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    : Porsha Williams Responds to Kenya Moore's Shade


    Find out where to tune in and watch our latest episodes via the following: link

    Kenya Moore threw some shade toward Dish Nation host Porsha Williams in a recent interview with, where the reality star states,

    "Well, it's not necessarily a new corner. It's just that I've made people relevant on this show for negative occurrences and I'm just not doing that any more. I think people need to stand on their own two feet and not ride my coattails, and you see when they don't ride my coattails, they don't get very far."

    Take a look at the video above for Porsha's response!

    Credit: TVs Dish Nation
    Dish Nation


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  1. Afro Lounge...
    The Afro Lounge provides a mixture of stories that appeal to the Black/African American communities, but are rarely broadcasted on national news outlets. The Afro Lounge was created to keep the Black/African American communities informed about what’s going on around them. In The Afro Lounge you will find black news, entertainment, opinions, culture history, casting calls, trends and more.

  2. Baller
    A social community for women to discuss all things Ballerific - Ballers, Money, Fashion, Relationships, Health, Gossip, and News.

  3. Batch Please...
    Batch Please! The Latest in Celebrity Fashion.

  4. Bella Naija...
    Entertainment and gossip news and information.

  5. Brown Sista Online Magazine...
    Brown Sista Online Magazine, Articles, Forum, Interviews, Web.

  6. Cake & Ice Cream...
    Cake & Ice Cream. Celebrity News & Gossip for the Fresh, Fly & Flashy.

  7. Celebitchy...
    Celebitchy is a gossip and entertainment blog full of pictures of your favorite and not so favorite celebrities.

  8. Celebrity Pictures & Celebs Gossip... is all about latest celebrity gossips, celebrity news, hollywood entertainment, celeb photos & pictures, events & parties!

  9. Celebs Planet...
    Entertainment and gossip news and information.

  10. Chris Picks...
    Chris music picks.

  11. Concrete Loop...
    You better act like you know! entertainment and gossip news. Black Gossip Sites.

  12. Crunk and Disorderly...
    Entertainment and gossip news and information.

  13. Dlisted...
    Dlisted - Be Very Afraid.

  14. Flavor of Love Blogspot...
    Entertainment and gossip news about the Flavor of Love show.

  15. fourfour...
    And everybody's a freak.

  16. Gossip Jacker...
    Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

    News, Celebrity Gossip, Pictures, Music Videos, Songs and More!

  18. Gossip Vixen...
    Gossip from a woman of a certain age.

    Hip & Popular Entertainment news is fun again.

  20. Hip Candy...
    Fashion, Celebrity, Entertainment, Me.

  21. Hip Hop Ruckus...
    Hip Hop Ruckus. Daily News, Music and more from Independent and Main Stream Artistry.

    Celebrity gossip blog with the latest entertainment news, celeb photos, music, and videos of your favorite stars and celebrities.

  23. I Am Not A Celebrity Ass Kisser...
    Gossip, entertainment news site.

  24. I Like Her Style...
    Fashion news and information.

  25. JumpOff.TV...
    ump Off TV is a Hip Hop Media, Sports & Entertainment destination, featuring original video programming, a social network and the latest news & gossip.

  26. Kelly Rowland Fansite...
    Kelly Rowland Web - Your #1 source for Kelly Rowland.

  27. It's Just Splendiferous. Entertainment and gossip news and information. Black Gossip Sites.

  28. Mad News...
    Mad News brings you the latest news and gossip from within the increasingly bizarre world of entertainment and everything in between!

  29. Mariah Carey Blog...
    MCODB. Mariah Carey Blog information.

  30. Media Outrage... is a celebrity gossip online property which focuses on urban news and entertainment. We provide daily updated content and have developed a strong reputation.

  31. MiddleChild Promotions...
    Middle Child Promotions, Music promotions, Music marketing, music contests, R&B music, exclusive interviews.

  32. Mouth To Ears...
    Stay up to date on all the latest entertainment news with Mouth To Ears.

  33. My Urban Report ...
    My Urban Report is a multi-media blog that explores urban news, media issues, and the personal experiences of its founder Amani Channel.

  34. Necole
    'Bitchin' ain't easy!

  35. NovaSlim...
    Mmmm, posty. Entertainment and gossip news and information.

    The Best Blog on The Internet About African-American Celebrity News, Gossip, and Politics.

    Entertainment and gossip news and information.

  38. R&B Junk...
    R&B Junk: Blog di musica R&B, Hip Hop, e Pop.

    For your entertainment news fix.

    Music, Entertainment and gossip news.

  41. Sandra Rose...
    Gossip information site.

  42. Singersroom...
    Music Videos, Celebrity Photos, R&B News, Rumors - Singersroom Celebs.

  43. StraightFromTheA...
    StraightFromTheA Atlanta Gossip, News & Entertainment.

  44. Str8nyc...
    Celebrity, gossip, news, hip hop, rnb, music, new york city gossip, nyc, ny, page six, celebrities, hollywood, movies, music videos, videos, premiere, entertainment.

  45. Daily Magazine for Music, Fashion, Art, Travel and More.

  46. That Grape Juice...
    Your #1 source for Urban Pop Culture News, Reviews, Downloads and much more.

  47. The Cynical Ones ...
    Gossip, entertainment news site.

  48. The JamKing Show ...
    Urban Hip Hop Entertainment and gossip news and information.

  49. The Pop Culture Junkie...
    Addicted to all things popular. Entertainment, gossip news and information.

  50. Toyas World...
    R&B entertainment, gossip news and information.

  51. UK Rep's Blog Of All Blogs ...
    Entertainment and gossip news and information.

  52. – A Tribute To Ignorance (Remix)

  53. Urban Hoopla ...
    Urban Hoopla. Entertainment and gossip news and information.

  54. Urban Review...
    Entertainment. gossip news and information.

  55. Young, Black, and Fabulous...
    Hot Black Hollywood Celebrity Gossip. Get it all here. Come on in and live the fabulous life.

    Celebrity Pictures, Celebrities Photos, Celebrity Gossips at

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