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“he who will not economize will have to agonize”
~ Confucius

“Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.”
~ Norman Vincent Peale

I overheard two young sisters in the neighborhood store. One was chastising the other about being cheap. I eventually spoke up and told the younger girl that she was being thrifty.

“What’s that?” she asked. “Thrifty is where you count your money, how it is spent, on what and why.”

“Thrifty” she said “I like that” “See, you learned a new word, a better word than cheap.” They both laughed and went on their way. As you know, I have real issues with cheap people. Men and women. I make it a point to never eat out with a person who has to use a calculator to calculate a restaurant tab.

After all, if you cannot afford to eat out, don’t. Don’t make me sit and wait while you figure things out to the penny. My grandma used to say penny wise, pound foolish (because she was Bermudian and a long time ago, they used the British pound and sterling system). You get the drift. I love people with a generous heart. Since this is about relationships, let’s get specific about men.

Michelle D. Smith

When a person has a generous heart, they don’t look for acknowledgement, keep track or require payback. A generous man will pick up the slack, without asking, or begging. Never beg for anything from anyone. There is one source in life, that is God the almighty. Rest assured that your needs are always met in relation to your faith in God’s assurance.

That faith could bring you the man of your dreams, but not if you have to nag him to get your bills paid. Men, real men don’t need to be told what you need. They pay their own bills, and keep track of their own money (thrifty). When they see a need, they will either address it directly by paying the bill or ask if you need help.

When asked, be truthful. Don’t try to make bank on someone else’s wallet. Be respectful of their money and time because neither are yours unless you are married. And for me, that has its limitations as well.

Generosity applies to other things as well, especially time. For some women, they would rather have the $$$$ but a man who shares his time is as important. When a man is willing to spend time with you and your family, that is golden. For real, would you put up with your family if you were not related?

As we enter the last month of summer, what have you put in place to ensure you get what you need, from relationships, your career or your life in general? September is a great month to wind down from the summer and get back into the work groove, without giving up the joy and laughter summer offers.

While this summer did not grant me the relationship I hoped for, my social circle is quite a bit larger than it was just six months ago. More people means more opportunities to meet just the man I am looking for.

Enjoy this month and look for those people who offer you a generous heart. Those are the people who deserve space in your life.

Peace and love.

Michelle D. Smith Bio

Michelle D. Smith is a visionary and spiritual warrior seeking to share awareness with many. She has a spiritual blog and a monthly relationship column on Black She is a 2015 alumnae of Listen To Your Mother Baltimore. Her work has been published in the anthology Mom For The Holidays. Under her company, Angels Here To Help, she published her first channeled work, My Life As A Mermaid as well as an angel calendar for 2017.

Relationships are the fabric of life. Using different niches allow her to reach a variety of people to amuse, entertain and inspire.

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