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Infographic: Summer Vacation 2014 | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista


The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.

No Implied Endorsement: does not endorse or recommend any article on this site or any product, service or information found within said articles. The views and opinions of the authors who have submitted articles to belong to them alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of

    Secrets of Paradise reveals the pathway to sustainable living and growth
    by Bo Rinaldi and Patricio Tamariz

    When Bo Rinaldi, stepped off the airplane in Ecuador and he knew that he had landed in paradise. As he met with Patricio Tamariz and his family in 2011 he realized he was being shown the secrets of the past and the keys to our future and that we needed to share these with everyone. Together they decided to collaborate on a book with the express purpose of creating a living roadmap to help achieve harmony with nature and all the people of the world. They titled it the Secret of Paradise, Mysteries of the Pacific Coast of Ecuador.

    Secrets of Paradise

    Patricio Tamariz and his family own Casa Grande, a beautiful retreat right on the tip of Bahía and one of the original sites for the discovery of the Americas. They also own the spectacular and historically breathtaking Eco-resort known as Chirije, an amazing archaeological site, which holds many ancient secrets. Tamariz held the official post of First Executive Director of Tourism Promotion for Ecuador and now consults and helps develop the coastal properties of the area, using sustainable agriculture and aquaculture, tourism, community and businesses of all kinds.

    In 1998 the El Niño was at its peak and Bahía was hit by a 7.1 Richter scale earthquake. He and his family, with the help of hundreds of friends and dozens of key agencies, set out to rebuild their area. They rose above that devastation together, and created a movement that resulted in the creation of one of the world’s first and most incredible Bioregional cities, Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador.

    Secrets of Paradise

    It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet where the water and the air is 75-85 degrees, beautiful sea breezes and it is the key center of interest for the rewarding insights and contained within the pages of Secrets of Paradise.

    Did the ancient Ecuadorians populate the Pacific?
    Did the early Ecuadorians sail across the Pacific Ocean on ships made of balsa and reach Australia? One of the incredible chapters in Secrets of Paradise contains the first English translations of the accounts of these ancient mariners.

    Kon-Tiki, the new Oscar nominated film accurately dramatizes the 1947 attempt by Thor Heyerdahl to recreate the journey to show that it was possible that the ancient seafarers could travel from Ecuador to Polynesia. Heyerdahl and his five companions sailed their balsa raft for 101 days over 6900 km (4,300 miles) across the Pacific Ocean. The journey ended when they smashed on a reef at Raroia in the Tuamotu Islands on August 7, 1947. The crew successful made it to land and all returned safely.

    23 years later, in 1970, Vital Alsar another European explorer achieved more than what Heyerdahl had done, and in 161 days sailed on similarly constructed balsawood vessel from Guayaquil, Ecuador and in 161 days reached Australia, proving that the ancient maritime cultures of Ecuador had the capacity of traveling long distances in the Pacific.

    Both Thor and Vital based their vessel designs on the Balsawood vessel used that was detailed by the first Spanish conquistadors, who had their first documented encounter with this ship off the Ecuadorian coast in 1526.

    Balsa for his sailing vessel was acquired from a forest in Quevedo, Ecuador and floated them down the Guayas River to Guayaquil. Here they constructed the raft in the port of Callao, Peru using the ancient designs and evidence they had found.

    Secrets of Paradise

    Secrets of Paradise also describes additional evidence of findings provided by modern archaeologists that the cultures of the territories of thousands of years ago, built their balsa ships, and were sailing and trading the sacred Spondylus (Red spiny oyster) shell to the peoples of pre-Columbian Mexico, Peru and as far south to Chile.

    “Who discovered paradise?”
    Another question discussed in detail “Who settled the Pacific Coast of Ecuador”? Did Christopher Columbus discover America in 1492? The authors believe not. They explain why the first humans crossing the Bering Strait Iceland Bridge must have. There are also accounts of Asians crossing the Pacific and landing in Ecuador. In addition, there is the theory of the Chinese circumnavigating the world as early as the 15th century.

    “Where does chocolate come from?”
    Few people realize that one of the most important discoveries Columbus made was on his fourth trip to the New World, where he learned of the cacoa beans (cocoa) from the fruit that live in the cacao pods of the tree with the same name. The famous Swedish Scientist Linnaeus, the father of modern Taxonomy, named this species Theobroma cacao, which means in Greek “Food of the Gods”. Cacao was cultivated by the pre-Columbian cultures of the tropical South and Central America thousands of years ago (the Mayans 1500 yrs. ago). The original native strain of Cacao, scientists declare, comes from the upper Amazon of Ecuador and Colombia. This area is considered the center of origin of Cacao. Early man involved in tropical agriculture spread it and introduced it into Central America.

