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Kokomo Indiana
We have an Urban Black Owned Radio Station here in Kokomo Indiana!!

Hi, my name is Oliver DjBigO Jackson I am the General Manager & Program Director of Table Setter Neighborhood Radio Inc d.b.a Power 104.9 WTSX-Lp-Fm. We play Hip Hop, R&B, Blues, Gospel & Top 40.

We can't change Kokomo's bad history with the KKK gathering in 1923 but we can make history from today moving forward. Listeners can get the free app via (Google Play Store " Power1049WTSX")

Oliver DjBigO Jackson
General Manager & Program Director

Oliver Jackson (PD/MD) (317)701-5285
DjShadStl (Assistant Program Director)
Dj King Lo (Music Director) (770) 847-0284
Dj Bighouse (Asst. Music Director)
Charlee Smiles Publicist


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Knoxville, Tennessee
population of blacks is actually smaller than your statistics show. Blacks make up less than 7% of the population and 82% of the drug arrests here, how is this even possible? They try to keep all blacks in East Knoxville and you rarely hear about any of the crimes in East Knoxville.

Blacks in Knoxville, Tennessee
Because the Black Community Leaders want the police to be fair about the treatment of blacks and whites the police don't patrol East Knoxville. They were harassing the black community and because Blacks wanted that to stop police have adapted the attitude if you want us to protect you, you have to let us break the law and harass some of you. And the NAACP can't do anything, The churches can't all these people get harassed as soon as they speak up. I have seen discrimination and harassment first hand, I you speak out about it on the job they fire you, if you speak out where you live you get evicted, and if you are in a public place and you speak out the lock you up. There was a public defender that brought the information about the percentage of drug arrests to the Knox. News newspaper and after the story printed he disappeared and they never said anything else about it. Organizations like yours are good but they don't tell the whole truth about a city and it's views "on blacks" not "about blacks".

When you ask Whites with money in Knoxville if there is any prejudice in Knoxville they will say no, if you ask Whites that associate with blacks the same question they will say yes and then tell you how they are called names like "n" lover, the girls are called slutts and tramps. I was eating in the West Town Mall and I heard a white man that I found out was a high school coach say "as long as them "N's" can run and jump with that ball they good for somethin, just keepem away from the white girls we don't need no more breeds in this town" now what's that? That is the same way they feel about the kids that end up at UT Knoxville. Let one of the black football players make some kind of mistake you hear everything negative about him.

There was a player that got into a fight with a patron and an off duty officer in a bar. The patron and the off duty officer started the fight but the black UT student got arrested and smeared all over the paper vut then the charges were dropped. How do you fix this when you are out numbered, the people are scared and the help you need you can't get from the outside world. People thought when we got a black president this would change and it hasn't, What happened?


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