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“Sometimes a man’s purpose in a woman’s life is to help her become a better woman…for another man.” Taylor Coleman

My ex is calling me again. You know the one. The doctor that thought my hair was not appropriate for his “image”. Yes, that motherfucker.

I have grown in leaps and bounds emotionally and spiritually since we were together. Dare I say, I am now a grown ass woman in every way.

The creeping began a few months ago. He contacted me via FB to ask if I could call. So, like a fool, I did. Don’t get me wrong, he is great to talk to. But that is about all. At least for me.

First, he asked me out for drinks, but as usual, “something came up” and he wasn’t able to make it. Same old, same old. Just an excuse for not spending money. I was waiting for this opportunity to tell him exactly what I thought of the shabby way he treated me. He beat me to it by apologizing (not over drinks mind you, over the phone) for his behavior.

Michelle D. Smith

I will admit, I was taken aback. This was not what I expected. So, I rose to the occasion and pointed out every transgression. No need to pull my punches, I had nothing to lose.

When I was finished, he agreed that he was an asshole (my word, not his) BUT he still loved me and wanted me back. What the living fuck? WHY? That was my first question, one he has yet to answer.

However, he is still calling asking me to come over, watch a movie, he’ll cook dinner, yadda, yadda, yadda. The other thing I am beginning to resent is why he won’t text me. I introduced him to texting when we hooked up. I advised it is a “discreet way” to communicate, allowing the person you are contacting to get back to you On Their Time. Yet, he fucking calls me.

I am done. Tired. So, as my April 1st commitment to myself and my future beloved, he will get the truth the next time he calls. NO. I do not want nor have any intention of spending time with him at his home. Should he want to meet me out for a drink or dinner, sure, I will do that. BUT only that.

I have no interest in keeping his company. FOR WHAT? Nothing is happening here. As in, there ain't no happenings here. Not today, tomorrow or ever.

Do you think that will do the trick? Wish me luck. Or read about me in the paper. I hope it doesn’t go that far, but I feel I am being stalked. This is not a feeling I like, not at all…

Enjoy your April. Get out and meet NEW people. That is certainly on my agenda for this month of New Beginnings. Have fun! Thanks for reading!

Michelle D. Smith Bio

Michelle D. Smith is a visionary and spiritual warrior seeking to share awareness with many. She has a spiritual blog and a monthly relationship column on Black She is a 2015 alumnae of Listen To Your Mother Baltimore. Her work has been published in the anthology Mom For The Holidays. Under her company, Angels Here To Help, she published her first channeled work, My Life As A Mermaid as well as an angel calendar for 2017.

Relationships are the fabric of life. Using different niches allow her to reach a variety of people to amuse, entertain and inspire.

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