    Secrets of Paradise

    The Secret of Paradise proposes the idea chocolate may turn out to be the basis for world’s sustainable future. The authors explore the wonders of modern Ecuador with specific emphasis on its thriving and sustainable organic economy. The organic Cacao plantations comprises the sources used in the manufacturing of Paul Newman’s Organic Chocolate and a considerable portion of the coffee consumed all over the world. Here is a noteworthy excerpt from the historic documentation:

    “… Accounts say that the emperor Montezuma stated: "The divine drink builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink [cocoa] permits a man to walk for a whole day without food."

    With a reverent and detailed touch, they build on and then utilize the comprehensive history and anthropological background to look at the present and then towards the future.

    What is the Secret of Paradise?
    Ecuador is one of the most exciting places on Earth right now, in terms of working towards a new development paradigm. The government is now the most stable in recent times and will soon become the longest serving in Ecuador's tumultuous history. The president's approval ratings are well over 70%. All this is due to the reorientation of the government's approach, made possible by a constitution remarkable for its recognition of human rights and the rights of nature, and its acceptance of plurality and cultural diversity.

    Perhaps, it is the commitment of their government and all their people to the creation of a biosphere. Ecuador’s government has taken the first actions required to protect the environment in their new constitution, in effect since October 20, 2008. From the Georgetown University Political Database of the Americas here is a translated chapter titled, Ecuador Rights of Nature:

    Secrets of Paradise

    Chapter 7: Rights for Nature

    Art. 71. Nature or Pachamama, where life is reproduced and exists, has the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, structure, functions and its processes in evolution.

    Every person, people, community or nationality, will be able to demand the recognitions of rights for nature before the public organisms [organizations]. The application and interpretation of these rights will follow the related principles established in the Constitution.

    The State will motivate natural [individual] and juridical persons as well as collectives to protect nature; it will promote respect towards all the elements that form an ecosystem.

    Art. 72. Nature has the right to restoration. This integral restoration is independent of the obligation on natural and juridical persons or the State to indemnify the people and the collectives that depend on the natural systems.

    In the cases of severe or permanent environmental impact, including the ones caused by the exploitation on non-renewable natural resources, the State will establish the most efficient mechanisms for the restoration, and will adopt the adequate measures to eliminate or mitigate the harmful environmental consequences.

    Art. 73. The State will apply precaution and restriction measures in all the activities that can lead to the extinction of species, the destruction of the ecosystems or the permanent alteration of the natural cycles.

    The introduction of organisms and organic and inorganic material that can alter in a definitive way the national genetic patrimony is prohibited.

    Art. 74. The persons, people, communities and nationalities will have the right to benefit from the environment and form natural wealth that will allow wellbeing.

    The environmental services cannot be appropriated; its production, provision, use and exploitation, will be regulated by the State.

    Can we learn how to live in harmony and in peace on the planet Earth using the knowledge being offered to us from the people of Ecuador?

    The authors believe that you have now found the keys to this secret, and that by knowing these, your life will be forever changed as well.

    The Secret of Paradise
    Mysteries of the Pacific Coast of Ecuador
    Bo Rinaldi and Patricio Tamariz

    List $18.95 softcover also available in Kindle 220 pages with color illustrations and photos

    ISBN-10: 0983862303 ISBN-13: 978-0983862307

    Available wherever books are sold and on Amazon.

    Secrets of Paradise

    About the Authors
    Patricio Tamariz lives and works in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador. He is a national and international tourism consultant, and was the main advisor for the Organization of American States for the Andean Region for their program for helping small hotels. Patricio also has held the positions of Director of Tourism for the province of Manabí (2000), Manager for the Coast of Ecuador (2000-2003) and Undersecretary of Marketing (2010) for the Ministry of Tourism. Patricio was also appointed the Executive Director for Ecuador's first Tourism Promotion Fund (2004-2007) and helped place Ecuador for the first time as a sustainable worldwide tourism destination.

    Patricio and his family are related to the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Coast and Andes, as well as the early European settlers of Ecuador. Contained in this book is the unique perspective through his indigenous roots, his European bloodline and his modern day vision of Paradise on Earth.

