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    The Evolution of Bid Whist
    150 Years in the Growth of an African American Tradition

    by Ronald L. Allen

     The Evolution of Bid Whist

    “…the definitive book on Bid Whist with its inclusion of the game’s origins and history, rules, its variations and changes, and strategies for individual improvement as a Bid Whist player.”

    More about the book

    This book includes many little-known facts about the game and addresses many of the myths created by erroneous information about Bid Whist. The book includes many tips and techniques to help both begin-ners and experienced players to improve their playing skills. Several humorous stories, historic photos, charts, and illustrations are included to stimulate the reader’s imagination on the fun and enjoyment of Bid Whist.

     The Evolution of Bid Whist - Ronald Allen

    About the author
    Ronald Allen is an avid and skillful Bid Whist player with over 55 years of experience playing Bid Whist. Al-len is highly respected among Bid Whist players across the nation, having won many tournaments over the years. Allen is a former high school teacher and retired insurance CEO with prior investigative training as a claims adjuster. He combines his extensive knowledge of the game with his investigative research skills to provide a thorough inspection and review of the truths and myths surrounding the history of Bid Whist.

    BOOK RELEASE DATE: December 2014
    Paperback, 160 pages, 6 x 9, trade paper
    Suggested retail price: $19.95
    ISBN 13: 978-1-939654-8-0
    Publisher: Life To Legacy, LLC, Orland Park, IL

    Distributors: Ingram, National Association of College Book Stores and others
    Online Retailers: Amazon, Barnes &,, Indie and more
    Also available in: Kindle, Nook, I-Phone / I-Pad, and Google

    For More information contact: Dennis Woods, Life To Legacy at (877) 267-7477, fax (877) 267-7499, email


    The Evolution of Bid Whist is an authoritative book that contains the most comprehensive information ever published on the subject of Bid Whist. It covers every aspect of the game from its origin and growth period to its American expansion into international popularity in the 21st century. Trace Bid Whist’s development and evolution from slavery in America, The Civil War, Jim Crow, The Great Migration, and the Civil Rights Era, into the present age of computor technology and online playing.





    BURBANK, CA (Jan 8, 2015) With more than 500,000 self-published books entering the marketplace this year alone, one would imagine that becoming an author in this ultra-competitive landscape is not for the faint of heart nor the consummate pessimist. The handful of writers that are successful in breaking through the clutter and landing atop best seller lists are far and few between.

    Well, fortunate for self-published author, Stephanie D. Singleton, extreme passion and relentless optimism doesn’t often bow down to generic statistics and terms like “insurmountable odds”. With an unwavering belief and a mission to positively affect the lives (and relationships) of her readers, Stephanie is determined that her new book, The Hair Between My Legswill defy those self-publishing stats.

    The book takes readers on the life altering journey of Mya Evans, a young divorced college professor who sells her soul for love but doesn’t get quite what she bargained for. An inspirational tale about finding the balance between Love, Trust and Faith, The Hair Between My Legs is filled with twists and turns that readers will find spellbinding.

    Mom turns her back away to continue stirring the pot. “Chile please, that don’t impress me. I say check his criminal background, tell me if he spoils his mama, respect his daddy and then we can resume this conversation about catching feelings.”

    “I haven’t decided if I’m going to allow him into my life for all that to come out.”
    “Well as long as it come out before he tries to get in.”
    “Get in? Get in good with you and daddy?”

    “Nawgirl! I mean get inside your purse -good! You know I like to call those slick ones little purse snatchers. They go around preying on women so they can get inside their little furry pocketbooks. In other words -the hair between your legs. They know the hair’s the secret door that leads down that pathway like I said where a woman’s priceless possessions are stashed.”

    “What do you mean by priceless possessions mommy?” I asked while sorting the dishes. She stops arranging the food and comes over to the table then held my arm to stop me from moving. Her concerning touch forced our eyes to lock together. I could tell by the seriousness of the tone in her voice she was becoming passionate about her schooling me. “You know what I’m talking about. A woman’s heart and her soul.

    A real woman doesn’t just allow anyone to go inside her purse or should I say her pathway, unless she’s for sure he’s that special one. You allow the wrong person to rob your coo-coo box you’ll find yourself going coo-coo and doing all kinds of foolishness trying to get your heart back.” she said.


    About the Author: Born and raised in Akron Ohio, Stephanie D. Singleton found her passion for writing while working as a licensed hairstylist and being exposed to the theater as a stylist. After writing and directing several plays, she released her first book, Single.ology101 8 basic Steps to Enjoying the Single Life. With her new book, The Hair Between My Legs, Stephanie hopes to encourage readers to desire healthier communication within their relationships.

    Stephanie, who has spent the past 5 years in Southern California chasing her dream has learned first hand about the ups and downs of life and love and now writes from her own experiences. “I became inspired by women like myself that may have struggled in making wise relationship choices and who may have allowed their emotions to lead versus their heart. Often times when this happens, when an unhealthy relationship expires, the mislead woman is left with a scorned heart and an empty soul, and this has served as a source of inspiration for my writing. Up until now God has blessed me to see, do and experience many things beyond my childhood prayers. Some blessings I'm not permitted to share but as the church folks say, my test became my testimony and my mess is my message,” says Stephanie.

    As a woman who once struggled just to make ends meet, this self-made writer and entrepreneur is well on her way to fulfilling many of her longstanding dreams. Stephanie has already produced a short film based on the book and has her eye on a feature film.

    Watch the Short Film Now!
    For additional information and images please visit


    About the Author: Born and raised in Akron Ohio, Stephanie D. Singleton found her passion for writing while working as a licensed hairstylist and being exposed to the theater as a stylist. After writing and directing several plays, she released her first book, Single.ology101 8 basic Steps to Enjoying the Single Life. With her new book, The Hair Between My Legs, Stephanie hopes to encourage readers to desire healthier communication within their relationships.


    Beyond the Burning Bus: The Civil Rights Revolution in a Southern Town

    A Civil Rights Lesson for Today’s Generation

    MONTGOMERY, AL (December 28, 2014) — Beyond the Burning Bus: The Civil Rights Revolution in a Southern Town is an account of civil rights history that deserves a retelling. Accounts shared by author Phil Noble bring a timely message on where we’ve been in the civil rights journey and how blacks and white have and could work together for the better of their communities.

    Anniston, Alabama, is a small industrial city between Birmingham and Atlanta. In 1961, the city’s potential for race-related violence was graphically revealed when the Ku Klux Klan firebombed a Freedom Riders bus.

    In response to that incident, a few black and white leaders in Anniston took a progressive view that desegregation was inevitable and that it was better to unite the community than to divide it. To that end, the city created a biracial Human Relations Council which set about to quietly dismantle Jim Crow segregation laws and customs.

    This was such a novel notion in George Wallace’s Alabama that President Kennedy phoned with congratulations. The Council did not prevent all disorder in Anniston—there was one death and the usual threats, cross burnings, and a widely publicized beating of two black ministers—yet Anniston was spared much of the civil rights bitterness that raged in other places in the turbulent mid-sixties.

    “Phil Noble, Presbyterian minister extra-ordinaire, belongs to that odd company of folk—all the way back to Moses—who found their life taken up in a struggle for the things of God. Like Moses and his ilk, Noble was going about his business (in his case, ministry) when his immediate context, infused with God’s purpose, put him front and center in the struggle for racial justice, a struggle he pursued with grace, wisdom, and passion.”

    —Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

    Author Phil Noble’s account is carefully researched but told from a personal viewpoint. It shows once again that the civil rights movement was not monolithic either for those who were in it or those who were opposed to it.

    “….Today, race relations are again at the forefront of our lives. Only now we are not dealing with black and white relationships. The rapid growth of Hispanic and other immigrant groups have brought an entirely new set of multi-cultural challenges. We are moving into a period in which there is no majority race in some urban areas, a trend that during the next few decades will impact most of us in the United States. What role should churches and people of faith play in these multi-cultural tensions? Phil Noble provides us with insights and reminders that are as relevant in the today's multi-cultural world as they were forty years ago. I thank God for Phil's impact in Anniston of the 1960's and on us today.”

    —John Detterick, Executive Director, General Council of the Presbyterian Church, USA

    James Phillips Noble is a Presbyterian minister who served as pastor of four churches, the last being the historic First (Scots) Presbyterian Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He served the Presbyterian denomination as Co-President of its Board of Pensions. He is the author of Words and Images That Seep Into the Soul (2013) and Getting Beyond Tragedy (2005). He is now retired and lives in Decatur, Georgia.

    Beyond the Burning Bus:
    The Civil Rights Revolution in a Southern Town
    James Phillips Noble
    NewSouth Books (2003)

    ISBN: 978-1-60306-010-3
    Pages: 336
    Binding: Paperback
    Price: $19.95

    Category: History/Civil Rights
    Format: Trade Paper, 172 pages
    eBook available for Kindle, Nook, iPad

    Beyond the Burning Bus is available at NewSouthBooks.Com,, local bookstores, and through other online booksellers.




    Like her previous highly acclaimed novel No Strings Attached, which "[channeled] the challenges that independent, strong, and intelligent women face trying to find love with dignity, humor, and finesse" (The African American Literary Review), UNFAITHFUL presents a realistic view of the struggles within a relationship through a story with universal appeal.

    From a captivating voice in African American women's fiction comes the scintillating, fast-paced story of a woman caught between love and lust, loyalty and betrayal-while trying to stay true to her heart. When Melanie Sparks befriended local strip club owner Cecil Patrick, she knew her association with another man would put her relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Michael, in serious jeopardy, but she couldn't resist the call to the wild side.

    Abused by Cecil and disheartened after losing Michael, Melanie found herself on stage at Cecil's strip club. One performance was enough to convince her that she wasn't cut out for life as an "entertainer," but Cecil had other plans.

    Regretful of the mistakes she made in her relationship with Michael, Melanie hoped for forgiveness and if possible, a reconciliation. If given a second chance could Melanie be trusted, or is she destined for a life of unfaithfulness?

    Author Karyn Grice focuses on creating intriguing stories with scenarios that are tangible, along with characters that readers can empathize with.

    A captivating voice in African American women's fiction, Grice will win readers loyalty with UNFAITHFUL-a scintillating story of lust, love, and betrayal!

    Karyn Grice

    About the Author:
    Karyn Grice is a native of Chicago, Illinois and the author of What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas and No Strings Attached.

