yearly black history
blast from the past
black comedians from the past intergration from the past black dancers from the past black working women from the past black movies from the past black education from the past black families from the past black health from the past black employment from the past
the beginning of black history black rappers from the past who have died famous deaths from the past life choices communism from the past radio in the 40s ame church blacs acting cool tennis shoes from the past
boxing from the past science from the past black girls in hot pants   from the past black hair care from the past black boys shooting marbles in  the past hip hop from the past kkk from the past amazing network of blacks blacks and morality from the past
africa from the past young love from the past blast from the past best awards from the past blacks in baseball
true americans the  black family old school music from the past african americans and their beginning
blacks and the beach from the past black womens liberation from the past white flight from the past drug use from the past black people bad from the past black people bad from the past civil war from the past black teachers from the past black love from the past
good manners martin luther king jr. from the past ida b. wells black slang from the past black basketball from the past black lynchings from the past the race for success blacks and religion from the past black standards in usa
prostiture from the past great radicals from the past black jockeys black fraternities from the past blacktennis greats from the past black resorts from the past jim crow laws black soldiers from the past black gangsters
flag colors Colored World Series blacks and football 1877 Compromise black panthers from the past worst president from the past abe lincoln black fashions from the past flag colors
  flag colors eleanor roosevelt naacp juke joint blacks and good manners acting white flag colors  
    flag colors black sororities from the past black sexy women black vaudeville from the past flag colors    
black kids flag colors race for success flag colors black kids
flag colors president obama flag colors
    flag colors early black politicians from the past reconstruction black high schools from the past flag colors    
  flag colors blacks in the military great white hunter america white hate on blacks soul food flag colors  
flag colors Thomas Mundy Peterson soul music great depression president ratings from the past black directory black jazz music black fashions from the past flag colors
soul train from the past congressional black congress from the past black first billboard hits black judges african kings from the past alcohol from the past william whipple obesity
loved white people miscegenation from the past famous birthdays Noah son Japheth black fashions the 1950s Jheri curl hurrican katrina lost soul black midwife in usa
inspiration famous quotes from the past A. Philip Randolph black banks riots from the past islam baptist church all about africa cogic church
blast from the past

blast from the past    
blast from the past
adam and eve

The Beginning
If Adam and Eve were not black, how did African Americans and other races happen upon the world scene? (click here)

good manners

Good Manners
It's true whether you want to admit it or not but many blacks are short tempered, unpredictable, impatient and just plain rude. This holds them back from success in a civilized world. (click here)

adam and eve

There are many white American brothers and sisters who understand what true America stands for and have stood by our side since the beginning. (click here)

black family

Black Family
To all intents and purposes the black family shouldn't even exist after all the hate directed towards it over the years. During slavery black families were often torn apart by being sold to another master. But the family still stands today. Now you can understand why this site is named (click here)

All About America

All About America
A quick tour of true American history in regards to it's most unwelcome citizens, yes you guessed it right, African Americans. (click here)

adam and eve

About Africa
This page is not for the weak of heart. You'll learn how blacks from around the world were slaughtered and dominated for monetary gain by whites of many different nations. Their devastation is still evident today. These victims haven't forgotten even though their perpetrators may have. (click here)

Race For Success

Race For Success
Throughout our journey in America, amazing blacks have boldly cleared many hurdles in our race for success except for one, and that hurdle is named self pity that many of us still wallow in. (click here)

Hamite Winners

Hamite Winners
Each year Blacks who have unselfishly helped our own are chosen as Hamite winners. If their accomplishments in aiding our race don't choke you up and make you feel proud I really feel very sorry for you. (click here)

Black Obesity

Black Obesity
Many blacks are finally coming around in getting control over their eating habits. We need you around for a long time to come so put down away that bucket of chicken wings. (click here)


Did you know thousands of blacks fought for American independence in the Revolutionary war hoping for citizenship? It's true. (click here)

The American Dream

The American Dream
Is the American Dream still alive and kicking for African Americans? (click here)

Negative stats

Negative Statistics
Why are blacks constantly on the negative side of statistics in America? The answer is a simple one. (click here)

american justice

American Truth
Even though early whites and blacks entered this country under different circumstances, we shared some things in common. (click here)

i have a dream part 2

No Luv 4 Our Own
Are blacks a lost cause when it comes to helping our own as a united group? It wasn't always this way. (click here)



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