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National Black Contractors Association
Young Black Contractor Protest
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St. Louis American:
Black contractors sue IDOT

     NAMC Annual Conference Contractors Luncheon

    BMW’S Sky Foster To Keynote NAMC Annual Conference Contractors Luncheon

    The National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) will host their 48th Annual National Conference in Columbia, South Carolina. NAMC’s annual conference will feature a special Women in Construction Work Session, Luncheon and Awards Presentation. The Luncheon keynote address will come from BMW Manufacturing Co.’s Sky Foster. The special conference feature is open to women at any level of business, both owners and employees. The special Women in Construction segment is presented by Contract Construction, will be Thursday, June 15, 2017 from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Tickets are available in advance at

    Sky Foster has excelled in critical roles at BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC since 1993. She is currently Manager of Corporate Communications and Community Relations, and has previously held positions with the company managing Compensation/Working Structures, Benefits, Strategic Planning; Talent Acquisition, Compensation; Training and Recruitment; and Interim VP of Human Resources. Sky Foster has been a corporate leader in industry and a community educator for more than 25 years.

    “Building relationships through thoughtful networking and capacity building will help NAMC members and partners thrive well into the future. The 48th National conference will offer practical tools and resources with specific programming designed to support diversity inclusion in the construction industry,” says Linda Graves of the Gilbane Building Company and National Women’s Programming Co-Chair.

    The special session for women in construction at the annual conference will feature leading business executives in the government, sports, entertainment, K-12, life science and residential housing. In addition to the trade show, exhibition NAMC will offer matchmaking for market sector opportunities seeking minority participation.

    Participation at the trade show is FREE however, the matchmaking for market sector opportunities is available for paying NAMC Conference attendees.

    This year’s conference is hosted by NAMC South Carolina and sponsored by Richland County Government and the City of Columbia. The Conference activities include NAMC Women in Construction Luncheon and Work Session, NAMC Night Out and the Hall of Fame Gala and a FREE Contractors’ Trade Fair.

    NAMC is the oldest minority construction trade association, founded in 1969, in the United States with over 50 Hall of Fame members and Legacy Builders and an annual project capacity of over one billion dollars nationally. Through a network of local chapters and in collaboration with strategic and corporate partnerships, NAMC assists members with building capacity by providing access to opportunity, advocacy, and contractor development training.

    For more information about NAMC’s 48th Annual National Conference, please visit or contact Courtney Young of ForeSight Communications at 803-261-4180 or


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    KAI Design & Build President Michael Kennedy Receives Diversity Champion Award

    - Award presented to KAI staff member for second consecutive year -

    (ST. LOUIS, MO, Jan. 31, 2013) - Michael Kennedy, president of KAI Design & Build, was presented with a Diversity Champion Award from the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers (SLCCC) during its annual awards ceremony Dec. 13 at the Sheraton Westport Lakeside Chalet in St. Louis, MO. The SLCCC is the owner organization representing major buyers of construction and promotes the region through collaborative leadership to improve the efficient delivery of construction projects.

    This marks the second consecutive year that a member of the KAI staff has received this award; in 2011 the award was presented to KAI’s Chris Bowers for his work with minority subcontractors, suppliers and trades people.

    KAI Design & Build
    Construction Industry Diversity awards were presented by the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers (SLCCC). Pictured (l. to r.) are Terry Simpson of Northstar Management and Chair of SLCCC, Organization of the Year winner BJC HealthCare represented by Christopher Dean, Diversity Champion winner Michael Kennedy of KAI Design-Build, Diversity Champion Marie Yancey of St. Louis International Airport, MBE / WBE Organization winner ABNA Engineering represented by Nicole Adewale, and Sandra Marks, Washington University and Chair of the SLCCC Diversity Committee.