    Instagram: karyngrice




    Cameo is written by the beautiful Tanille. The multi-talented Tanille is a song writer, singer and an author. She’s got it all. As a teenager, she started her musical career at the age of 16 as a songwriter and performer. At 21, she earned an MBA. Now, that is remarkable. This simply tells you reading Cameo gives you the feel of an intelligent being in Tanille.

    The book is your perfect companion when you really need to have your “me” time and you need to draw some inspiration from everywhere but the immediate environment. It keeps you wanting for more as it is full of suspense, drama, and mystery.

    The story is high school based relating the ordeals of a young high school girl that is being stalked by an individual in a secret underground society. Everyone becomes a suspect and things get a bit complicated as the nabbing person behind this act seems impossible.

    The story is a beautiful told in a simple and easy to understand language. With several great reviews coming from readers everywhere, getting a copy of Cameo is the next best thing. It is not an easy feat to rank 15 on Amazon Kindle and gives you a feel of what to expect.

    Please be advised that the book can be a bit addictive and you might want to dedicate a whole day to reading this wonderful book.

    Cameo by Tanille is your next sinful beach read. Be 17 again. Get a copy of the book from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You are sure to get your money’s worth. You can get to read a chapter from the book on just to be sure you are getting the best of modern day writing.


    Amazon Welcomes 5 Star Points For Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose

    A new book by spiritual leader outlines a remarkable system to build wealth, health, & happiness

     5 Star Points For Success

    Los Angeles, CA (November 4, 2014) – Recording artist and spiritual leader, Oya Thomas, guides readers toward self-discovery and achieving personal success in her new book released today on Amazon. “The 5 Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose” is a combination of personal insights, practical solutions, and real-world action steps. Utilizing five core elements; mind, body, spirit, emotions, and environment, the book details methods to build an exceptional life.

    A long-time spiritual advisor and industry leader, Oya cultivated this system to launch her first successful business as a teenager. Developed through professional and personal journeys, the “5 Star Points for Success” system has helped countless individuals overcome obstacles and dramatically improve their lives. A highly requested presenter, teacher and coach, Oya routinely speaks and performs at seminars and events nationwide.

    Oya explains, “My ‘5 Star Points’ system is not just another quick fix or a simple recipe for ‘success.’ It is about raising your level of consciousness so you can clear away the clutter, accept yourself as you are and find your authenticity.” The book is about helping readers to get un-stuck, live a life of purpose and reach their full potential.

     5 Star Points For Success

    Embodying spiritual renewal as the foundation for her music, Oya Thomas topped the UK music charts with her first single “Love” off her debut album entitled “Spirit of Oya.” Recently named “one of the best singer and songwriters in Los Angeles” by CBS local News,, Oya is captivating people all over the world with a refreshing blend of music, education and healing. Her solid repertoire includes collaborations with legends such as Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Kenneth Crouch & Soul in the Machine. As a certified life-coach and speaker with a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Oya uses her voice through counseling to inspire and her voice through song to uplift. She currently hosts a featured segment on the RMConAir radio show “Be Life Driven,” called “Real Talk with Oya.” Her music navigates a wide range of melodies, from gentle lyrical ballads to playfully improvised jazz tracks and uplifting gospel-inspired tunes.

    The 5 Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose is available on Amazon. Oya’s music album Spirit of Oya is currently available on iTunes, Amazon and her website,


    The Borzoi Killings

    There’s Something Rotten in Easthampton…
    Legal Thriller by Renowned Attorney Mixes Legal and Political
    Intrigue Inside Country’s Most Elite Social Bubble

     Paul Batista

    Astor+Blue Editions is proud to release the latest thriller by top criminal attorney, Paul Batista: The Borzoi Killings. (ISBNs: 978-1-938231-99-5 paperback, 978-1-941286-00-5 ePub, 978-1-941286-01-2 ePDF; list price $14.95 paperback, $5.99 eBook; pub date November 10th, 2014) A daring, addicting legal drama, with powerful socio-political issues.

    Batista is a nationally renowned expert, not only in the practice of law but also in writing brilliant legal thrillers. His first two novels, Death’s Witness and Extraordinary Rendition, have been critically acclaimed as top legal procedurals. The Borzoi Killings continues Batista’s streak of legal, technical and story-telling excellence. Set in elite, exclusive Easthampton, this novel mixes all the twists of sensational courtroom drama with all the “dirty little secrets” of the Hampton lifestyles: lavish parties, sex, drugs, corruption, and more.

    Book Description
    When the 10th richest man in the world is brutally murdered along with his prized Borzoi dogs in a luxurious Easthampton beach house, only one man is suspected of the crime: Juan Suarez, a handsome, charismatic—and illegal—Mexican immigrant who worked for the victim.

    Now, renowned trial lawyer Raquel Rematti must take on the defense of the man the media has dubbed, "The Blade of the Hamptons." Not only must she navigate a media circus to take on one of the wealthiest families in the world, she must protect Suarez, and herself, from ruthless people bent on lethal revenge; while straddling the dangerous line between concerned involvement and forbidden passion for her client.

    About the Author
    Paul Batista, novelist and television personality, is one of the most widely known trial lawyers in the country. As a trial attorney, he specializes in federal criminal litigation. As a media figure, he is known for his regular appearances as guest legal commentator on a variety of television shows including, Court TV, CNN, HLN and WNBC. He’s also appeared in the HBO movie, You Don't Know Jack, starring Al Pacino. These contacts will be used in promotion.

    A prolific writer, Batista authored the leading treatise on the primary federal anti-racketeering statute, Civil RICO Practice Manual, which is now in its third edition (Wiley & Sons, 1987; Wolters Kluwer, 2008). He has written articles for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The National Law Journal.

    Batista's debut novel, Death's Witness, was awarded a Silver Medal by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). Batista is a graduate of Bowdoin College, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and Cornell Law School. He’s proud to have served in the United States Army. Paul Batista lives in New York City and Sag Harbor, New York.

    Advanced Praise

    “Paul Batista has done it again. Through the eyes of criminal defense attorney Raquel Rematti, you’ll see the criminal justice system laid bare. The book is truly 'shock and awe.' A must read.”
    --Lis Wiehl, NY Times Bestselling Author, Television Anchor

    “The Borzoi Killings is one fine book indeed, keeping you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Just when you think you have it all figured out, Paul Batista surprises you again and then all over again…right up to the last page. Hold on to your hat – you’re in for a great ride!”
    --Rikki Klieman, Legal Analyst; author of Fairy Tales Can Come True

    “The Borzoi Killings is Paul Batista’s newest entry into the world of high-powered murder/courtroom mysteries. From the brutal murder that leaps off of the first pages, through the twists and turns of the investigation, and the drama of the trial, Batista channels an insider’s knowledge of crime and punishment, together with a craftsman’s creation of compelling characters, into a page-turning, thrilling, and ultimately shocking journey. A must read!”
    --Jack Ford, author of The Walls of Jericho, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning television journalist).


    IMAGINE THIS: Creating the Work You Love

    New memoir and “creative self-help” book from acclaimed author Maxine Clair

     Maxine Clair

    Maxine Clair’s fiction has won major awards from the American Library Association and Chicago Tribune, as well as a Guggenheim fellowship, and her books have been celebrated in the New York Review of Books, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Publishers Weekly, and Kirkus, among others.

    In this first work of nonfiction, Clair blends the story of her own midlife evolution from medical technologist to award-winning poet and author with advice for readers dreaming of similar transitions. Clair narrates her own life as a series of experiences on the road to creative growth, offering readers corresponding guidance for each step of their own journeys. One part memoir, one part guide to channeling creativity, this book will resound with readers struggling to discover new creative outlets in their lives, and to “nights and weekends” types whose creative endeavors need reinvigoration.

    “You create not what you want, but what you believe, and what you can accept,” Clair advises readers. “Wake up to wherever you are right now. Get clear about your passion. Keep going. The way to arrival and success is shorter now than it has ever been.”

    Maxine Clair is a poet, short story writer, and novelist. Born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, she had a career in medical technology as chief technologist at a D.C.-area children's hospital before pursuing and earning her MFA at American University. She taught English until 2008 at George Washington University, where she currently holds the title of Professor Emerita.

    Imagine This, 978-1-932841-83-1, 6x9, Trade Paper, October 20, 2014 Memoir/Personal Growth & Psychology $15, 160pp


    Beyond Mindfulness

    The Direct Approach to Lasting Peace, Happiness, and Love Stephan Bodian

     Beyond Mindfulness

    Imagine being able to sit quietly, relax, and let go of your stressful thoughts so thoroughly that you settle effortlessly into a deep and abiding happiness and peace. This is not something you need to work hard to achieve-- it’s actually your natural state, hidden beneath all the conditioning of a lifetime.

    “Mindfulness has unparalleled psychological and health benefits,” says Stephan Bodian, author of the new book Beyond Mindfulness. “It can make you happier, improve your health, increase your concentration, and enhance your overall well-being. I show people that happiness is something you already have, can discover, and develop, not something out there in the distant future, that you need to constantly expend effort to achieve.”

    With over 40 years as a Zen teacher, Bodian is uniquely qualified to critique the current mindfulness movement and offer a more direct and effortless approach to lasting happiness and peace that doesn’t require rigorous meditation practice or the cultivation of special states of mind.

    In particular, Bodian warns of the “witnessing trap”—where people become adept at “doing mindfulness” but have difficulty living life in a more spontaneous and intimate way. To avoid the witnessing trap (and the other pitfalls of mindfulness) and achieve a natural state of relaxed openness, spontaneity, and ease, Bodian recommends a variety of guided meditations that introduce and help people reach a state of awakened awareness. Here are some of the pointers he offers:

    Rest in the stillness: Beneath all the drama lies the ground of being that’s eternally awake and undisturbed by the ups and downs of life. Connect with it directly.

    Discover the “I AM”: Prior to all the identities—“I am smart/stupid, I am lovable/unlovable, I am attractive/unattractive”—lies the simple declaration “I am.” Follow this statement back to its source.

    Let it be: Most meditation aims to manipulate the mind in order to induce some special experience. In true meditation you welcome everything just as it is and lay bare your naturally enlightened state of openness and ease.

    Experience the inherent perfection: Without consulting your thoughts, ask yourself, Is anything missing from this moment right now? What you find may be a revelation.