    Bo Rinaldi is an entrepreneur, chef, and co-owner of the acclaimed Blossoming Lotus restaurant in Portland. He is the co-author of numerous books including Vegan Fusion (with Mark Reinfeld) and four Complete Idiot's Guides(Juice Fasting, Green Smoothies, Eating Raw, and Low-Fat Vegan Cooking). Bo was one of the founders of the organic food movement in the California Sixties, got involved in the PC Revolution as the VP Marketing for ComputerLand, was the EVP for the largest boutique Software Consulting firm in Silicon Valley. He lives in Lake Oswego, outside of Portland, Oregon.

    Bo first visited Ecuador in 1970 as a botanist seeking new natural plant based medicines from the Amazon and the Andes. Bo immediately fell in love with Ecuador, its people and its rich culture. While developing a sustainable land project on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador in 2011, Bo met Patricio Tamariz and the result of that first meeting is this book, The Secret of Paradise.


    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.

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    A cradle in Motherland
    by Amy-collé Barry

    If Africa is the cradle of humanity, I found my cradle there: in Ndem For years, I had been looking for my small paradise, a place where life would be enjoyable. A simple, welcoming land at the source of my identity. I was even ready to go and live in a Rastafarian community in Jamaica, to tell you the truth!

    In brief. I am Senegalese, I am 36 years old, and I had been looking for authenticity for 20 years. Should I explain?... That I am trying to own what I am, a Negress who wants to embrace her culture, her differences and go back to the source of this negritude. I crossed the world. I left Africa, my native Dakar, to go to Europe. Then I did a small tour in Asia. India upset me , but I found only a little bit mat copy of Africa there (as it is described in the Egyptian period, in the work of Cheick Anta Diop, Nations Négres and Culture). I was very touched by the Caribbean’s but, I still missed the wilderness of Africa that was so (this part of wild shade of Africa)anchored in me and which shouted with quite a lot of strength.

    On returning to Dakar, I had a walk of the side Bambay. You exit the city, and there opens an immense field of Baobabs which extends overhundreds of kilometers, with nothing else in view.Then you leave the road and take the dirt track Others will name it a track, or...The heat is excruciating, the wind is also warm. In the car, it is The heat is excruciating, the wind is also warm. In the car, it issilent. I cannot speak. My heart says to me that I am going to arrive and that I shall have the answer. The answer that’s been buried in me for millenaries.

    As we say so well the road to paradise is long and a little difficult. I am incredibly zen this morning. Sticky. I have to get out under the scorching heat to push the car. The sand is burning . The shepherds help us. They come on their own, push the car and put us in the right direction. We get lost, we go round in circles, a little. I am still zen. Patience becomes again my best friend, even though I’m well known for my speediness. There, we say to ourselves that it is necessary to be attentive to what is going to take place, it is important. Fields of baobabs stopwith the most majestic, the most massive of them, and here is theentrance of the village of Ndem.

    I had seen this baobab years before in a dream. I was at its feet and the biggest and blackest man I had ever seen, gave me a lesson about life. Today I am in front of the same majestic tree which symbolizes the goddess Hator (the goddess of the sycamore which I chose as a guide, or which was imposed upon me) and I say to myself that I have arrived at my final destination. I found my paradise.

    Once the entrance is crossed, we are wrapped in a dense serenity,as if we were entering a kingdom in which time would be suspended at once and at the same time would continue to flow with the normal rhythm. I want to say that "I met myself again ", as if my soul and I had just jumped again into my carnal envelope, as Platoon described it. This part of oneself that we can spend a lifetime looking for, I found it in the bend of a street in my "cradle", in this place where life begins.

    In my whole life, I had never seen a village that emanated that kind of peace, simplicity, authenticity and spirituality: these qualities manifest through the burning sand you walk on and slowly propagate through out your whole body. They also manifest through the inhabitants who say hello to you with a reverence as in the time of Damels: we kneel down and remain in this position during the 5 to 10 minutes that the greetings last. We lower our heads; take news from the whole family with genuine expressions of politenesses, in the Valaf language that we hardly hear anymore these days and with a smile which congeals your heart. I felt re-entered into African traditions that I had not seen since the time when my nanny was still alive...

    Lunch was a traditional dish with rice, groundnut and dried fish... I had never eaten anything that good. From the first moment, you know that you are at home, the energy you feel is friendly, and you say to yourselves that you cannot leave any more



    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.