    Kennedy was recognized for his role in documenting the plight of St. Louis' minority construction industry through a video he funded and produced called "Building a Better St. Louis." The video featured candid discussions from more than 17 local politicians, historians, business owners, financial consultants and organization leaders on the topic of minority construction in St. Louis. The goal of the video was to enlighten, reinforce and identify solutions to narrow the gap in economic opportunities for minority contractors. The video was distributed to members of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) and to others with an interest in the topic. A short trailer of the documentary video can be viewed at

    Kennedy serves as Chairman of the AGC Diversity Committee and has taken an instrumental role through task forces in addressing the many issues raised from the association's recently released diversity study. Kennedy said he is thankful for the SLCCC recognition and hopes it brings more attention to his cause for improved minority construction opportunities.

    “Construction is one of the most crucial services to creating an infrastructure for a city,” Kennedy said. “Even more, it is the foundation of a city’s image. It is an economic engine for the city. It is a catalyst for creating jobs and shaping the profile of the community. An opportunity for St. Louis to demonstrate a progressive and ethnically pluralist group of construction trade providers is a business imperative for the competitive future of St. Louis – an opportunity that cannot be overlooked.”

    About KAI Design & Build
    KAI Design & Build is a national 70+ person design and build company headquartered in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. KAI is an emerging leader in providing design and build integrated project delivery solutions through collaboration, technology, processes and expertise. Since its inception in 1980, KAI has been instrumental in reshaping the St. Louis urban environment through housing, K-12 schools, transit facilities, collegiate facilities, commercial facilities, sports and recreation facilities, government/justice facilities and healthcare buildings. Beginning as an architectural design firm, KAI added mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineering to give clients a full package of in-house disciplines for their projects. Today, KAI continues with its original core service - design - and has quickly grown its build group since 2002. Additionally, KAI is a leader in Building Information Modeling (BIM), applying it to architectural, engineering, and construction projects firm-wide. KAI is a member of the National Institute of Building Sciences’ (NIBS) buildingSMART Alliance™, a national committee responsible for developing BIM standards. KAI’s affiliate locations include Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas. For more information about KAI Design & Build visit or phone 314-241-8188.


    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents. Use at your own risk.

    No Implied Endorsement: does not endorse or recommend any article on this site or any product, service or information found within said articles. The views and opinions of the authors who have submitted articles to belong to them alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of


  1. Black Contractors Association...
    BCA, a community based organization, is chartered as a 501(c)(3) corporation in the State of California, whose members are made up of large and small licensed contractors, developers, architects and professional consultants.

  2. Black Contractors United...
    Black Contractors United has helped to pave the way for unprecedented African American participation in massive retail, residential/high rise and public works construction projects.

  3. Black-Owned Construction Firms ...
    More on the entrepreneurs, business strategies and economic news featured on The Urban Business Roundtable.

  4. Coalition of Construction Industry Leaders ...
    The NBCA Summit focused on addressing today’s concerns for equality in the San Diego construction industry’s workplace.

  5. In Motion Magazine...
    Affirmative Action and African Americans in the Construction Industry by Paul King.

  6. National Association of Minority Contractors...
    The National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) has a strong foundational history that has established a great legacy for the organization. NAMC’s presence and voice in this industry is of even greater need today than ever before to continue the mission of providing Access (contract & resource opportunities), Advocacy (legislative impact), and Contractor Readiness (training, capacity building, and growth) for our members.

  7. National Black Contractors Association...
    To serve as a national voice for Black Contractor Association chapters across America and to address the needs of African Americans in construction, women and other under-represented contractors.

  8. National Black Contractors Association (NBCA) Facebook...
    The journey of the National Black Contractors Association is to build a unified national black contractor association that speaks as a voice of one on national concerns, where inequities and the perception of discrimination is apparent in public and private contracting for African American contractors.

  9. San Francisco Bay Black Contractors...
    And since long experience tells us that unless Black contractors get the work, Black workers won't be hired except in token numbers.

  10. Young Black Contractors...
    The YBCA continues to forge ahead leveling the construction playing field as barrier-breakers for its members. as statistics show.

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