    Rest in the gaps between thoughts: Generally the mind is filled with thoughts and feelings. But every now and then a natural pause or gap appears that effortlessly reveals an inner spaciousness. Practice resting in the gap.

    Dissolve the boundaries of the body: Ordinarily we think the body stops at the skin, but this is just an arbitrary distinction. The body is actually boundless and includes everything.

    Realize that the separate self is just a construct: If you look closely at what you take yourself to be, you find that it’s just a collection of stories, memories, thoughts and beliefs, without any abiding substance. See through the self-construct, and let your suffering be a thing of the past.

    Who is experiencing this moment right now?: You say, “I think, I feel, I see, I know” but do you really know what this “I” refers to? It can’t be the body or the brain, because those can be the objects of experience and so can’t be the experiencer. Discover the answer to this question, and you free yourself from the burden of a lifetime.

    List $12.95
    Trade Paperback 136 pages
    Published by Waterfront Digital Books
    ISBN: 978-1-941768-03-7
    For more information visit


    In the Company of Educated Men

     In the Company of Educated Men

    The Bitter Ignorance of Privilege
    A Young Man in His Car, the Open Road, and a Disturbing Reality

    Astor + Blue Editions is proud to present the profound literary novel In the Company of Educated Men, by Leonce Gaiter (ISBN paperback: 978-1-938231-84-1, epub: 978-1-938231-82-7; Fiction, Thriller, Crime, Coming of Age; pub date: September 2014), an intense story of wanderlust, confused self-reflection, and resentful grudges. Gaiter, a Harvard educated African American writer, provides an incisive statement on racial and socioeconomic injustices in the United States.

    Lennie Ashland is a Harvard Graduate without a plan for the future. With the mind of a philosopher, Lennie has an unquenchable thirst for meaning; for finding his ‘place’ in the world. He and his friends embark on a soul-searching road trip which quickly leads to disaster – a fine example of how one bad decision can spiral completely out of anyone’s control. They meet Jessie, an armed teenager with an abusive past and a hopeless future, and Cindy, a little girl running from a hostile home life. One thing’s for sure: this road trip is something Lennie will never forget.

    In the Company of Educated Men touches upon some sensitive themes, including socioeconomic gaps, racism and hate crimes, anxiety and depressive disorders, and domestic abuse. Gaiter’s heart-pounding thriller leaves you breathless while his poetic prose induces an intensely cerebral reading experience.

    About the Author
    Raised in New Orleans, Washington D.C., Germany, Missouri, Maryland and elsewhere, Leonce Gaiter is the quintessential army brat—rootless, restive, and disagreeable. He began writing in grade school and continued the habit through his graduation from Harvard College.

    His nonfiction writing has appeared in the New York Times, New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times, LA Weekly, NY Newsday, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Salon, and in national syndication. His noir thriller; Bourbon Street was published by Carroll & Graf in 2005. His 2011 historical novel, I Dreamt I Was in Heaven was also recently published. He currently lives in Northern California.

    TITLE: In the Company of Educated Men
    AUTHOR: Leonce Gaiter
    ISBN (paperback): 978-1-938231-84-1
    ISBN (ePUB) 978-1-938231-82-7
    ISBN (ePDF) 978-1-938231-83-4
    Fiction; Thriller; Coming of Age; Crime
    315 pages
    September, 2014

    Barnes and Noble:
    Visit Astor & Blue Editions:
    Visit Amazon



    (BLACK PR WIRE) – Marc Curtis Little, a leading author, has released his fourth novel, After Obama. The book is an engaging, gripping account filled with intrigue. Marc fondly refers to it as the most ambitious “what if” political novel in publishing history.

    “After Obama is a fast-paced, emotion-packed novel about the seedy side of politics, revived romance, recycled friendships, reinvigorated criminality, and the uplifting consequences of deep spiritual challenges of what life in America could look like after President Obama leaves office. It also raises the issue of conspiracy against President Obama by both political parties,” Marc said. “It is the most ambitious ‘what if’ political novel in publishing history and I believe it is a must-read by anyone who is looking at the future of America.”

    Marc is no novice to the communications industry. He has worn many hats, having worked as a radio personality, television talk show host, political consultant, public relations and marketing counselor and community servant. The award-winning mass communications veteran is now a published author and a social media evangelist.

    Novels previously written by Marc include Don’t Blink When God Calls (2008, Infinity Publishing), the Indie Excellence Award-winning Angels in the Midst (2010, Infinity Publishing), and the Next Generation Indie Book Award-winning Magnificent Redemption (2012, CreateSpace/MLPR Books).

    In addition to these roles, Marc also hosts a weekend gospel radio show, works as a substitute teacher, and is a part-time commercial and stage actor. He had a speaking role in the Emmy award-winning (eleven) HBO movie Recount, appeared in television commercials and print ads in Florida and Georgia, and played in the Jacksonville, Florida productions of The Color Purple: The Musical (Old Mister), Fences (Gabriel) and A Soldier’s Play (Sergeant Vernon Waters).

    Marc Curtis Little was born on September 8, 1951 to the late Clara Little and Matthew Little in Newark, New Jersey. He was formally educated in the Newark public school system at Peshine Avenue School and Weequahic High School, where he earned seven varsity sports letters and academic honors. Marc learned survival skills in his blue collar neighborhood situated in the South Ward of New Jersey’s largest city. After graduating high school in 1969, Marc moved to California to attend Los Angeles City College, from where he received a degree in Broadcast Communications.

    Marc’s professional career began in 1972 when he accepted a job in Jacksonville, Florida. His tenure included on-air and management positions in radio and television in four states, and ownership of a nationally recognized public relations company for 20 years. As a broadcaster and programming executive, he earned seven Billboard Magazine awards, as well as honors from Black Radio Exclusive Magazine and Radio & Records Magazine. Marc was recognized by the Public Relations Society of America with two President’s Achievement Awards for his landmark work as vice chairman of its National Diversity Committee. As one of America’s most visible public relations counselors for three decades, Marc worked with Pepsi-Cola, Pfizer, Glory Foods, Disney World, Comcast, The Florida Lottery, Florida’s Anti-Tobacco Truth Initiative, National Basketball Association All-Star Amare’ Stoudemire, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Congressional Black Caucus, Congresswoman Corrine Brown, Republican National Committee, Florida A&M University, Edward Waters College, CBS Records and the Florida Department of Commerce.

    Marc’s work as a public servant has crossed four decades. He was appointed by statewide political officials to volunteer positions on the Florida Commission on Human Relations, the Office of Faith and Community-Based Partnerships, Foundation for Florida’s Future, Florida Commission on Minority Economic and Business Development, Jacksonville Insight Committee and Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Workforce 2000 Task Force. Marc has been honored with awards from more than 100 organizations for his work in the public sector.

    Marc is a devout Christian and the father of an adult son and a teenaged daughter. He is married to the former Zaundria Mapson May. Though Marc divides his time between northern New Jersey and Florida, he maintains his membership at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

    To purchase Marc’s fourth novel, After Obama, visit or


    How White Folks Got So Rich:
    The Untold Story of American White Supremacy

     The Untold Story of American White Supremacy

    Updated & Expanded Edition-- Now Available!

    A pocket-size expose' of American WHITE SUPREMACY. Explores government policies, corporate schemes, "special arrangements," and the devious actions that are at the very foundation of White Wealth & Black poverty in America. If you thought Whites achieved their riches through "hard work," you definitely NEED this book.

    136 pages and fully illustrated. Retails for $8; purchase here: 5-STAR Readers' Reviews:
    · This is the perfect book!
    · Unbelieveable!
    · I did not read this information in any of my high school or college history books!
    · This book was so much more enlightening than I thought it would be.
    · This was a very short, but very enlightening book to read....a MUST purchase.
    · Do yourself a favor and get this book in your personal library.

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    Order Today for your Mosque, Study Group, Organization, Street Gang, Church, Synagogue, Business, School...

    Everything you NEED to know about: The Good Ol' Boy Network · Grandfather Clauses · Government Sabotage: The FBI's COINTELPRO · White-Collar Crime · Organized Crime & Illegal Drugs · Patents · Subprime Mortgages · Federal Reserve Crookery · Indian-Land Grab · White Liberals' Mis-Guidance & Treachery · Hollywood and Racial Propaganda · Black-Talent Snatching · Charitable Giving · Inheritance · Slavery: The Most Profitable Business of ALL TIME · Sugar to Cotton to Oil · Jim Crow Laws · Sharecropping & Predatory Lending · Religious Racism: The "Curse of Ham" · Labor Unions: Racial Cleansing of American Labor · White Domestic Terrorism · Compromise of 1877 · Asian Exclusion Acts · Plessy vs. Ferguson · President of White Supremacy: Woodrow Wilson · The Stock Market--Race Roulette · Public Education: The 4th "R" -- Racism · Be-Out-Before-Sundown Towns · Citizenship & Immigration--For Whites Only · Homestead Act · Farmers Home Administration · Public Housing: "The Projects" · Urban Renewal · Social Security & Pensions · Unemployment Insurance--For Whites Only · National Recovery Act (NRA) or "Negro Removal Act"? · Minimum Wage Law · Racial Profiling in the Housing Market · VA Mortgages--For White Vets Only · Federal Housing Administration--Homeland Insecurity · The Black Tax · Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) · Forced Consumerism & Economic Dependency · G.I. Bill · Building of American Cities · Affirmative Action · Corporate Welfare · Warmonger Welfare · False Flag Nation: Covert Operations · Health Care--a "Sick Care" Industry · Police Power: Keeping Blacks in "Their Place" · Prison Industry · War on Black Drug Users · Race Manufacturing



    by Sean Dubois Day

     A Little Lynched

    My name is Sean Dubois Day; author of the brazenly true-to-life fiction thriller, TALES FROM THE JOINT Just over one year ago, I was walking out of an Ohio prison, with four manuscripts in my possession, and the audacious goal to avail novels that might entertain the world.

    My breakthrough to change began one dreary evening inside a cold, graffiti-writhen prison cell. Feeling nothing short of deflated, with tears pouring down my neck, I suddenly cried out in utter desperation, “God please help me!.. I can’t go on like this!” You see my father offered me my first crack rock at the age of 16, and for twenty-two years thereafter, cocaine an I had a domestic violence relationship. It would beat me down, I’d be escorted away to jail or prison, only to come back home in love again. But this time, I was broken.

