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Being a Baltimore native, Ray Rice has been all the news. To say I was appalled, shocked, dismayed and betrayed is an understatement. Actually seeing him punch his fiancé so hard he knocked her the fuck out was disturbing on so many levels, it was almost impossible to process. I personally did not NEED the video. I already knew how hard she was hit and have seen Ray Rice’s biceps. Enough said.

My original post for this month was for a book titled Dying to Live Again, by Christopher E. Johnson. Dr. Johnson wrote this book to show how the hip hop lyrics actually desensitize us to all forms of abuse against women. After all, many rap artists have no problem calling women who are not their mothers “bitches” and “hoes”. Compare that to the adoration the average NFL and NBA player receives. All of these men are paid extremely well. In the case of rap artists, there are many with only a tiny bit of talent. The rest is pure marketing. While not a rap fan, my major objection has always been the “hoe” and “bitch” titles bestowed randomly on every female.

Michelle D. Smith

This mentality creates the idea that beating a woman’s ass is acceptable. Just think. Hip hop has been around for about 30 years. Hard core rap about 20-25 years. Bear with me, I am linking the two. Ray Rice is 27 years old. While I don’t KNOW his musical taste, I would wager that hard core rap is a part of what he has listened to for years. Without a counter balance, say a mom who only listened to gospel, or (like me) a mom who only listed to jazz and some R & B, some of that hatred toward women had to trickle in.

This is by no means a defense of Mr. Rice. His actions were deplorable. However, he is not the first, the worst, nor will he be the last NFL player to face domestic abuse issues. Not in this world where women are not respected, revered or appreciated for anything other than their booty. Pay attention to the music your child listens to. After the age of about 10, you will no longer have any control. And that is one of the problems we currently must deal with. As if we needed MORE on our plate. If you would like to check out Dr. Johnson’s book, you can find it on Amazon. My review is there. I feel Ray and Janay Rice can recover from this and be wiser, stronger and more influential because of it. They have my prayers and the support of many here in Baltimore.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have an amazing October.

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Dying to Live Again by: Christopher E. Johnson

Michelle D. Smith

Michelle D. Smith is a visionary who seeks to share her knowledge with others. Showing how to use both spiritual and social skills in being a better you is her goal. Acknowledging the fact that most are searching for both truth and companionship, she seeks to bridge those "needs" with honesty, humor and creativity. Join her on this quest for the "new". Innovative ways of thinking, nurturing, loving and sharing, creates a new YOU!

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