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Many people use online dating as another option to “look” for love. However, the real question is why are you looking? To be fair, I do understand why people look. However, my question is more personal. Why are YOU looking for love? Only you can answer this for yourself. Until you face living with yourself, by yourself, your search will continue.

Not to say that you won’t find something, but aren’t you looking for more? One would think that the first thing you figure out before heading out on a journey is where you are going. Next, you determine how you are going to get there. Even if you are going around the corner, there is more than one way in which you can go. So, are you looking for a snack, a meal, gourmet or fast food? All will do if you are hungry, but are you hungry or starving for affection? If you are starving, anything will do. If you are only hungry, you can be much more selective in your choices.

Why Are You Looking For Love?
Learning to live with and by yourself does not have to be lonely. In fact, if you truly love and respect yourself, the times when you actually FEEL lonely will be few and far between.

Even within a relationship, personally speaking, I require time for myself, to be by myself. My requirements within a relationship are that my mate accept and respect the inner need that I have for solitude. This time is used to ground me, sooth my spirit and gain clarity on what is going on in my world. Only I can make that determination. Now, that is not to say that my mate does not have a say or that I do not respect their input. However, my input into making decisions regarding my life must be my decision.

This holds true until “me and you” legally become we. So, if you are the decision maker in your own life, why are you starving for anything? I am sure you have great friends both male and female. If you are a well developed adult, living by yourself should not be frightening, lonely or boring. How can you be bored with YOU? You are all you have, no matter how much you love someone or someone loves you. You are all you have. Treat yourself with love, generosity, humor and forgiveness. By doing those things, you may find that while you are hungry, you are not starving! You can choose to be quite discriminating, in your selection of someone to keep your company!

Good luck, keep looking both inside and outside of yourself. True seekers always find what they are looking for. Keep seeking!

Michelle D. Smith

Michelle D. Smith is a visionary who seeks to share her knowledge with others. Showing how to use both spiritual and social skills in being a better you is her goal. Acknowledging the fact that most are searching for both truth and companionship, she seeks to bridge those "needs" with honesty, humor and creativity. Join me on this quest for the "new". A new way of thinking, growing, loving and sharing.

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