    My pride had been shattered through and through, and little did I know was that those aforementioned cries for help, would alter everything in my life that came next. The very next morning, I had an uncontrollable urge to write. A universe of ideas began to flow thru my mind. Being that I was in an orientation pod, I had no writing paper, and only the butt of a pencil. I wrote on the walls, on my t-shirts, I even found that I could write on the state-issued toilet paper. When fights broke out; I wrote. When the argument of whose better, L.B. or M.J. broke out; I wrote.

    I woke up writing, and at night I prayed for what I’d write the next day. This new inner passion slowly triumphed old thoughts. Writing pervaded every part of my existence. It gave me hope of being something other than the drug abusing, thieving, lying, irresponsible man I’d been for twenty years. Writing gave me a voice to be heard way beyond the CLEVELAND street corners I once screamed. Writing has given me a purpose that is not motivated by selfish desires, but fueled by passion.

    Please allow me the opportunity to share this and even more of my personal story with your readers. Please honor me the opportunity to include my new fiction thriller TALES FROM THE JOINT, as a catalyst for such discussion.


    A Little Lynched
    by Aleah Holland

     A Little Lynched

    A new study discovered that family courts, CPS and ACS system are stealing kids for profit Illegally! The family courts system are illegally trafficking kids covering it up with a family court system purposely rigging cases in America that is affecting our kids and future. Please share this information and together we can help stop this operation. This is a true story and many mothers of all colors are affected by this cash for kids system. My mission is to expose this to the public eye in which the media is covering up. I want to let everyone know what the court systems are doing that we don't know. Help save our kids and if you want more information about this, Please see my book the explains in detail what the court systems are currently doing and what Aleah Holland RN witnessed. See link below for more info.


    by Karyn Grice


    Like her previous highly acclaimed novel No Strings Attached, which “[channeled] the challenges that independent, strong, and intelligent women face trying to find love with dignity, humor, and finesse” (The African American Literary Review), UNFAITHFUL presents a realistic view of the struggles within a relationship through a story with universal appeal.

    About the book:
    Melanie knew that befriending local strip club owner Cecil Patrick would put her relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Michael, in serious jeopardy, but she couldn’t resist the call to the wild side. Abused by Cecil and disheartened by losing Michael, Melanie found herself on stage at Cecil’s strip club. One performance was enough to convince her that she wasn't cut out for life as an “entertainer,” but Cecil had other plans. She knows she’s made a big mistake and wants a second chance. But given a second chance, can Melanie be trusted to be faithful or is she destined for a life of infidelities and indiscretions?

    Author Karyn Grice focuses on creating intriguing stories with scenarios that are tangible, along with characters that readers can empathize with. A captivating voice in African American women's fiction, Grice will win readers loyalty with UNFAITHFUL—a scintillating story of lust, love, and betrayal!

    About the author:
    Karyn Grice is a native of Chicago, Illinois and the author of What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas and No Strings Attached.


    Immoral Proposal: Celebrating 30 Years In Canada After Fleeing South Africa Apartheid
    by Jennifer Graham

    Toronto, Ontario, June 23, 2014 – Meet Jennifer Graham, author of Immoral Proposal: Forbidden Love Under Apartheid, and her husband Michael Graham. It's been nearly 30 years since they stood among a group of other immigrants, taking their final step to become Canadian citizens. Their 2-hour citizenship ceremony served as more than a mere passage. It was the end of their escape from South Africa's racist marriage laws, and marked a new chapter in their dream to live life as a married couple.

    At that citizenship ceremony in 1985, Bill Tepperman, Windsor businessman, spoke to the group who were moments away from completing their immigration journey, "You are some of the most courageous people in the whole world," Tepperman told the group. "You are heroes, and a book should be written about each one of you." (source: The Windsor Star)

    Tepperman's words rang true for Jennifer and foreshadowed her recent release, Immoral Proposal, which documents the memoirs of Jennifer and her husband, Michael Graham.

    In 1974, they both lived in South Africa. Michael was a well-educated white man, born into a life of privilege. Jennifer's upbringing was on the other end of the socio-economic spectrum. She left school as the age of 16 and worked in a factory. Deemed non-black, non-white, yet "coloured," she struggled to find a place to belong. The one thing Michael and Jennifer knew was that they were in love and they wanted to be together like any other couple - but their circumstances were not normal – in the eyes of the law, they were committing a crime.

    The couple fled South Africa in 1975, only to relocate to Canada in 1981 and subsequently became Canadian citizens in 1985.

    "I started this book as a novel," Graham says. "It seemed safer that way because it was too painful to face head-on. Progress was slow and the novel rang hollow, until a friend and fellow-writer suggested I write it as a memoir. I knew then however much I dreaded the thought, it was the only way forward, and the only way to peel back the layers of pretence."

    Jennifer Graham was born in South Africa and lived in her homeland until she was 19 years old. She spent the years after that staking temporary roots in England, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. She earned a degree in communication/print journalism from the University of Mobile, Alabama. She is a well-published, freelance writer on a wide array of topics including: food, health, and travel.

    For more information, please visit Jennifer's website at:

    An Immoral Proposal: Forbidden Love Under Apartheid
    By Jennifer Grahm
    Shulemite Publishing
    ISBN-10: 1493613812
    ISBN-13: 978-1493613816
    Available Online at and


    Half a Piece of Cloth
    by Jane L. Crane

    Half a Piece of Cloth

    Book released in conjunction with International Widow’s Day on June 23 chronicles the desperate plight of the 63 million women in Sub-Saharan Africa who are widows, many of them young with young children.

    The estimate is grim: thanks to HIV/AIDS, relentless wars, and the harsh realities of poverty, an estimated one in four women in Sub-Saharan Africa, or 63 million women in all, are widows. Many of them are young, have small children, and are desperately poor.

    In Half a Piece of Cloth, the Courage of Africa’s Countless Widows, author Jane L. Crane exposes the daily realities these women face. In this reader-friendly book, Crane examines the plight of nearly 60 widows in seven different African countries, giving first-hand accounts from widows who survived the genocide in Rwanda, ran from the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, survived the "rape capital of the world" in the Democratic Republic of Congo, fought for their land in Zambia, and cope with HIV/AIDS in a black township in South Africa.

    Half a Piece of Cloth also documents how cultural factors and superstitions often compound the widows’ suffering, putting their children at great risk for little or no education and a life of poverty and despair. Among other atrocities, widows in multiple African countries are blamed for their husbands’ death, stripped of assets, at times subjected to dehumanizing widowhood rituals, and are frequently left desperate, without welfare or other safety nets.

    Part I of Half a Piece of Cloth tells the widows’ stories. Part II offers solutions – among them education, economic empowerment, and individual, grassroots, and other efforts to bring about change – with the goal of helping Africa’s widows to have a full and satisfying life, or what Crane calls "a whole piece of cloth."

    She comments, "When I heard a speaker from Zambia at the United Nations describe the horrors that widows go through culturally after the death of a husband, my life was changed. Eventually, I traveled to Africa multiple times to see for myself. Half a Piece of Cloth is the result."

    "[Half a Piece of Cloth is]…in tune with the African way of telling stories. Once I started reading, it was hard to put down." ~ Emily Onyango, Dean of Students, St. Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya

    AUTHOR: Through her graduate work on women’s land issues in Sub-Saharan Africa, Jane L. Crane discovered the desperate situation of widows in that region, a topic that has been largely ignored. After interviewing dozens of desperate widows in Africa, she founded Adopt A Widow. Similar to a sponsored-child program, Adopt A Widow helps African widows learn a skill to support themselves and their children in a one-year program while experiencing emotional healing. The author of the "Map for Gender Reconciliation," she holds a Master’s degree in Peace and Justice and is currently working on her doctorate in Oxford, England, on Africa’s widows. Born in Augusta, Georgia, she was raised in the tender care of African-American maids and babysitters, to whom she dedicates the book. Today, she lives in San Diego, California, and travels to Africa regularly.

    HALF A PIECE OF CLOTH: The Courage of Africa’s Countless Widows by Jane L. Crane; Hearkening Press; Category: African Studies, Women’s Studies; Soft Cover: 978-0615971254, $18.99; Availability:, electronic formats and major retailers


    African Venus
    by Sheryl Carkhum-Lord

    African Venus

    The African Venus presents an interesting account of an African King's daughter, Princess Nima. The reader is engulfed with the journey she encounters and the experiences she faces being ripped from her homeland. Sheryl Lord captures the reader's interest as she takes the reader on Princess Nima's journey.

    About the Author
    Sheryl Carkhum-Lord holds a degree from Mercy College in Business Administration. Ms. Lord loves African-American history, art and literature. She lives in Yonkers, New York with her husband.

    by Sheryl K. Carkhum-Lord
    Paperback: 48 pages
    Publisher: XLIBRIS (July 18, 2013)
    ISBN-10: 1483617793
    ISBN-13: 978-1483617794
    Product Dimensions: 0.1 x 5.9 x 8.9 inches



    Written by Adam Mansbach, illustrated by Ricardo Cortes, translated by Kwame Dawes & Kellie Magnus

    Audio-book narrated by Shaggy
    Audio-book publication date: June 10, 2014

    In June 2011, actor Samuel L. Jackson's reading of Go the F*** to Sleep redefined the audio book for the Internet-driven 21st century. Samuel L. Jackson's appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman marked the first time an audio book had been promoted to such a large TV audience, and soon more than one million people had listened to the audio book, which continues to sell thousands of copies every month.

    With the publication of Go de Rass to Sleep, audio-book publisher Buck 50 Productions/Urban Audio Books has recruited worldwide reggae superstar to repeat Samuel L. Jackson's coup, in a Jamaican fashion. Shaggy's humor and verbal prowess are on full display as he reads the book's stanzas such as:

    Modda puss a hug up har pickney,
    Young sheep a lay down wid big sheep.
    Yuh wrap up an warm inna yuh bed, putoos,
    Beg yuh, go de rass to sleep.

    To our knowledge, this is the first book ever to be translated into Jamaican patois other than the Bible (for which there is no audio book read by Shaggy). As with the original, Go de Rass to Sleep is a bedtime book for parents who live in the real world, where a few snoozing kitties and cutesy rhymes don't always send a toddler sailing blissfully off to dreamland. Profane, affectionate, and radically honest, California Book Award-winning author Adam Mansbach's verses perfectly capture the familiar--and unspoken--tribulations of putting your little angel down for the night. In the process, they open up a conversation about parenting, granting us permission to admit our frustrations, and laugh at their absurdity.

