events, Finances, Relationships, Spirituality, Beauty, Education, etc.

  122. The Secret Council of American Negroes...
    The Secret Council of American Negroes pokes fun at the notion of an all powerful, shadowy black organization that monitors the behavior of other, more famous black folks. It's edgy and pokes fun at all aspects of black culture.

  123. The Sweet Locator ...
    Mapping the desserts of North Carolina.

  124. The True Urban Queen...
    My life, my thoughts, my ideas, in my words all while rocking my high heels.

  125. The Vintage Dyme...
    Divorced Diva navigates her way through middle-age, dating, travel, entertainment, and anything else she wants to explore. Excerpts from her writing.

  126. The Whitehurst Blog ...
    Blog by award-winning Chicago area African-American author Steven Whitehurst.

  127. The Writings of Michael J Lore ...
    Learn all about Michael J Lore's hilarious novel - Live, Laugh, and Love the Golden Moments of Life.

  128. The YBP Guide To......
    A forum of multiple perspectives, advice, news, and support to empower today's young black professional.

  129. ThinkAct: Proactive Black Parenting...
    Commitment to addressing important issues affecting Black children and families.

  130. Think Free Be free Coaching and Consulting LLC ...
    Lean Six Sigma business and workflow Consulting Corporate and personal achievement and transition Coaching Corporate and Community Speaking.

  131. Toni Scott ...
    I love to cook, I love yoga, I love to entertain, take care of others and my photography is my passion. For years, I have wanted to find a way to combine them all without being all over the place. That got me thinking, is a way to do exactly that and so the adventure begins.

  132. Top 100 Family, Marriage, and Relationship Blogs for African Americans...
    With thousands of blogs on these topics, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Fear not, we’ve taken out the guesswork and present to you, in our opinion, the top 100 family, marriage, and relationship blogs for African-Americans.

  133. Trader Mike...
    A stock trader's daily market commentary and observations. Also includes trading ideas and stocks to watch.

  134. UrbanChi...
    UrbanChi covers music/entertainment events, my personal stories, weird sightings, festivals, and local news in the Chicago area.

  135. Urban Sista's Adventures ...
    Welcome to the Urban Sista's Adventures -- finally, a place where I can store my rantings. Enjoy!

  136. Viqi French Fever...
    Chicago DJ and writer Viqi French debuts Nu Music blog where Jazz, Neo Soul, and Progressive Hip-hop fans get on the same groove.

  137. What Tami Said...
    My blog examines issues of interest to black women, including politics, pop culture, media, racism, sexism and more. What Tami Said particulary explores portrayals of black women and black beauty in the media.

  138. Wilson's Where To Guide...
    My blog is about where to eat, drink and be merry in Los Angeles and beyond.

  139. Your Feet Make You Unique...
    A comfortable Place for women with large feet to feel better about walking in their own shoes filled with interesting practical tips and information for women and plus-size shoe retailers.

  140. 4Peace Books ...
    The web-site was created to announce the new books Knowledge for Tomorrow, The Global Situation and children's book Moochie the Soochie Visits the Peace People. The need for a global perspective and help in developing it is exemplified in each of the author’s books and videos on the website.

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