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I will be the first to admit I saw this story several months ago. It both angered and confused me. But what the hell. It is not my life, not my choice, so instead of venting about it like I am about to do, I let the bullshit go. Until today. I saw that this female (because woman is giving her way too much credit) had done the shit again. Really? So, while I have attached the link to the story, my venting starts right here.
Michelle D. Smith

I would LOVE to have several million dollars. Like many of you, I have thought of all the ways it would benefit my ENTIRE family, especially the children. I have strived to teach my children that money brings responsibility. Having too much or too little increases how much attention must be paid to how that money is spent, shared or given away (as in Charity, Church, etc.).

That said, in none of my scenarios would I imagine bailing a nigger out of jail. Yes, I used the N word because for some people, the only other word that fits is “motherfucker” and that is just a tad harsh, especially when we are talking amongst ourselves.

After bail, comes legal fees. Then you have to ensure that he shows up to court. Seems an awful lot for one female to handle since she doesn’t grasp that having a man is not the only goal in life. Especially when you have just hit the actual cash jackpot.

A person can get over love. In fact, love should make you stronger, not stupider. If in truth, your relationship is bringing you down, you need to reevaluate the situation.

Diamonds are found in the ground, uncut and cloudy and many people would overlook them. When seeking a diamond in a broken man, you first must have the skills to peel away all that is hiding the beautiful gem inside. Not everyone can cut a diamond and most of us cannot make a gem from an uncut stone. Yet, this ambitious new millionaire has made it her lot in life to look after a career criminal.

A career criminal is one who has been arrested several times. We first heard about his incarceration because Marie Holmes won the lottery. The first thing she did after cashing the check was bail his ass out of jail - $10 million dollars in bail. The FIRST THING.

She has children, at least one of them is special needs. I wonder if she has had the time between bail runs to set up accounts to ensure they will be taken care of. I will wager a guess that this has not even crossed her mind. She was on welfare and she certainly does have a welfare mentality. How many people who actually work for a living would spend over 10 Million $$$$ bailing anyone out of jail?

Since this is supposed to be about relationships, let me get to the point. Ladies, a man who is beneath you will always be beneath you. It could be intellect, income or morality or a combination of those traits. Criminals seldom change, they do become more cunning about how they run their game. There are many criminals who have reformed and work diligently to change their lives. You know how you can tell who they are? They DO NOT go back to jail!

This “man” supposedly was a drug dealer, but she was on welfare. Since they did not appear to be living the fab life AND he got caught, he wasn’t a very good drug dealer either. However, he must be good somewhere because she has spent over 10 million to keep him by her side.

How sad, for her and for her children. She emulates the women for whom life without a man is not worth living. Even if you just won $188, 000,000.

Thanks for letting me get that out of my system.

Madame Noir – Powerball winner
By: Victoria Uwumarogie

Michelle D. Smith

Michelle D. Smith is a visionary and spiritual warrior seeking to share awareness with many. She uses words as her sword and the love and grace of God as her shield. She has a spiritual blog in which to enlighten and uplift. She is a soon to be published author and a monthly relationship column on Black The different niches for each allow her to reach a variety of people to amuse, entertain and inspire.

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