    • The best-selling Go the F*** to Sleep has been translated into over thirty languages worldwide, from Afrikaans to Czech to Turkish. Now it is finally translated for Jamaican and other Caribbean parents of the world! This book will have widespread appeal both in the Caribbean and in Pan-Caribbean communities across the United States.

    • Go de Rass to Sleep launched at the Calabash International Literary Festival in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, on May 31, 2014. Calabash is the biggest and best literary festival in the Caribbean.

    • Go de Rass to Sleep makes a perfect Father's Day gift for the new, experienced, expecting, and altogether exhausted parent in your life. It's also perfect for baby showers!

    • Go the F*** to Sleep is a runaway, out-of-the-blue, international sensation. The book has been featured everywhere from the Today Show to NPR to the New York Times, and has been spotted at celebrity baby showers and on banned-book lists alike. The success of Go the F*** to Sleep has paved the way for an entire genre of satires of children's board books for adults.

    • Akashic Books has long been committed to publishing Caribbean writers. Our current season includes five titles demonstrating the diversity and strength of this region, including: Not for Everyday Use, a poignant memoir from awarding-winning author Elizabeth Nunez; Pepperpot, a groundbreaking anthology of short stories by authors living and writing in the Caribbean that launches a brand-new publishing venture; Game World, a middle-grade adventure novel from Wall Street Journal senior editor C.J. Farley, and I Love You Too, a charming children's picture book from reggae icon Ziggy Marley.

    Buck 50 Productions dba Urban Audio Books is a producer of premium spoken African American-interest audio information and entertainment. Urban Audio Books produces audio editions of books and original programming. Content from Urban Audio Books is available for use on personal computers, CDs, cassettes, or computer-based and wireless mobile devices. Buck 50 Production/Urban Audio Book titles are distributed by Blackstone Audio the largest independent distributor audio books in the US. For more information please visit


    Slave and Sister

    Sabra Waldfogel

    Slave and Sister

    Book Description
    Adelaide Mannheim and her slave Rachel share a shameful secret. Adelaide’s father, a Jewish planter in Cass County, Georgia, is Rachel’s father, too. Adelaide marries neighboring planter Henry Kaltenbach, a Jew deeply troubled by slavery, and watches with a wary eye as her husband treats all of his slaves—including Rachel—with kindness. As the country’s conflict over slavery looms ever larger, Henry and Rachel fall in love, and as the United States is rent by the Civil War, the lives of mistress and slave are torn apart. When the war brings destruction and Emancipation, can these two women, made kin by slavery, free themselves of the past to truly become sisters?

    Powerfully evoking an era of slavery and war, Slave and Sister is a story of love, betrayal, forgiveness, and freedom.

    Book details
    Historical Fiction
    May 20, 2014
    E-book: $4.99
    Print: ISBN 10 978-0991396443 $14.99

    Author Bio
    Sabra Waldfogel grew up far from the South in Minneapolis. She studied history at Harvard University and received her Ph.D. in American History from the University of Minnesota. She has worked as a technical writer and has written about historic architecture for Old House Journal and Arts and Crafts Homes. Her short story “Yemaya” appeared in Sixfold’s Winter 2013 fiction issue. Slave and Sister is her first novel.

    Contact details
    Sabra Waldfogel

    Social media links


    The Long Shadow

    co-authored by sociologist Karl Alexander, the late sociologist Doris Entwisle, and research scientist Linda Olson

    The Long Shadow

    Amid the robust national conversation on economic inequality and social mobility, a forthcoming book from the Russell Sage Foundation offers new insights into how race, class, and gender impact the socioeconomic outcomes of low-income urban youth (both white and African American). The Long Shadow, co-authored by sociologist Karl Alexander, the late sociologist Doris Entwisle, and research scientist Linda Olson, offers a startling and much-needed examination of who succeeds and why.

    The book is based on a unique study that follows 790 Baltimore children for 25 years, examining how their early lives have affected their long-term well-being. While the book is a rich case study of Baltimore, that city's struggles with deindustrialization, white flight, and concentrated poverty are representative of developments in cities across the U.S. The book unravels the complex connections between where one is from and where one ends up, and offers important insights to national conversations on cities, education, economic inequality, and social mobility in the U.S.

    The Long Shadow examines:

    ·   When education isn't the answer: The authors argue that higher education is not a realistic social mobility pathway for low-income urban youth; in fact, it is primarily a vehicle for children from privileged families to maintain their privilege. For example, only 4% of low-income urban youth in the authors' study earned a B.A. by age 28—but, not for lack of trying. An impressively high percentage of low-income youth in the study aspired to attain higher education and started down the college path, but faced insurmountable barriers, e.g., cost and family obligations.

    ·   How low-income white people are left out of conversations on urban poverty: Poor whites live side-by-side African Americans in some of the most distressed sections of Baltimore, but poverty among whites is less recognized and less stigmatized.

    ·   How working-class white men benefit from biases in the job market: The authors find that working-class white men benefit from opportunities blocked to African American men and women of all races.

    ·   How African American women face unique economic challenges: Though working class white and African American women often end up in similar low-wage sales, clerical and service jobs, African American women, on average, have lower family earnings because they are less likely to marry or partner. When they do, their partners have lower earnings on average than the partners of white women.


    Nine Lives of a Black Panther: A Story of Survival

    by Wayne Pharr

    Nine Lives of a Black Panther: A Story of Survival

    Pharr was just 19 years old and a leading member of the Los Angeles chapter of the Black Panther Party on December 8, 1969 when a SWAT team attacked its headquarters in the early morning hours. Pharr was wounded in the five-hour siege involving thousands of rounds of ammunition, explosives, and tear gas. In the pages of Nine Lives, Pharr recalls the tensions between police, the Panthers, and the larger urban black community that lead to this bloody morning, and the aftermath of the shootout, including his time in jail and how he pulled his life together and became a prosperous realtor in Los Angeles soon after.

    We often think of America in the 1960s as a turbulent time marked by racial progress, but this was not obvious to a number of young African-Americans who, exposed to dire poverty and constant police harassment, grew to despise Martin Luther King’s advocacy of nonviolence and ended up forming the Black Panther Party. Pharr tackles these issues in Nine Lives, and offers blow-by-blow accounts of the inner-workings of the party, how they shook up 1960s counterculture and the civil rights movement. Pharr also reveals details of his relationships with major Black Panther figures, including Huey P. Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, Geronimo Pratt, Elaine Brown, Bunchy Carter, and Masai Hewitt and essential facts of African-American militancy. In *Nine Lives of a Black Panther,* Pharr, for the first time ever, reveals the details and tactics of that infamous and bloody Dec. 8 police attack at LA BPP Headquarters—one of most brutal and devastating shootouts in American History.



    by O.H. Bennett

    O.H. Bennett

    Recognition tells the story of Dana Reynolds, a single mom who catches a glimpse of a homeless panhandler one night while driving home and becomes convinced that the man is her missing, presumed dead husband. Warren Reynolds disappeared after a car crash ten years prior, from which a pregnant Dana had to be rescued by EMTs. In the present day, Dana embarks on a surreptitious search for the panhandler, while struggling with what to tell Warren’s mother and sister, her friends, and most importantly, her son.

    Bennett’s earlier work has received praise in The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and Booklist, among other outlets. Recognition is certain to bring Bennett to a wider audience. It is exactly the sort of book I am most proud to publish here at Agate’s Bolden imprint—fiction by remarkable African-American writers that reveals deep truths about life in this country through moving, accessible, and absorbing stories. His is the sort of voice that’s not heard from enough: that of a black male novelist writing from the mainstream of African-American experience.

    (ISBN 978-1-932841-79-4, Trade paperback 6x9, 208pp., Fiction, July 14, 2014, $15)


    Antwan Floyd Sr.

    Antwan Floyd Sr.


    The Second Amendment:
    A Biography

    The Second Amendment

    The Second Amendment: A Biography, published today by Simon & Schuster. It takes a new look at one of the most controversial provisions in the Constitution. It’s the story of America’s enduring debate over the role of government, individual rights, race, and the singular role of the Supreme Court.

    Politico Magazine just published an excerpt, “How the NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment.”

    We’re delighted that Publishers Weekly called it “the best narrative of its subject.” Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Joseph J. Ellis wrote, “Waldman’s new book will not make the most zealous NRA advocates happy, but for anyone who wants his or her history of the Second Amendment straight-up, this is the most comprehensive, accessible, and compelling version of the story in print.”

    For more information go to the Brennan Center’s website and stay informed by signing up for our newsletters. Follow the Brennan Center on Facebook and Twitter.



    by Shani Greene Dowdell is available now for Kindle Download

    Description: The goodwill to step in and help an old friend may land a psychiatrist a chair on the other side of her desk in this entertaining, jaw-dropping tale of manipulation, disloyalty, obsession…and possibly murder. This time around, one of the friends-turned-foe is out for money or blood, whichever comes first.

    Shani Greene Dowdell

    Download Part 1 for 99 cent

    Then, read Part 2!

    SHANI GREENE DOWDELL lives in Opelika, Alabama. She has taken her work from the page to the stage with a theatrical performance of Secrets of a Kept Woman and Make a Soulful Noise. When she is not working on her own play or writing, she is help fostering growth in her community. She has won several awards for her writing and was called "savvy self-promoter" by Culture Mag of the United Kingdom. To find out more, follow her on Facebook at facebook/shanibooks and Twitter @shaniwrites.


    Victura: the Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea

    James W. Graham’s new book -- Victura: the Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea -- offers new insights into the dynamics and magic of the Kennedy family and their intense relationship with sailing and the sea. Many families sail together, but the Kennedys’ relationship with Victura, the 25-foot sloop purchased in 1932 shortly after the family’s move to Hyannis Port, stands apart.


    Throughout their brief lives, Joe Jr., Jack and Bobby spent long hours on Victura, competing in countless races every summer. They were joined by their younger brother Teddy when he grew old enough. Joe Jr. and Jack ranked among the best collegiate sailors in New England, driven by their father Joseph P. Kennedy who insisted that winning was essential. Among their sisters, Eunice emerged as a gifted sailor and fierce competitor, the equal of any of her brothers.

    Tracking their story beginning in 1932 when Jack was 15 and continuing today in an identical family boat of the same name, readers will learn to admire the Kennedys for what Victura taught them about life, family, leadership, determination, winning, and dealing with tragedies.


