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Native Magazine - Up Close with Chef Kevin Mitchell divider Chef Danielle Saunders works her "Soul Fusion"

    (BPRW) Television Celebrity Chef and Motivational Speaker Chef Jeff Henderson to Release Self-Help Book IF YOU CAN SEE IT, YOU CAN BE IT: 12 Street-Smart Recipes for Success

    (BLACK PR WIRE) – In his latest book, If You Can See It, You Can Be It: 12 Street-Smart Recipes for Success (SmileyBooks ISBN: 978-1-4019-4060-7, November 4, 2013), Chef Jeff Henderson, New York Times best-selling author of Cooked: My Journey From the Streets to the Stove and America I AM Pass It Down Cookbook, shares two decades worth of life lessons gained on his redemptive journey from drug dealer to celebrity chef and nationally acclaimed speaker.

    Chef Jeff Henderson
    If You Can See It You Can Be It Book Cover

    Henderson reveals his secret ingredients—fast-paced recipes for going from being a “have-not” to one of the “haves.” With his “12 Street-Smart Recipes,” he shows readers how to move in the world successfully through his formulas for transforming a crystal-clear vision into a set of precise goals that become bulletproof action plans for turning dreams into reality.  “In life, there are street-smart people and there are book-smart people,” he writes. “Book-smart people may have the top-notch educations, but many have no idea how to apply what they’ve learned in the real world effectively. Street-smart people are the opposite: without formal education, they know what’s going on, how the world works, and how they can make it work for them in their own unique way.”   Chef Jeff assures readers that with his recipes in their must-have “hustlepreneur” toolkit, they can get to the top quicker than they ever thought possible.

    Chef Jeff has devoted himself to mentoring and motivating at-risk and vulnerable Americans, and his remarkable achievements and inspiring presentations have made him a sought-after speaker for tens of thousands of individuals each year at conventions, conferences, and seminars.

    With 12 inspiring and pragmatic “ingredients,” If You Can See It, You Can Be It: 12 Street-Smart Recipes for Success offers readers the utensils to drill down to the core of their dreams. By helping readers to discover their hidden business aptitudes, the book equips them to make life-changing decisions and secure personal and professional success. Whether they are “have-nots” suffering from generational or situational poverty or “lost-a-lots” knocked out by the economic recession, readers will learn something from Chef Jeff’s unique perspectives on the virtues of self-knowledge, hard work, determination, and leverage in the real world.

    If You Can See It, You Can Be It: 12 Street-Smart Recipes for Success includes:

    1. The Self-Controller
    2. The Sacrificer
    3. The Knowledge-Jacker
    4. The ESP-er:
    5. The Gambler
    6. The Gab-Master
    7. The Chameleon
    8. The Crew-Master
    9. The Winner
    10. The Last-in-Liner
    11. The No-Strings Giver
    12. The Shot-Caller

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  1. Aaron McCargo, Jr. ...
    Aaron has his own cooking show, 'Daddy's House,' on The Food Network.

  2. Alex Askew ...
    Chef Alex Askew works as a freelance chef, writer, and restaurant consultant with clients in the US, Japan, Holland, and France. He has worked in food research, development, and consulting for companies like General Mills, Hilton Hotels, Specialty Restaurants, and a host of private clients.

  3. Augustus Jackson ...
    Augustus Jackson: African-American White House Chef.

  4. Bryant Terry ...
    Bryant Terry is an eco chef, food justice activist, and author of Vegan Soul Kitchen (VSK): Fresh, Healthy, and Creative African-American Cuisine.

  5. Castle's Catering, LLC ...
    Personal Chef, Caterer, and Meal Delivery Services specializing in Creole and Southern food Servicing Westcoast USA.

  6. Chef Emanuel ...
    Whether you are a novice or the most experienced of cooks, I will teach you how to prepare the most amazing meals you have ever tasted.

  7. Chef Joe Randall ...
    Savannah Georgia cooking classes taught by Chef Joe Randall in beautiful Savannah GA.

  8. Chef Rick's Soul Food Recipes ...
    Southern regional, Cajun, and home cooking. Traditional Southern recipes. How-to articles, humor, and food trivia by a Southern chef and food writer.

  9. Derrick D McCorkle ...
    Chef Derrick McCorkle (Ice man) among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put his extensive experience 17 Years as a Awarding Winning Executive chef in the Cuilnary industry.

  10. Desserts By Dana ...
    Led by Chef Dana "Sugar Daddy" Hebert, We are Delaware's King of Cake and featured on TLC, Wetv, ABC, NBC and Essence. <

  11. Edna Lewis ...
    The Grande Dame of Southern Cooking.

  12. Hoover's Cooking Something Good ...
    The different flavors on this chef's menu are representative of the many cultures and people who make up the great state. located in Austin, TX.

  13. Jeffrey Henderson ...
    Former drug dealer has culinary success.

  14. Leah Chase ...
    Leah Chase is co-owner and chef at New Orleans' landmark restaurant "Dooky Chase."

  15. Leon West ...
    Member of Chef Hall of Fame.

  16. Marcus Samuelsson ...
    I’ve always had a big love for the kitchen or dining room table – it’s where all the good stuff happens. Dinner parties, long breakfasts, important conversations…you name it!

  17. Patrick and Gina Neely ...
    Patrick and Gina Neely : Food Network.

  18. Robert W. Lee ...
    Member of Chef Hall of Fame.

  19. Ron Duprat ...
    Born and raised on the island of Haiti, Chef Ron began his culinary career at the early age of 16. After winning the National U.S. Skill Olympic Gold Medal in the Vocation Industrial Clubs of America competition despite being only 17 years old, he used his talents and enterprising personality to begin a culinary career and education that is still flourishing today.

  20. Stanley Jackson ...
    Member of Chef Hall of Fame.

  21. Sunny Anderson ...
    Female chef Sunny Anderson.

  22. Super Chef ...
    George Washington Story: Hercules the Slave Chef. Super Chef is an online magazine that follows the careers, empires, trends, media, and brands of super chefs in America and abroad. Super Chef publishes cookbook and other reviews each Wednesday and a Food Flick each Friday.

  23. Wayne A. Johnson ...
    Executive chef Andaluca restaurant seattle.

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