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    Reece Odum and The Wish Honored by the Georgia Senate

     Reece Odum
    Reece Odum and Georgia Senator Donzella James.

    March 17, 2016 (ATLANTA) - Actress and producer, Reece Odum, was honored by the Georgia Senate on March 14, 2016 in Atlanta, GA for her work on The Wish - A Story of Hope, Faith and Generosity as a lead actor and producer for the film.

    Written by Ty Manns, "The Wish" is a film created through the partnership of Donate Life America and CME Films about a high school teacher's kidney failure and her wait for a kidney transplant needed to save her life. The film serves as a medium to inspire and make its viewers aware of the thousands of individuals in Georgia awaiting organ and tissue donations. Of the 4,600 individuals awaiting kidney transplants in Gerogia, sixty-two percent are African American.

    During the honoring of Reece Odum and The Wish, Georgia Senator Donzella James spoke of the films impact and its relevancy to her life. Senator James's son, who was killed in a fatal car accident, registered as an organ donor shortly before his death and his organs and tissue were used to save other individuals. Also, her husband suffered from kidney failure and was placed on a waiting list for seven years to receive a kidney transplant.

    Reece Odum then spoke of the important message the film depicts and why the film is so special to her life. Odum has several family members awaiting kidney and tissue donors. She later noted that while traveling with actor, Blue Kimble, writer, Ty Manns, and producers, Angel Terron and Jeff Searcy, they have educated many people and inspired new organ and tissue registration at each screening and event.

    At the Capitol, Reece Odum was accompanied and supported by her parents, nephew, co-star, and the film's writer and producers. The award was presented by Georgia Senator Donzella James.

    For more information regarding "The Wish," contact 800-544-6667 and for more information about Reece Odum, follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@ReeceOdum) or contact

     Reece Odum

     Reece Odum
    Top Left: Reece Odum with the writer and producers of "The Wish." Top Right: Reece Odum with parents and nephew. Bottom: Reece Odum in the Georgia Capitol Building.


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    Ethnic minorities are severely underrepresented. Only about 200,000 potential donors -- about 6 percent -- are African- Americans.

    Complete resource guide for Black health, fitness and nutrition. Locate a Black physician or dentist, read about African American health issues such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cholesterol, high blood pressure, sickle cell, arthritis, cancer, asthma and more.

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    For minorities, the shortage in organ donation is particularly significant. Some diseases of the kidney, heart, lung, pancreas and liver are found more frequently in racial and ethnic minority populations than in the general population.

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    African Americans less likely to find matches. The National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), listing more than 4 million donors. Although the NMDP Registry has a diverse pool of donors, whites are by far the largest group, represented by about 2.4 million donors.

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    Observed annually, National Minority Donor Awareness Week was created to increase awareness of the need for more organ, eye, and tissue donors, especially among minorities.

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    Increasing Donor Availability for African American Patients with Leukemias and Other Blood Disorders in Need of Transplant.

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    WUSM researchers aim to increase African-American blood donations.

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