    Celebrating the sailboat’s deep influence on Jack, Bobby, Ethel, Ted, Eunice and other Kennedys, it offers a new way of experiencing their intimate sibling relationships and growth as an extended family. Kennedys credit young Jack’s sailing with helping him survive the sinking of his PT boat in the Pacific. Life magazine photos of Jack and Jackie on Victura’s bow helped define the winning Kennedy brand in the 1950s. Jack doodled sketches of Victura in Oval Office meetings, and his love of seafaring probably played a role in his decision to put a man on the moon, an enterprise he referred to as “space-faring.”


    When the Kennedy siblings married, sailing connected them with their children and nephews and nieces. Sailing was an everyday event, even in dangerous weather and in the darkness of night. The sport influenced how they celebrated and observed happy events, managed grief, and grew close to one another.


    Ted loved Victura as much as any of them. In the years following the untimely deaths of his three older brothers, Ted sailed with his children and the children of his lost brothers as crew. He also sailed past the shoals of personal shortcomings and an ebbing career to become known as the “Lion of the Senate,” helping fulfill patriarch Joe Sr.’s desire that his children pursue careers in public service rather than in business.

    Rich with colorful and intimate anecdotes, the book features author interviews with family members, including children of Ted, Robert and Ethel Kennedy.

    Victura is a story of redemption, strong family bonds, character, sport, tragedy, the power of metaphor and the influence of a little boat on the lives of great men and women.

    In Victura, James W. Graham charts the progress of America’s signature twentieth century family dynasty, in a narrative both stunningly original and deeply gripping. This true tale of one small sailboat is an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the impressive story of the Kennedys.


    The Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea
    James W. Graham
    ForeEdge, an imprint of the University Press of New England
    $29.95 cloth 978-1-61168-411-7
    $22.99 ebook 978-1-61168-599-2
    Official publication date: April 1, 2014
    280 pp., 28 illus., 6 x 9"
    For more information visit

    About the Author

    James W. Graham, a communications and public affairs professional for a major-brand retailer, was a senior adviser to former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar and the Illinois House of Representatives. He races and cruises his sailboat Venturous out of Wilmette Harbor, north of Chicago.

    What People Are Saying

    "This wonderfully-written book takes a well-worn subject -- the Kennedys -- and gives it as fresh a gust as the sailors on the sturdy, little Victura themselves must have felt a thousand times off the Nantucket shore. In going to sea on board the Victura, Joe, Jack, Bobby and Teddy Kennedy entered their metaphor of quest, braced themselves for the unknown, and left their country, in the end, with an imperishable poignancy in its heart."

    -- Richard D. Mahoney, author, Sons and Brothers

    "The Kennedys saw the world and nature as a magical place, full of mystery and adventure. They especially enjoyed challenges and the freedom of activities like sailing, skiing, river running, climbing and just being outside. Two thirds of the surface of planet earth is liquid: the sea is vital to life -- a huge source of both pleasure and fear -- and a great teacher. Victura, a small wooden sailboat, became the center of adventure, companionship and love for this remarkable family. Author Graham knows the sea, sailing and the Kennedys. Sail on Victura, to new horizons."

    -- Jim Whittaker, first American to summit Mt. Everest, former CEO of REI, author of Life on the Edge: Memoirs of Everest and Beyond.

    "Victura is more than Graham recounting the sailing experiences of the Kennedys. In this well-researched but warmly written book, Graham sometimes goes several pages describing an election, or a Kennedy family intrigue, and then gracefully brings the story back to the sea, showing how, in best and worst of times, the family pulled together around sailing."

    -- Rich Evans, book review, SAILING magazine, March 2014


    An Autobiography of Black Chicago

    by Dempsey Travis

     An Autobiography of Black Chicago

    An Autobiography of Black Chicago (Agate Bolden, 978-1-932841-67-1, February 15, 2014, $17) by Dempsey Travis. This is a new, revised edition of Travis's rich personal history of Chicago's African-American community, an important and engaging first-hand account of black life in Chicago during the twentieth century.

    This new edition starts with Travis's father migrating to Chicago in 1900, through the family's experiences during the boom of the 1920s and then the depression years of the 1930s (when the teenaged Travis became a successful if underage jazz bandleader), through his fraught US Army service during World War II, to his career as a prominent real-estate developer and civil rights activist. As WBEZ's Richard Steele writes in the book's introduction, "His personal story and family history illustrate the kind of grit it took to make it in Chicago at the dawn of the twentieth century." An Autobiography of Black Chicago is an essential guide to Black Chicago's explosive growth and flowering during the twentieth century, as told by one of the city's preeminent African-American citizens.

    Dempsey Travis (1920-2009) contributed much to his city through his work in jazz music, writing, and civil rights activism during his life. His insight into the city's culture and politics is everywhere evident in these pages.


    The Prodigal Son

     bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby

    New York Times bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby returns with the eleventh installment in the Reverend Curtis Black series, THE PRODIGAL SON (Grand Central Publishing Hardcover; May 13, 2014; 9781455526130; $26.00). After dropping out of Harvard to be with his girlfriend, Racquel, and their new baby, Matthew Black discovers that fatherhood isn't what he expected. His relationship with Racquel has become strained, and while he wants to be a good husband, he soon finds himself attracted to another woman.

    His parents, Curtis and Charlotte are having their own problems. Curtis's long-lost-son Dillon has settled into their household and Charlotte feels he's trying to take Matthew's place in Curtis's heart. She is determined to get Dillon out of the house, but doing so won't be as easy as she thinks. Dillon quickly figures out what Charlotte is up to and launches his own plan to turn Curtis against her. As jealousy builds and secrets pile up, both of Curtis's sons will be pushed over the edge and forced to take drastic action. Can these two troubled young men find their way back into the Black family fold, or will their family ties be undone once and for all?

    Kimberla Lawson Roby is the New York Times bestselling author of the acclaimed Reverend Curtis Black series. She lives with her husband in Rockford, Illinois.

    Visit to learn more.

    The Prodigal Son
    A Reverend Curtis Black Novel
    by Kimberla Lawson Roby
    Grand Central Publishing Hardcover; May 13, 2014; 9781455526130; $26.00


    Tap Dancing Inspirational Speaker Releases New Book,

    “I'm a Black Man Who are You?”

    David Preston Sharp

    Boulder, CO (Jan. 28, 2014)…To celebrate African American History Month, Barnes & Noble will present a book signing and performance with Boulder’s David Preston Sharp, D. Min., author of “I am a Black Man, Who are You?” (Dorrance Pub. 2012) on Sat. Feb. 15, at 1:00pm. The event will be held at the Boulder Barnes & Noble, 2999 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80301. Sharp is an award-winning songwriter and poet who has performed on Broadway, in films, on television, and directed for the theater. For more information please contact Barnes and Noble at (303) 444-0349.

    Sharp’s book recounts the life lessons that sparked the discovery of his uniqueness, inner beauty, joy, passion and power. Set in the deep south of the United States during the turbulence of the 1960’s, Dr. Sharp shares how he learned to accept himself and claim who he really is, and tells of the champions of love who helped him find the strength and courage to do so. He reveals how he learned to face life no matter what life makes you face, and what it means to remember who you are.

    At the event, Sharp will speak about the significance of Black History Month, the reasons to celebrate all our cultures, and his experience in attending Rev. Martin Luther King’s funeral as a young boy. David grew up in the climate and influence of the social justice efforts of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, of which his father, a Presbyterian minister, was a member, and of which Dr. King was a founder.

    Sharp’s life experiences capture the dynamic tension that has been a part of people learning to live in harmony and mutual respect. He is an engaging, talented artist who uses the arts as a vehicle to explore and celebrate the human journey, honor its triumphs and challenges and spark new breakthroughs in the art of living.

    "All of us contribute to American History, no matter our culture and heritage,” says Sharp. “As America becomes more diverse, we need to honor the cultures that make up American society. Though this month focuses on the African American journey, we all come from cultures and heritages, and they all contribute daily to the American landscape. To honor them, I feel, is to honor our common humanity and celebrate that which makes us unique. "

    David Sharp and his wife, Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen will present, "Tap Into Power For Life", from March 21-23, at their studio, 4939 N. Broadway, Unit 65, Boulder, CO 80304. This workshop shows how tap dancing can be a potent and useful tool to help you connect to your spiritual life in a powerful and deepening way. Tap dancing evolved from David witnessing his mother’s healing via her own tap dancing. Initially, David wanted to help others by entertaining, which he did--performing on film, television, and stage. As a practicing minister he discovered that tap dancing could be used as a form of prayer or meditation. Sharp says, “The Tap into Power Life workshop will use basic tap steps as a foundation to create powerful group rhythms into which we will access the resources within us to live the challenges of life while retaining joy and humor. Come experience what it feels like to connect deeply with others as we express the wisdom of our hearts through our feet. No experience is necessary and we provide the tap shoes.”

    Sharp will be performing at the California African American Museum’s Target Sundays at CAAM on Sun., Feb. 2, from 12-3pm. He will be enacting portions of his one-man show, “I’m a Black Man, Who Are You?”

    About the Author
    Dr. David Sharp, D. Min., is a writer, performer, composer, communicator and educator. He has performed on Broadway, in films and on television, and has directed and choreographed for the theater. He has won awards as a speaker, songwriter, and poet and has presented for churches, universities, and major corporations and civic organizations. He has recorded CDs of inspirational music and poetry, has hosted a lifestyle television show in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Art and Soul of Urban Living, and was Editor-in-Chief of Soul Mag, a nationally distributed magazine bridging entertainment, culture and spirituality.

    He has served on the faculty of USC (Los Angeles), UCS (Oakland) and has run a one-of-a-kind program, Success Camp, for foster kids in northern California. He holds a BFA in Drama from the University of Southern California, a Master’s of Divinity from San Francisco Theological Seminary, a Master’s in Special Education from Santa Clara University and a Doctorate of Ministry from the University of Creation Spirituality, now Wisdom University. Dr. Sharp resides in Boulder, Colorado.


    Newly Released Book by Dr. Lawana Gladney Provides Strategies for Navigating Life’s Obstacles

    If You Are in the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost?: A Roadmap to an Amazing Life

    Dallas, Texas (Jan. 7, 2014) - With the release of her highly anticipated book, If You Are in the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost?: A Roadmap to an Amazing Life, respected life-expert and emotional wellness doctor, Dr. Lawana Gladney, (Dr. G.) navigates readers through life’s many roadblocks and obstacles by mapping out effective strategies for creating an amazing life. Published by Benbella Books, the book is currently available online and at major bookstores including Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.

