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I felt compelled to share this again. While I tend to be pretty hard headed, I heard the message several times this week, so this is the message for January 2017. Here is the little I know about clearing and cleaning your environment. It must be a personal undertaking. That means you should not allocate this job to someone else. Why? Because the clutter or “junk” is yours. It is personal. Allowing or designating someone else to clean up your mess means that eventually, you will be right back where you started. I wrote this in 2014 and DID this in 2013. My house is still clutter free. Yes, it gets a little messy, but that is superficial. I am as shocked as you are!

2017 is a ONE year. One’s represent new beginnings, leadership and letting your light shine. You are a rock star – own your power and use it to help those less fortunate. I know I have harped on this topic, but in order to grow, you must acknowledge your strengths and your weaknesses. Helping others will clarify your life in ways you cannot imagine. Don’t just sign up for anything. What are you passionate about? Music, literature, painting? Maybe you are handy around the house or can whip a checkbook into shape in record time. Perhaps you love golf or tennis. All of these passions have non-profits who would love your assistance. Be a leader, be bold and do more! And take the time to personally clean your space. You will not regret the effort!

Michelle D. Smith

Here is what I offered in 2014:
Chaos comes from disorderly thinking or a lack of appropriate planning. Clutter fills your life with meaningless “things” sucking up space and energy. Prior to the New Year, have a plan to de-clutter your life. Clear out your living space before you make your annual resolutions. It is likely by clearing out your home, you may not need those resolutions at all. You will know exactly what your year will look like. To be effective, there needs to be a real commitment to how the clutter will be removed and how long this will take. As an approximation, I would suggest a maximum of 1 week per room.

Eradicating clutter, trash and what is no longer useful is a purposeful activity. Engage all of your senses and unplug from your phone and internet. Now I am not saying don’t answer your phone, what I am advising is be mindful of using distractions to avoid doing the task at hand.

Clearing and cleaning your home works on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes. It is not just cleaning; it is purification, a way to start fresh. Reflect on this as time with yourself and your “stuff.” As you clean, become aware of not only what you have, but why you have it. There are a few significant aspects to this process. First, there is no wrong or right way to clear/clean your space. Permit yourself the freedom to find out what works for you on every level. How long the process takes is flexible as long as you commit to completing the process. Pledge to clear every room. My prediction is after you completely clear and clean your first room it will feel so amazing, you will want to keep moving!

Be mindful in your clearing. You are not just discarding belongings; you are releasing what no longer serves your life now. The fact that something has served you well is indeed to be cherished and appreciated. Not everything will be discarded or donated. There are numerous items, particularly clothes, hand bags and household items you may be able to sell. Even a few dollars in exchange for an item that has completed its function and is now moving on to serve another is a windfall.

Listen to your own judgment and intuition. Be aware of what draws your attention, and how that item makes you feel. I certainly kept things that fell outside the three year window. Use your own judgment. The only hard and fast rules are does this item bring you joy and do you feel gorgeous every time you wear it or see it? If your answer is yes, yes and YES, then please keep that item! Work on one room at a time, when that room is done, celebrate the victory, light some incense and revel in the new flow of energy. Great job!

So for a short overview of how I altered the energy in my home, I started in the basement. The basement has been associated with what is hidden in our lives. Even when we have a magnificent basement, there usually is at least one room that is filled with discarded stuff. Be particularly careful to clear and clean the corners of each room. Cluttered corners restrict the flow of energy, and freeing the energy in your residence is one of the side effects of truly clearing your space.

My basement still had junk from the prior owners. They actually built the basement bedroom and bathroom around things that could not be taken out without breaking the items apart. Luckily, I had someone willing to bash everything to pieces and we took out garbage that had been in my home for 15 years. The sensation in the basement was amazing, like the entire house exhaled. As I moved to the first floor, I started in my dining room/office. There was so much paper that needed shredding, old receipts, business cards, product from ventures I never sold, all had to go. Again, I paid very close attention to the corners and threw away several bags of trash and recycled two bags of shredded paper.

My bedroom was more personal, with many more decisions. I cleared every space in my room. This included bookcases and dressers. All were cleared, dusted and waxed. Seeing my new space gave me immense joy. I have a full length mirror on the back of my closet door that has never seen the light of day. I cleared and cleaned that corner and closed my closet door. A Mirror! What! Now my bedroom feels spacious and loving.

Have fun with this time. I play music, drink some wine and usually pull everything out that needs going through. This can be the cabinets in the kitchen or the drawers in your bedroom. When everything is out in the open, you have no alternative other than getting to work! As you move through your home, you will feel the flow of energy increase. Pay attention and work accordingly. The benefits of this process are quite astonishing and long lasting. My sister who has been to my house several times reacted as if I had gone out and purchased new furniture. She told me the house looked terrific, but in reality, the house was the same.

The energy of the house had changed. There is one final twist in my delicious journey of cleaning, clearing and self discovery. Upon concluding the attic, I wished to celebrate by smudging. The sage and incense were downstairs, so I ran down to get them. Returning to the attic to ignite the sage, I glimpsed a sparkling dolphin, sitting in a spot that was empty just minutes ago. Where in the world did a dolphin come from? Come on, angels, surely you can do better than this. I need some CASH, so how about some Benjamins? The dolphin was a message that I still had work to do, in my case, writing a memoir. Your message will be different, but should be just as personal and unmistakable. Be open to receiving your personal message and then act on the guidance you receive.

May 2017 bless you in more ways than imaginable! Starting a New Year within a clear and loving space, opens the door to attract more of the same into your life. Happy New Year!
The End

Michelle D. Smith

Michelle D. Smith is a visionary and spiritual warrior seeking to share awareness with many. She uses words as her sword and the love and grace of God as her shield. She has a spiritual blog in which to enlighten and uplift. She is a soon to be published author and a monthly relationship column on Black The different niches for each allow her to reach a variety of people to amuse, entertain and inspire.

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