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  1. Aloha Limousines & Yacht Charters...
    Aloha is a minority owned business (African-American female). Our mission is to provide our clients with total customer satisfaction, providing quality services to the vacationer, working man, and the average family, allowing them a chance to experience luxury, at an affordable price.

  2. Black Speakers and Experts...
    The National Directory of African American Speakers, Experts, and Professionals.

  3. E-Jams Banner Plus Network...
    EBPN is a free advertising service, created to help promote and create awareness of the many African-American web sites on the Internet.

  4. Flatware Masters ...
    Offering the best lines of Flatware from the major Flatware Manufacturers. We carry Stainless Steel, Silverplated and Sterling Silver Flatware.

  5. Government Grants...
    Your step by step guide to get government grants.

  6. Hair Today...
    We are an organization of Licensed Professional Cosmetologists In New York State about 66 years old dedicated to unifying professionals and working to promoting and improving our Profession.

  7. is the lowest cost full color printer in the nation, offering full color printing, graphic design and direct mail services.

  8. How to Become A Booking Agent...
    Learn how to become a Booking Agent and start a profitable booking agency.

  9. Leumas Security Services Inc. ...
    With over 17 years experience we are the #1 choice for Executive Security Guard Service in Hampton Roads and are expanding along the east coast.

  10. Mom's Bail Bonds To The Starz! ...
    Moms Bail Bonds To The Starz is a family oriented bail bonds agency located in Gardena Ca.

  11. Precision Garage Door San Diego...
    Precision Garage Doors has been providing expert garage door repair in the San Diego & Riverside CA area since 2001.

  12. Urban Musical Tours, LLC ...
    UMT has identified this as a major niche market and has positioned itself to bring a holistic and superior approach to edutainment, good and services, ranging from Broadway quality musical stage productions, consumer products, exhibits, lectures and conferences to these targeted markets.

 miscellaneous info

Wanted to share an op-ed penned by author Rob Sobhani, re: how our nation's immigration policies are strangling job opportunities in the black community; Rob offers a solid plan to boost employment ( Here are some key points -

  • Today, black unemployment is 15.5 percent - nearly seven points higher than the national average. For blacks ages 16-24, that figure jumps to 23.3 percent.

  • There are those who believe that high rates of unemployment in the black community are the fault of blacks - and that immigrants are only taking the jobs that blacks don't want. The overwhelming data and common sense suggest that this is not true. After all, those same jobs (janitorial, construction, hotel, restaurant, etc.) were also around in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, when America was the world's strongest power. Black Americans are not refusing to work. They need a level playing field.

  • America's failed immigration system is the flip side of a failed foreign policy. We can address black unemployment by fixing immigration through a new narrative.

  • There is no doubt that the Mexican government has exported its crisis to the United States by failing to provide a decent standard of living for its citizens, driving them north in search of a better future. Meanwhile, our already broken economic system needs to produce more jobs, protect more of the vulnerable and build more schools, roads and bridges to accommodate the surge.

  • The solution requires a multipronged approach. First, Congress must institute a five-year moratorium on immigration into the U.S. (except for refugees - about 60,000 people per year). During this period, a few initiatives must take place to make it attractive for immigrants, be they legal or illegal, to voluntarily return to their home countries:

  • A country-specific micro-loan program should be established for those who need startup capital to open a business back in their home country.

  • Then the U.S. must decouple its trade from China and use public and private partnerships to establish manufacturing outlets south of our border. A case in point: Last year the U.S. imported $8 billion worth of toys from China. Imagine if this money were redirected to countries like Mexico, El Salvador or Peru.

  • Furthermore, the DREAM Act must be ratified at the federal level but with a caveat: Once an illegal student obtains his or her degree from a university, armed with that degree they must return to their home country and help rebuild it.

Rob has been quoted in the Washington Post, CNN, The Huffington Post and more.

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