     Dr. Lawana Gladney

    In If You Are in the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost?: A Roadmap to an Amazing Life, Dr. G. draws from years of experience to provide tools and techniques for conquering life’s most challenging situations. From break-ups and family conflicts to career changes and sudden losses, she offers practical tips for setting goals, building successful relationships, developing healthy habits and living happily. Acting as a personal coach, Dr. G’s straight forward direct approach will motivate readers to overcome common obstacles including coping with feeling lost; facing and overcoming fears; defining destiny; defeating insecurities; dealing with thoughts and beliefs; managing emotions; identifying and veering away from toxic people and managing finances. By providing insight, solutions and a series of action items, through If You Are in the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost?: A Roadmap to an Amazing Life Dr. G provides an ultimate roadmap for creating an amazing life.

    As Dr. G. states, “You have the decisive power to determine what kind of life you want to live. The truth is, while some people have the ability to bring about experiences that make you happy, true joy only comes from deep within your soul and that is when your life becomes amazing.”

    If You Are in the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost?: A Roadmap to an Amazing Life is a must-read for those needing direction in various areas of their lives. It is currently available online and at several bookstores including Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million. To learn more about Dr. G, purchasing a copy of her latest book and upcoming events, please visit You can also follow her on Facebook at Dr.Gladney and on twitter @drgladney.

    About Dr. Lawana Gladney (Dr. G.)
    Dr. G. is an award-winning life expert, emotional wellness doctor, speaker, author, and media personality who shares her message of success and wellness with audiences across the nation. Formerly a college professor, she spent numerous years researching the concepts of motivation and success and has transformed that knowledge into numerous books and speeches. She is the author of five books including If I Have to Tell You One More Time: Six Keys to Motivating Your Kids; You Can’t Be Sick, I Have to Work; 50 Tips to Emotional Wellness for Working Mothers; For Men Only: 50 Tips to Power, Women, And… and the newly released If You Are in the Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost?: A Roadmap to an Amazing Life.

    As CEO of Emotional Wellness, Inc. Dr. G. has presented her message to millions around the nation and has worked with many of the nation’s fortune 500 hundred companies including, IBM, AT&T, PepsiCo, Aetna, Texas Instruments, Pitney Bowes, U. S. Coast Guard, Freddie Mac, U. S. Department of Defense, and the Federal Aviation Administration. Additionally, she works as a success coach helping individuals manage their lives both personally and professionally. Areas of focus include life balance, relationships, stress management, motivation, business and leadership.

    Dr G. is also a television personality who has a been a co-host and residential expert for an array of programs. In addition, she has been featured in several publications and on several shows including the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Washington Watch with Roland Martin, Michael Baisden and Al Sharpton Radio Show.


    by Phaedra Parks

    You don’t have to live in the south to act like a Southern Lady! Real Housewives of Atlanta star PHAEDRA PARKS, self made business titan and mother of two, announces her #SouthernBelleSecrets pre-order giveaway! Fans can get insight into the world of Southern Belle fashion, etiquette, dating and tackling the workplace without breaking a sweat by entering to win one of THREE amazing prizes!

    Real Housewives of Atlanta star PHAEDRA PARKS

    Giveaway submissions will be accepted through Wednesday, November 7th.

    #SouthernBelleSecrets Giveaway - Prizes:

    Ultimate Prize:
    One on One tea with Phaedra Parks in Atlanta (must be an Atlanta resident)

    Runner-Up Prize
    5 lucky winners will receive a goody bag of Phaedra’s favorite beauty products

    3rd Place
    · 10 Lucky winners will receive a personalized signed copy of SECRETS OF THE SOUTHERN BELLE

    How to Enter
    To take part in the #SouthernBelleSecrets Giveaway, follow these two simple steps:

    1. Pre-order your very own copy of SECRETS OF THE SOUTHERN BELLE by clicking here

    2. Email a copy/ screenshot of your receipt to along with your name, address and phone number where you can be reached.

    For more details, please go to:


    by Byron Williams

    “Byron Williams’ groundbreaking narrative beautifully demonstrates that we are the descendants and beneficiaries of the year of hope and hostility.”—Tavis Smiley

    “For 50 years, 1963 has hidden in plain sight. We have been content to define the year by the tragedy in Dallas, but Byron Williams forces us to revisit this year that has greatly influenced our politics as well as our culture. Don’t miss the powerful book.” —Princeton Professor Cornel West

    “1963 was really the year that changed things,” says Byron Williams, the author of 1963: The Year of Hope & Hostility. Several books discuss the events that Williams, a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, explores in his book, but none have viewed them through the lens of a 365-day odyssey that chronicles this watershed moment in American history and culture. None have focused with laser-like precision on the major events of that year. In 1963, Williams, the pastor of the Resurrection Community Church in Berkley, California, examines who we were fifty years ago and its impact on who we are today.

    Williams explores 1963 through the prism of the three most influential individuals of that year: President John F. Kennedy, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., and Governor George Wallace.

    It was the year that Martin Luther King wrote his famous Letter from Birmingham Jail. It was the year that King gave the keynote address at the March on Washington.

    It was the year that Medgar Evers was killed and four young African-American girls were killed at the Sixteenth Baptist Church. It was the year that Governor George Wallace infamously proclaimed “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever” and stood in front of the classroom doors of the University of Alabama and endeavored to blocked two African-American students from admittance.

    It was the year that ended with the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The dream that was Camelot was drowned in the blood shed that tragic day in Dallas.

    In this penetrating and provocative history of this critical year, Byron Williams examines three key moments: the dramatic events of the Kennedy administration, George Wallace’s rise to power, and Martin Luther King’s rise to prominence as he forged the civil-rights movement into an unstoppable force in American politics and culture.

    Williams explores the significance of the events of 1963 and the impact they have had right down to the present day, including:

    Kennedy’s transformation as a political leader from his early unsuccessful handling of the Cold War, as evidenced by the Bay of Pigs incident and his initial encounter with Khrushchev, to his successful handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis and his “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech as well as his evolving awareness of the importance of the civil rights movement at home.

    Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. A universally recognized masterpiece of American political oratory, Williams explains why it is the most important document written during the Civil Rights Movement.

    King’s March on Washington and the intricate political maneuvering and planning behind the monumental rally for civil rights.

    The assassination of President Kennedy and the impact of the assassination on our political culture.

    How Bull Connor, the notoriously racist Commissioner of Public Safety, unwittingly did more to advance civil rights agenda in a single blunder than King could have hoped for, his eight hard years of putting his life on the line in the name of civil rights notwithstanding.

    How Bull Connor’s attack against African-American children with fire hoses and attack-dogs set the stage for the upcoming March on Washington and proved to be an integral part of the momentum for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

    Governor George Wallace’s rise to power from his progressive beginnings as a pro-black liberal Democrat (he was once endorsed by the NAACP) to a Southern bigot whose famous (and infamous) inauguration acceptance speech, “Segregation now… segregation tomorrow …segregation forever,” was one of the most influential speeches of 1963, thus helping to set the tone for the year that would be a contest between hope and hostility.

    1963 is forever associated with the assassination of President Kennedy. Yet, says Byron Williams, many other monumental events also occurred that year that continue to have a profound impact on not only our history but also our daily lives and especially our commitment to our stated democratic principles and beliefs.

    In this groundbreaking historical look at 1963, Byron Williams also investigates how the transformative events of 1963 were dependent upon actions in previous years and were sometimes decades in the making. As Martin Luther King shared with civil rights leader Jack O’Dell, the facts alone do not reveal truth. Instead, it is within the interrelated nature of facts where truth most often emerges. The events that Williams has judiciously selected from 1963, though they have been presented for fifty years as unrelated, are a collection of interrelated facts that tell a profound truth about who were then, paving a methodical trail that leads to who we are today.

    Byron Williams is the pastor of the Resurrection Community Church in Berkley, CA and a columnist for The Huffington Post and the Bay Area News Group (where his work was considered for a Pulitzer Prize). He is also the author of Strip Mall Patriotism: Moral Reflections on the Iraq War. He has written for The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Tikkun, Christianity Today, and The Guardian (UK). He has also appeared on CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NPR and Fox.


    The Credara Trilogy

     The Credara Trilogy

    The world of fantasy and science fiction writing is one that African American authors don’t often frequent. *J E Henderson*, who recently released book one of *The Credara Trilogy*, is one African American breaking into the genre in a big way.

    Raised by a family who supported the arts – *his sister is actress Tempestt Bledsoe of The Cosby Show fame* – J E moved to California in 1983, where his hobbies of songwriting, television and screenplay writing came to fruition.

    Now, 20 years later, J E gives readers *CREDARA: Rise of the Kraylen*, taking them into a world thousands of years after the great battle of Lucifer and Archangel Michael, where chosen warrior must defeat Lucifer’s Army – and battle some demons of his own.


    Last Chance for Justice: How Relentless Investigators Uncovered New Evidence Convicting the Birmingham Church Bombers

     Last Chance for Justice

    September 15, 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the horrific 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama. Bringing a sense of closure to this tragic, long-unresolved event comes a new book on the 2002 conviction of the KKK church bombers: Last Chance for Justice: How Relentless Investigators Uncovered New Evidence Convicting the Birmingham Church Bombers (Lawrence Hill Books, September 2013) by T. K. Thorne, a retired Birmingham police precinct captain.

    After the notorious bombing at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church that killed four young girls in September of 1963, President John F. Kennedy tasked the FBI with finding the bombers, but they closed the case after a decade with only one prosecution. Ever since that failure, Birmingham’s African American residents harbored anger and distrusted the police, believing justice had not been served. T. K. Thorne tells the story of police detective Ben Herren of the Birmingham Police Department and FBI special agent Bill Flemming as they delved back into what ultimately brought closure to one of the most recognized Civil Rights era cases in our nation’s history. With the recent unanimous vote by the Senate to award the victims of the bombing the Congressional Gold Medal and create legislation in their honor, the case is ripe for reexamination 50 years later.


