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The New Soul Food Cookbook for People with Diabetes ...
By Fabiola Demps Gaines
Now readers can enjoy sensational, low-fat recipes from the first African-American cookbook for people with diabetes-"Soul Food Sensations" for People with Diabetes. The book includes more than 150 recipes in all, ranging from appetizers, snacks, soups, and salads to main dishes, vegetables, side dishes, and desserts.

Patti Labelle's Lite Cuisine ...
By Patti Labelle
Diagnosed with diabetes, LaBelle, bestselling cookbook writer (LaBelle Cuisine) and Grammy-winning singer, has had to find ways to control her diet and make it healthier; this newest is the inspiring result. All 100 starters, entrees, sides and desserts are low on fat, sodium and sugar.

LaBelle Cuisine ...
By Patti Labelle
"From the time I was a little girl, I knew there were two things in this world I wanted to do: sing and cook." So says singer-diva Patti LaBelle, whose first cookbook, LaBelle Cuisine, confirms her passion for good food and her skill at producing it.

Sylvia's Family Soul Food Cookbook ...
By Sylvia Woods
When Sylvia and Herbert Woods bought a small Harlem luncheonette in l962, they never dreamed that it would become famous as the premier soul food restaurant in New York City. Their four children and many friends and relatives all contributed to this accomplishment, and Sylvia's latest book (after Sylvia's Soul Food) is as much a testament to them as it is to the Southern food she serves.

Mama Dip's Kitchen ...
By Mildred Council
You can hold this book the way you hold a child's hand. And you can let this book show you a whole new world, the way a child will reveal the secrets of a secret world if you take the time to stop and watch and listen.

Essence Brings You Great Cooking ...
By Jonell Nash
Nash, food editor for Essence , has written this book with two purposes in mind. The first is to celebrate African American food traditions in all their diversity; the second, to create a cookbook that will make nutritious home cooking appealing to the everyday cook. She succeeds on both counts.

B. Smith's Entertaining and Cooking for Friends ...
By Barbara Smith
The founding partner and creative genius behind B. Smith's restaurants in New York's theater district and Washington's Union Station shares her entertaining ideas and more than 100 soul-satisfying recipes in a new book which addresses the entertaining style of a new generation.

Brown Sugar ...
By Joyce White
In this follow-up to Soul Food, White turns her attention from main courses to dessert. The recipes, gathered from all over the country, conjure up the homespun style of African-American cuisine sprinkled with a healthy dose of brown sugar.

The Lost Art of Scratch Cooking ...
By Curtis Parker
For those of us who never 'really' learned to cook from watching mom or grandmom, this book is a must. The recipes are simple and easy to follow and yet, your friends will think you've missed your calling as a chef! I've tried many of the recipes and have not had a failure yet, not one.

The Black Family Reunion Cookbook ...
By National Council of Negro Women
Bill Cosby The NCNW...speaks to the wealth and diversity of African-American cooking...After reading this book, you'll see why it's so hard to leave home.

Cookin' Up a Storm ...
By Jane Lee Rankin
Women like Annie have been largely forgotten in our culture now. For most, if their work in life was to have any dignity, they had to provide it as a living example. I also grew up with one of these women. It was a symbiotic relationship between them and our families. The authors have done a great job documenting this work; I enjoyed Annie's parts and wished she had said more!

Spoonbread and Strawberry Wine ...
By Norma Jean Darden
It has been more than 15 years since the Darden sisters began compiling the oral histories of elderly family members, and together with cherished recipes they have put the sum total down on paper. Much more than a cookbook, it is a rich cultural legacy that reflects the authors' African American heritage and records the impressive accomplishments of relatives.

The Taste of Country Cooking...
By Edna Lewis
The recipes and reminiscences of the American country cooking Lewis grew up with some 50 years ago. A richly evocative memoir of a lost time and a practical guide to recovering its joys in your own kitchen.

New Soul Cooking ...
By Tanya Holland
Tanya Holland is a regular host of the Food Network's Melting Pot Soul Kitchen. She began her career working in several New York restaurants, including two years as line cook at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. Today Holland is the co-owner and the creative force behind Le Theater, a multiethnic French restaurant in Berkeley, California.

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