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This entire situation has been tragic, and this is not the first tragedy perpetrated by the Baltimore City Police Department. So many people, mostly Republicans refuse to acknowledge that the police are not everyone’s friend. We have no Officer Friendly – our officers are Officer Deadly.

At any point in time, each encounter with the BPD can and has turned deadly. I am sick of hearing about fucking good cops. A GOOD COP would turn in the bad ones. Get rid of the bad cops and help heal the nation.

Michelle D. Smith

Baltimore needs to reform the BPD and they can start by insisting if the City pays you, then you must live in the city. At the very least, live in the state. Many BPD officers live in PA. A conservative estimate would be 35%-45%. This creates a lack of attachment of even human caring for the people they are controlling, brutalizing and arresting often without due cause.

To hear the FOP screaming like the little bitches they are, you would think the police were blindsided by the arrests. How could they be when Marilyn “kick ass” Mosby ran an entire campaign to address the very specific topic of Police Brutality. They got their notice last November when she beat the sorry ass, State’s Attorney we had. A State’s Attorney who turned his back on Baltimore, then expected those same people to elect him again. He was fooled and fooled well.

Marilyn Mosby proved that voting and elections matter. I can only imagine the city would still be in flames had Bernstein been the SA. Because that loser would never have charged a single officer. He had several opportunities when the medical examiner ruled deaths in police custody as homicides, he chose to ignore the facts and listen to the police. He lost his job because of his misguided and blind faith in the blue uniform.

Without redressing all that has occurred, I can say that the Western district is composed of many, sociopathic, ego driven cops who relentlessly try to beat the citizens of that district into the ground. Can you imagine sitting on your own steps, minding your own business, in broad daylight and being commanded into your home. When asked “Why” the answer is “Because I said so.” That my friends, sums up how the police treat citizens in that district.

I have cried more in the past 2 weeks than I have in years. I am so sick of our young, black men being gunned down and brutalized by the same officers who are supposed to serve and protect. In Baltimore, it is brutalize and terrorize. When Marilyn Mosby announced both the definitive cause of death as homicide and she would be indicting all 6 officers, I bawled like a baby. Finally, Someone got it Right!! It took a black woman to require that those who have broken the law be held accountable, to the fullest of her ability. While many still doubt a conviction, I know a warrior when I see one. Mrs. Mosby is a warrior – complete with the sword of justice and the shield of righteous.

Just a few more things about listening to MSM, better known as the main stream media. ALWAYS go to the source and get your information from local sources. THEY know what is going and the best reporters both investigate and report.

We have such reporters here, and Channel 11 made news when they allowed the Bloods, Crips and Black Guerillas to speak on camera about the ”credible threat”. They did not have anything to do with it. That bullshit came directly from the Baltimore City Police department, in conjunction with the FOP and the governor’s office. Why the governor? How many psychic Republicans do you know? Governor Hogan stated that he had his Emergency Team already in place on April 18, 2015 – the day BEFORE Freddie Gray passed away.

So, how did he KNOW there would be a riot, when the protestors had marched for six days in peace? The incidents that occurred downtown were sparked (according to several protestors) by baseball fans from Boston who threw beers and the n-word at the protesters as they marched by. The police then protected those racist bastards from Boston, against the peaceful protestors. The actual riot was instigated entirely by the Baltimore Police Department. Not a conspiracy, just looking at the facts.

Fact 1
The police allowed the high school across the street from Mondawmin to dismiss the students and then shut down the bus/subway hub many use to get home. All buses were blocked from entering the loop and the subway station was closed. This left many students without a way home and no way for their parents to pick them up. All the roads in were also blocked off. This could all have been averted had they notified the MTA, and allowed the students to board buses directly from school. As you saw, that did not happen.

Fact 2
After the students started throwing bricks at them; they forced them down to Pennsylvania and North – one of the highest crime intersections in the city. I wonder why? Because after they hit Penn/North, the REAL criminals got in the game and the riot was on.

Never one to let a crisis go to waste, the Governor (the great white hope) responded immediately. Of course he did. He had been waiting patiently for a riot since April 19, 2015. On April 27, 2015, he got to take over the city, enforce a state of emergency, complete the embarrassment of the mayor and show the folks who elected him what it takes to get Baltimore “under control.”

We are now waiting to see what will happen. Trust the FOP will demand a change of venue. That change should come only if the officers involved resign. After all, the citizens of Baltimore pay their salaries and they should be accountable to the citizens in the city they “swore to protect and serve.” We will see. I am sure Marilyn Mosby knows this; she has been one step ahead of them since this bull started.

I am sending God’s light, love and protection to cover her while this process plays out. Sorry this is so long, but it was and is a lot to share. Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate your time.

Peace, out! Michelle

Michelle D. Smith

Michelle D. Smith is a visionary and spiritual warrior seeking to share awareness with many. She uses words as her sword and the love and grace of God as her shield. She has a spiritual blog in which to enlighten and uplift. She is a soon to be published author and a monthly relationship column on Black The different niches for each allow her to reach a variety of people to amuse, entertain and inspire.

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