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“A man who is serious about his finances and financial future will be just as serious about a romantic relationship”
~Greg Coleman

Relationships and finances expose both character flaws and strengths.

Greg is an old friend of mine. Older than I, we met when I was a mere 16 years young – in 1973. He worked at the same store where I had my little part time job.

We have remained friends, sometimes losing touch for years at a time. Yet, whenever we get together, we can literally talk about any subject under the sun for hours.

This was the setting for this remark that actually stopped the entire conversation as I asked him to repeat himself. We were discussing my young man, whether I should give him the boot or give him a chance and some of the goings on in this budding relationship.

Being older has many disadvantages, one of which is the ability to be jaded. The flip side is one can also reflect on the more things change the more they stay the same.

This relationship is a mirror image of a relationship I threw away over a decade ago. Same kind of driven, passionate, hardworking man. Same lack of time for all the niceties of a relationship, but in the long run, plenty of resources to build an extremely comfortable future. The similarities were so striking it was one of the first conversations my young man and I had – why he had such a difficult time finding a young lady.

Michelle D. Smith

So, as Greg and I discussed all the things I did not like (still) but have grown within myself enough to now accept, that is when he dropped that bombshell.

He further added that ladies (and gentlemen) should pay attention to two initial things regarding a potential mate.

How he treats his mother.
How he treats his money.
Truly consider how a man regards his relationships and finances!

Does he get along with dear old mom? My almost forgotten fiancé hated his mother. That is right. HE hated his MOTHER. This level of hate has to trickle down to each and every woman he knows. How could it not? There is another subset of this type of man. This man loves his mother (or so he says) but he really hates women. That is for another article because that man deserves his own press time.

Attention must be paid to HOW he treats his MONEY! Does he HAVE any money? Not the throwing Benjamins around kind of money, but the paying his bill kind of money. Is his phone off every other month, or worse, has he changed his phone number more than once in the last 5 years? While many in my generation are now making choices regarding the health and welfare of their parents, being over 50, living at home and NOT paying rent is absurd, selfish and stingy. What kind of shape is his automobile in? You can tell a lot about a man from the way he keeps his car. I am not talking about blinged out, or spit shined. I am talking about brakes, tires and general upkeep. A car that needs tires and brakes means the person driving the car does not respect their auto or their own safety. How can they respect you?

There are going to be men who have their own business who will not – WILL not have time for all the bells and whistles associated with being in a relationship. However, if given the grace of kindness, open hearted generosity and dignity, that man could be a keeper.

Not every woman or man can deal with the free spirits that work for themselves. Nor should they. The ability to be 100% responsible for your life and lifestyle takes courage, the willingness to walk your own path and the ability to ignore the haters. Cause there will be HATERS. If you are not afraid to walk your own path, then look for a man (or woman) who is working for themselves. That person who is driven, passionate, dedicated and hardworking will put just as much energy into a relationship WHEN THEY ARE READY! Be vigilant and pay attention to how your man (or woman) treats their primary relationships and finances!

Michelle D. Smith

Michelle D. Smith is a visionary who seeks to share her knowledge with others. Showing how to use both spiritual and social skills in being a better you is her goal. Acknowledging the fact that most are searching for both truth and companionship, she seeks to bridge those "needs" with honesty, humor and creativity. Join her on this quest for the "new". Innovative ways of thinking, nurturing, loving and sharing, creates a new YOU!

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