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That's Got To Go Starring award winning interior designer Lawrence Hubbard
African-American Interior Designers -The 2012 Top 20 List
Ray Norris Design: Pancake Talk Tuesday

    Robin Wilson

    Every business owner dreams about it, but few actually achieve it. How do you reach the ultimate in success and get your brand picked up by major corporations and retailers?

    Robin Wilson

    Meet Robin Wilson, founder and CEO of Robin Wilson Home. In the world of home design, she is more than just a designer; she is a pioneer, an innovator and a trendsetter. Just how big is she?

    - The ink is still wet from just signing with consumer giant Panasonic to represent its line of products for the home. Her face now adorns the Panasonic homepage.

    - Pillow and comforter line at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores. She is the second African American woman (after B. Smith) to have a textile line here.

    - Sub brand carried by other major retailers

    - Low point of career: having $1.23 in her pocket while chasing her dream. High point: doing $35 million in sales.

    - Appeared on HGTV’s Selling New York as a design consultant.

    - Named a Top 50 Power Woman by the New York Post.

    - One of the founding pioneers of what is considered the modern day eco-friendly movement.

    - Ambassador for The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, travelling the country giving speeches on healthy home design.

    - Clients include A-list celebrities such as Bill Clinton, the Kennedy Family and White House Fellows Organization, to regular budgets.

    - Extremely philanthropic having raised more than $200,000 in products/services for deserving families last year.

    - Named an African American ‘History Maker’ whose story is now housed at The Library of Congress with notables like President Barak Obama and the late Maya Angelou.


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  1. African American Books...
    The Online Guide to Afican American Books, Music, Videos, DVDs and Software.

  2. African American Designers: The Chicago Experience Then and Now...
    Chicago has been a major center for design practice since the late nineteenth century. As graphic and product design in the city became more professionalized, it was dominated by middle-class white designers. Jacqueline P. Williams (JPW) places her emphasis and philosophy on creative solutions for interior design.

  3. African American Interior Designers ...
    Finding a designer is now become very easier today. OnlineDesignerDirectory is the common place where design company meets for selling or purchasing their services internationally.

  4. African American Interior Designer Clipart ...
    Royalty-free clipart of a African American interior designer holding a color chart. He's standing in front of a couch and curtains while trying to decide on colors.

  5. African American Kitchen Decor...
    When using African American kitchen décor, choose items that reflect the beauty and vitality of African culture.

  6. A New Page in African-American Decor...
    'Homes of Color' focuses on house design and decorating in the black community. It features often-overlooked African-American professionals.

  7. Black Design News Network ...
    A news bureau, an online publication, digital library and ‘workspace’ hub for designers.

  8. Black Interior Designer Websites...
    Black Interior Designer Websites on multiple shades of you online.

  9. Cecil Hayes...
    Tips, techniques, and information from one of America's premier interior designers! Cecil Hayes.

  10. Creative Points of You ...
    Atlanta design consultant provides professional interior design services to clients who are interested in havng their home tell their story. We specialize in an eclectic blending of personal treasures and new collections.

  11. Crossing Boundaries: African-American Women Designers ...
    African-American women, representing two historically marginalized segments of Western society, have become increasingly influential in the field of design.

  12. Famous Black Interior Designers...
    Famous Black Interior Designers? - Yahoo! Answers.

  13. Guide to Interior Decorating Styles...
    The most popular decorating styles ordered By Geography and Historical Period. There are thousands of decorating themes in use around the world but only a handful have found there way into the mainstream of our part of the world. Here are the ones you’ll want to know about.

  14. Interior Obsession...
    Interior Obsession is a full-service interior design firm. The company's portfolio is one of L.A.'s most diversified. Lisa Turner, Real Estate Professional and Interior Designer, brings over 21 Years of combined knowledge in Real Estate, Interior Design and Interior Merchandising to her clients.

  15. Ishka Designs Inc....
    Ishka Designs Inc. is a New York based interior design company providing a full range of design services to both residential and commercial clients.

  16. Jacqueline P. Williams...
    Jacqueline P. Williams (JPW) places her emphasis and philosophy on creative solutions for interior design. Creative solutions result in interiors that reflect the owners heightened sense of architectural elements through the exceptional color, lighting, design, fabric selections and furniture placement.

  17. Keita Turner...
    President of KT Design Solutions, which was founded in 2000.

  18. LivingDesigns Associates LLC...
    Design strategist, diversified design themes, innovative ideas, best products, professional teamwork, and timeless design solutions having the "wow" effect.

  19. LoveToKnow Interior Design...
    African American Kitchen Decor - LoveToKnow Interior Design.

  20. Modern Interior Design of American Express Lounge Room ...
    American Express believed that SPACE architects can designing the modern interior design for the Final Departure lounge room for American Express Office.

  21. Organization of Black Designers ...
    The Organization of Black Designers is a non-profit national professional association dedicated to promoting the visibility, education, empowerment and interaction of its membership and the understanding and value that diverse design perspectives contribute to world culture and commerce.

  22. Professional Organizations for Design and Decoration...
    The Foundation for Interior Design Research (FIDER) sets standards for postsecondary interior design education, evaluates college and university interior design programs, and publishes a list of accredited programs that meet those standards.

  23. Robin Wilson...
    Robin Wilson is a nationally recognized eco-friendly and healthy space interior designer - an expert focused on allergy/asthma related issues in indoor quality.

  24. Sohe Design Group...
    Southern Hemisphere Design Group, Inc. The lifestyle of global inspired design.

  25. Stacy Nicole Interior Design ...
    Once one of Atlanta's most sought after interior designers, is now serving the Maryland, Virginia and DC area. Nicole Ingram has long been acclaimed for her talent and skill for creating stunning kids spaces and interiors. The spaces she designs are both captivating and comfortable. Nicole brings a fresh mix of Caribbean flavor and classic style, emphasizing light, scale, and architectural elements of a space, creating a both functional and stylish interior. She is the principal Interior Designer for Stacy Nicole Interior Design & Furnishings, Inc.

  26. T. E. Design an Interior Design Firm ...
    Creating Beautiful Spaces Designed For Living With a Lasting Impression.

  27. The Society of African-American Interior Designers ...
    The Society of African-American Interior Designers is an online meet-up forum to bring awareness and communication among Interior Designers, Trades and a means for clients to locate an Interior Design.

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