    (BPRW) BRAVO TV, The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-Stars Cynthia Bailey Thomas and Peter Thomas Release Their Book, “Carry-on Baggage, Our Nonstop Flight”

     Carry-on Baggage, Our Nonstop Flight

    (BLACK PR WIRE) – New York, NY (September 3, 2013) – Griffin Scott Press announced a late September release date for Cynthia Bailey -Thomas's and Peter Thomas's urban memoir. The book chronicles the couple's journey of courtship, marriage, financial comebacks and blending a family of six children.

    Bailey-Thomas shares, "Peter and I did not write a book to give other couples relationship advice. Our story is biographical and we hope it will serve as an inspiration to other couples finding love in the second half of their lives."

    The chapters delve into everything from Cynthia's and Peter's first date that was fifteen years in the making to their formula for successfully managing six children and five co-parents. "Carry-on Baggage, Our Nonstop Flight” will inspire, provoke and make the reader laugh out loud.

    Cynthia's Perspective
    "Despite his allure, there were some contradictions in Peter’s personality that occasionally threw me. Like the time I had to take an incoming call during one of our conversations and told him I’d call him back. When I did, a female answered his phone and said, 'Peter’s eating right now.' Really? This man who’d called me daily and asked me every personal question short of when I had my last period was playing me like he was King Henry VIII. Now, all of a sudden, he was too occupied to bring his black ass to the phone? Wow!"

    Peter’s Perspective
    “...I typically daydreamed on my commute anyway, but that day I couldn’t take my eyes off the black beauty plastered in that print ad. It was one of those crazy kind of ads that no matter how I turned or repositioned, her eyes followed me. It freaked me out! Before I got off that train, I had to glance back one last time at those alluring eyes that had stalked me the entire time. I could still see hints of that young lamb from Nell’s, who’d shown me no real interest the first night we met. Now, years later, here she was standing in a sultry pose, smoking a cigarette and staring me down. All I could think was, 'Oh! Okay, now honey wanna sweat me.'”

    The couple will host a media reception, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at Simply Books, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta, GA.

    To schedule media appearances, interviews or book-signings, please contact Double XXposure.

    Contact Information
    Angelo Ellerbee
    Phone: 201-224-6570


    Sexx Is Not The End Of The Game

    - O. Smith -

    Written for young men aged 13-25, *Sexx Is Not the End of The Game* is, about how young men ought to treat young (& old) ladies in contemporary times. Perfect for the single mother as the "game" contained can be shared between mother & son(s).

    We all know that boys don't read as much as girls, make sure this is the *'One book he does read, in his Whole life*!'

     Sexx Is Not The End Of The Game

    *Drops 9/16/2013*



    Wading Home

    Wading Home is one of very few published novels that deals with African Americans' experience of Katrina. It tells the story of jazz trumpeter Julian Fortier and his return to New Orleans after the storm to search for his father, retired chef Simon Fortier, who has disappeared from his home in the Treme district. This search leads Julian on a winding trail of discovery that takes him deep into his family's history, both in New Orleans and in their ancestral home in the Louisiana countryside. Lyrical, accessible, compelling, and populated by a broad, fully realized cast of characters, Wading Home is a timeless story of a son striving to connect with his father: shaken to the core by his city's devastation, he discovers the true meanings of home, family, and history.

    Wading Home by author Rosalyn Story

    Rosalyn Story is a writer and musician who works as a violinist with the Fort Worth Symphony. Wading Home is her second novel. Her first, More Than You Know (Agate 2004), was an Essence bestseller. She lives in Dallas. Agate Bolden, an imprint of Agate Publishing, is devoted to discovering and showcasing fiction, nonfiction, and memoirs by African-American writers. Among the authors published by Agate Bolden are National Book Award winning novelist Jesmyn Ward, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr., and daytime television star Judge Lynn Toler, among many others.

    Wading Home


    FIRST CLASS: The Legacy of Dunbar, America’s First Black Public High School

    Dunbar High School began in a church basement shortly after the Civil War and grew into an academic powerhouse that rivaled white public and private institutions at its height in the 1940s and 50s. Alumni include the first black Presidential Cabinet member, the first black General in the U.S. Army, the first black federal judge and the current Mayor of Washington, D.C.

    FIRST CLASS: The Legacy of Dunbar, America’s First Black Public High School

    But today, as in so many of the nation’s urban public schools, Dunbar students are barely proficient in math and reading. How did it all go wrong? Combining a fascinating history of the first U.S. public high school for African-Americans with an unflinching analysis of education reform in urban public schools today, FIRST CLASS explores an underrepresented and largely unknown aspect of black history while widening the discussion on what it takes to make a public school successful.

    v   2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, and the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education being argued before the Supreme Court

    v   On August 26, 2013 the new $122 million Dunbar Senior High School opens its doors

    Praise for First Class:
    “Alison Stewart uncovers the hidden history of a great American institution, and shows us the moving, herculean, human effort it took to build it in the first place, and to rebuild it now. What an amazing story—what a great book.”
    —Rachel Maddow

    “In First Class, Alison Stewart skillfully chronicles the rise and fall of Dunbar High School, America’s first black public high school. Recalling the institution's extraordinary legacy and the lives of its accomplished alumni—her own parents included—Stewart will convince you that there’s cause for hope, and that the school’s brightest days may still be ahead.”
    —President Bill Clinton


    Escape from Detroit: The Collapse of America's Black Metropolis

    Paul Kersey, the author of Escape from Detroit: The Collapse of America's Black Metropolis, writes that the stunning bankruptcy of the Motor City is a story whose primary culprit has yet to be blamed. Few people are more versed than Kersey on the collapse of Detroit.

    Escape from Detroit

    Escape from Detroit



    Debut novel by Kiese Laymon. Long Division is the funny, sharp, and wise coming-of-age story of two 14-year-old boys, one growing up in 2013 and the other in 1985 Mississippi. The book has recently been praised in the Wall Street Journal, on MSNBC, Booklist, and Boston Review, which wrote, "In a multilayered, allusion-packed, time-traveling plot set in Mississippi, Long Division takes us, nesting-doll-style, from 2013 to 1985, 1964, and back, engaging complex questions of race, violence, gender, sexuality, and our relationship to history."

    Kirkus Reviews, School Library Journal, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution included Long Division on their lists of the best summer novels, and Laymon's other writing has appeared this summer on NPR, ESPN, and Guernica.



    A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home

    In her triumphant new book, A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home, Ms. Gottesdiener examines how the national financial crisis is impacting African American families, and how communities of color are fighting back—and beating the big banks.

    A Dream Foreclosed

    Approaching the subject as a rights advocate and story teller, she reflects on the real life stories of African American families fighting against foreclosure in the larger context of black history and progress in the United States.

    A Dream Foreclosed, due out next month, is already winning remarkable praise from civil rights leaders, bestselling authors, and social justice advocates like Ralph Nader, Naomi Klein, Johanna Fernandez, Mumia Abu Jamal, and Noam Chomsky.

    The publication A Dream Foreclosed coincides with both the 50th anniversary of MLK's “I Have Dream” speech and the 50th anniversary of the terrorist attack on Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church. Black history seems to hedged to struggle within the parameters set by those two historic events: the celebrated vision of how things can be and the all too ignored nightmare of how things often are.

    In A Dream Foreclosed, Laura Gottesdiener looks hard at both and does so in the larger context of African Americans' search for home. To write the book she travelled the country and stayed in neighborhoods devastated by bankers. She tells stories from the silenced part of our country, stories from black families that are fighting against the American Dream gone wrong—families fighting foreclosure, fighting eviction, fighting bankers who want to physically take away their home.

    Laura reminds us that not a single Wall Street banker has been arrested for the countless acts of fraud and foreclosure abuse that have contributed to the more than ten million people being evicted from their foreclosed homes since 2007, with millions more foreclosures currently pending. That ten million people have been thrown out of their homes—the equivalent of the entire population of Michigan—with almost no coverage of their stories or perspectives is itself a testament to corporate influence over public policy and national debate. A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home puts a human face on this vast underreported crisis. And it portrays the raw verve, non-commercial commitment and civic power marshaled when neighborhoods come together to defend a neighbor’s home from foreclosure and repossession by banks.

    In A Dream Foreclosed Ms. Gottesdiener profiles four neighborhoods that not only challenge the big banks that threaten their neighbors with foreclosure and eviction—they actually win. Her main subjects, Bertha Garrett in Detroit, Martha Biggs in Chicago, Griggs Wimbley in North Carolina, and Michael Hutchins in Tennessee, are all preyed upon by bankers and initially seem to embody the American Dream gone wrong; but by challenging the system they come to represent the far-reaching possibilities that emerge when everyday people organize together in social movements. Further, Gottesdiener weaves their stories into a larger narrative about African Americans’ history of displacement and search for home, from enslavement and sharecropping to redlining and today’s mass foreclosures. New York Times bestselling author Naomi Klein calls A Dream Foreclosed, “A riveting book.” Ralph Nader calls Ms. Gottesdiener "a genius."

    Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home
    By Laura Gottesdiener
    Foreword by Clarence Lusane, author of The Black History of the White House
    ISBN: 978-1-884519-21-5
    Trade Paperback | $14.95 | 208 pages
    Pub Date: mid-August 2013
    Distributed to the trade by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution
    Zuccotti Park Press | | (718) 614-6042


    King of Rags

    New Book Reveals Music Legend’s Scott Joplin’s Fight Against Racial Discrimination Over 100 Years Ago

    - When music publisher John Stark first heard Scott Joplin play his piano, he knew that ragtime was the music of hope for a new America -

    King of Rags

    But Joplin would never be content with popularity and fame. Joplin committed himself to racial justice in the early 1900’s. He was inspired by Booker T. Washington and the Dahomeyan defeat in West Africa. But due to this earnest pursuit, he was ignored by the masses for writing the music of Civil Rights fifty years before America was ready to listen.

    King of Rags, by Professor Eric Bronson, is a historical fiction account of the quest for racial equality at the turn of the 20th Century. Dr. Bronson takes a fresh and invigorating look at the tragic life of Scott Joplin and his fellow ragtime musicians as they frantically transformed the seedy and segregated underbelly of comedians, conmen and prostitutes who called America’s most vibrant cities home. His story brings to light numerous interesting and little known historical discoveries about life in America.

    King of Rags
    Eric Bronson
    212 pages perfect bound
    Trade paperback and Kindle
    Historical Fiction
    ISBN-13: 978-0-9888290-0-8
    Library of Congress Control Number: 2013932896
    Neverland Publishing, Miami, FL Publication date: May 2013

    For more information visit


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