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Astrology and Numerology Z. Starman's interview
Sagittarius Zodiac Makeup Tutorial

    (BPRW) Jersey Author Pens Paranormal Novel "When the Night Whispers" By Savanna Welles

    (BLACK PR WIRE) – Montclair, NJ – Renowned New Jersey mystery writer and children’s book author, Valerie Wilson Wesley, writing under the pen name Savanna Welles, has unleashed her latest offering, When the Night Whispers (St. Martin’s Press: Feb. 5, 2013), – a stunner she calls a “paranormal love story.” "I love to write mysteries but found this genre an enjoyable challenge as well,” Ms. Wesley states regarding her venture into the paranormal. “In this one, I had to make the unbelievable appear believable--and that was no small thing."

    Savanna Welles
    The Story:
    Jocelyn Markham's life has come undone. Her mother's recent death filled her with grief, and even her daughter Mikela senses her vulnerability. She's also flat broke.To save money, she moves back to the Markham family home. Shortly after arriving, she discovers a journal written in the 1920's by her great-grandmother Caprice--a "doomed, foolish" woman despised by both her mother and grandmother. Jocelyn has been told that she possesses Caprice's spirit and looks, "not a good thing," her grandmother always warned.

    Thus I, a wanton woman, will suffer till the end of days and he has been worth it, Caprice had written.

    Those words, along with her vivid descriptions of the Harlem Renaissance and of the stranger who seduced her, leave Jocelyn spellbound. Yet she puts the journal aside when she meets Asa, her handsome neighbor. From her first secretive glimpse, Jocelyn is fascinated by him and quickly drawn into his world. Despite warnings from her friend Luna, she falls deeply in love. But the closer they become, the more power he gains until she willingly gives him whatever he demands. Until Jocelyn realizes his demands carry a terrible and devastating price.

    The Author:
    VALERIE WILSON WESLEY (writing as Savanna Welles) brings forth a riveting love story in When the Night Whispers – her first venture into the paranormal. Ms. Wesley is the author of eight Tamara Hayle mysteries and author of three novels: Playing My Mother’s Blues, Always True to You in My Fashion and Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do. Wesley, a former executive editor at Essence magazine, lives in New Jersey.

    For book signings, talks or interviews, please contact:
    Celeste Bateman | (973) 705-8253 | |

    Contact Information
    Celeste Bateman
    (973) 705-8253


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  1. African-Americans and Predictive Dreams ...
    A regional conference with the Association for the Study of Dreams and the Sancta Sophia Seminary in Sparrow Hawk Village, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

  2. African-Americans for Humanism ...
    African-Americans for Humanism introduces and encourages the development of humanism throughout communities in the US and in Africa.

  3. Astrology For Clothes ...
    Free online Astrology & Astrology for Clothes & Fashion to meet all your apparel garments and dressing code.

  4. Black People - How Important Is Astrology In Your Choice Of Mates? ...
    Black People - African American Online Community - Discussion - Poetry - Online Classes - Voice Chat.

  5. Black Sun Signs ...
    An African-American guide to the zodiac. Black Love Signs: An Astrological Guide to Passion, Romance, and Relationships for African Americans.

  6. Botanica Elegua ...
    One of the largest and oldest Botanicas in Houston. Is now opening its doors to the public on the net.

  7. Channeling Book List ...
    A catalog listing of mediumship titles. Visit Our Extensive Compendium of Channeled books and Book Titles about Channelers and the channeling process neatly listed in useful categories for the mediumship and spiritualist book afficionado, fan, buff, devotee.

  8. CICAP ...
    The Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims on the Paranormal.

  9. Contents of Gnosis #23 ...
    Virtues of Gnosticism.

  10. Grandma Rosa's Dreamstone Gallery ...
    Grandma Rosa and her products are inspired by the old time village wise lady... The Herbal woman that all our ancestors would go to for help in Health and Spiritual revitalization.

  11. Hoodoo ...
    Hoodoo in Theory and Practice.

  12. Indian Astrology ... Is Your One-stop Source For Authentic Indian & Vedic Astrology Content, Daily Horoscope, Birth-Charts, Match-Making And Gemstones.

  13. Llewellyn Journal ...
    An article written by the author of the book "Conjur Craft" on the history of Hoodoo with suggestions for updating the tradition for contemporary urban life.

  14. Lucky Mojo ...
    Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Catalogue: Occult Shop, Magic Spells, Love Magic Mojo Hands, Amulets, Books, Candles, Information.

  15. Mami Wata ...
    Mami Wata Vodoun Spiritual Services.

  16. Power of Imagination ...
    All You Can Learn about Law of Attraction, Creative Visualization, Meditation, Hypnosis, Psychic Powers, Silva UltraMind, Understanding God.

  17. Readers, Root Workers, and Black Gypsies ...
    Readers, Root Workers, and Black Gypsies; Free Psychic Tarot Frauds and Fraudulent Mediums.

  18. Ritual Voodoo Magic Spells ...
    We are the best african voodoo and magic practitioners in the west africa. We specialised in love,lust,sex,intimacy,romance,marriage and money charms.

  19. Tarot Reading ...
    Telemedium is your Number One Telephone Psychic and Fortune Telling Service in USA.

  20. Voodoo Spiritual Temple ...
    The Voodoo Spiritual Temple is not based on white nor black magic. Our focus is "TRUTH", True Spiritual Power.

  21. Eva Yaa Asantewaa...
    Site contains information regarding my private practice; reviews of metaphysical books, dance concerts, theater and performance art; bibliography; inspirational quotes; links.

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