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2011 Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference, Brooklyn NY
Ron Finley: Urban Gardening Visionary, South Central, LA. End Food Deserts

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  1. African American Cultural Garden...
    The African American Cultural Garden delegation has developed a plan for building the garden along Martin Luther King Boulevard, which is itself a fitting tribute to the mission of the Cultural Gardens

  2. African American Farms and Gardens...
    African American Farms and Gardens, by syd carpenter.

  3. African American Garden...
    A Guide to Planting an African-American/African Focused Yard in Miami-Dade County

  4. African-American Gardens of the South at Royall House ...
    Come and explore traditional African-American gardens of the South through Vaughn Sills’ photography at 7:30PM Wednesday evening at the Royall House.

  5. African-American Gardening Roots ...
    Hear about African-American Gardening Roots and Traditions.

  6. Black Urban Growers ...
    Join growers, activists, students and leaders from across the nation to explore issues of race, class, and health, and food.

  7. Gardens All Their Own...
    Early African American Gardens in Detroit.

  8. Lyme Survivor Awareness Network ...
    Lyme disease is a serious bacterial infection transmitted by infected ticks. Founder Rosa L. NeSmith highlights the difficulty of being diagnosed with Lyme disease in her book, A Race Against Time: Living With Lyme (A Near Death Experience From a Tick). Her ordeal began unremarkably with a bite from an infected tick while working in her garden.

  9. Places for the Spirit ...
    Welcome to the Chicago Botanic Garden. With 24 spectacular gardens on 385 acres, the Garden is a place of ever-changing beauty that you can stroll through daily.

  10. Places for the Spirit: Traditional African American Gardens...
    Places for the Spirit is a stunning collection of over 80 documentary photographs of African American folk gardens — and their creators — in the Deep South (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina).

  11. Rainbow Area: African-American Garden ...
    The African-American Garden is one of the 6 parts of the Rainbow Gardens. Plants featured were introduced to the Americas by African-Americans.

  12. The Seeds of Survival ...
    A heirloom seed can be a complicated legacy when it was sowed in slavery.

  13. Young African American Male Gardener...
    Young African American Male Gardener - Bonnie Plants.

  14. 10 Essential Plants for Black Gardeners...
    Green is the new black, and the greens are best when home-grown.

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