    No Implied Endorsement: does not endorse or recommend any article on this site or any product, service or information found within said articles. The views and opinions of the authors who have submitted articles to belong to them alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of

    New Yosemite And Sequoia National Parks Tour Keeps History Of America’s “Buffalo Soldiers” Alive

    - Filmmaker Ken Burns And Leading Tour Operator Tauck Tell The Story Of Pioneering African-American Soldiers -

    NORWALK, CT (May 7, 2012) Award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns is working with Tauck, one of the world’s top tour operators, to tell the story of America’s Buffalo Soldiers as part of a new Tauck itinerary that explores San Francisco and the National Parks of Northern California, including Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon. The history of the Buffalo Soldiers in the parks is one of several cultural narratives that Tauck will highlight in its new, all-inclusive, 8-day guided journey, “Yosemite And Sequoia: John Muir’s California.” Other themes weaving through the Tauck itinerary include the story of visionary naturalist John Muir and the creation of America’s National Parks system.

    The Buffalo Soldiers were African-American U.S. Army troops who served in the American West and elsewhere during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Native American in origin, the term “Buffalo Soldier” has been attributed variously to the soldiers’ fierce fighting ability, and to the resemblance of the soldiers’ hair to a tuft of fur found atop the heads of buffalos.

    Tour Operator Tauck
    What is more firmly established is that Buffalo Soldiers from the 9th Cavalry and 24th Infantry were garrisoned in San Francisco’s Presidio in 1899, shortly after Yosemite and Sequoia were established as national parks. Seeking to protect the parks’ resources in the era before park rangers, the Army deployed the Buffalo Soldiers to the parks to prevent illegal grazing and poaching, discourage timber thieves and serve a host of other functions. Performing admirably despite having little official authority, the Buffalo Soldiers endured long hours in the saddle, separation from home and family, and the overt racism common to the era.

    According to filmmaker Burns, the Buffalo Soldiers had “the very complicated and difficult task of trying to take care of this place, being African-Americans in a country that had just freed the slaves, but was not yet sure what the African-American role would be in our society.” Burns, who created the award-winning documentary series “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea,” sees the story of the Buffalo Soldiers as a way of weaving African-American history into the National Parks experience.

    “We’ve had in the United States a very complicated history with race, obviously. But what we’ve tended to leave out is the story of African-Americans, not as a separate part of our national narrative, but interwoven with it,” said Burns. “The significance of the Buffalo Soldiers is a way for African-Americans to say, ‘We are part of this history,’ ‘We have been part of this history.’ They are – in fact – a huge part of the history. And with regards to the National Parks, they are crucial.”

    Tauck’s “Yosemite And Sequoia: John Muir’s California” itinerary begins with two nights in San Francisco, where guided sightseeing will include a visit to the historic Presidio where the Buffalo Soldiers were garrisoned. At the Presidio, Tauck guests will learn of the Buffalo Soldiers’ roots in the post-Civil War era, their service with Teddy Roosevelt’s “Rough Riders” in Cuba, and their role in the Philippine-American War. In Sequoia National Park. Tauck guests will hear the story of Buffalo Soldiers commander Charles Young, the third African-American to graduate from West Point and the first to oversee one of America’s National Parks. Guests will also get Burns’s own personal perspectives on the Buffalo Soldiers during a special 20-minute film produced exclusively for Tauck, featuring interview footage with Burns and special excerpts from his National Parks documentary.

    A true highlight for many guests on the Tauck journey will take place in Yosemite National Park, when they have the opportunity to “meet” a Buffalo Soldier as portrayed by Shelton Johnson. An African-American Park Ranger and Buffalo Soldiers expert, Johnson is an author and educator who has been awarded the National Park Service’s highest honor for ranger interpretation. Johnson was prominently featured in the Burns National Parks documentary, and his “in-character,” interpretive presentation is a special Tauck-exclusive experience.

    Tauck’s Yosemite tour (from $4,290 per person, double-occupancy, plus airfare) begins with a two-night stay at The Weston St. Francis in San Francisco, complete with guided sightseeing. The itinerary next includes a pair of two-night stays at “inside-the-park” lodges in Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks (with daily sightseeing and other activities), before concluding with a final night at the Fairmont San Francisco.

    Those interested in more information should contact their local travel professional, call Tauck at 1 800 468 2825, or visit


    The articles on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.

    No Implied Endorsement: does not endorse or recommend any article on this site or any product, service or information found within said articles. The views and opinions of the authors who have submitted articles to belong to them alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of

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    “Honoring our heritage and sharing our passion for sailing and adventure” We are African American Sailors with a passion for sailing and adventure.

  62. Sharingroads ...
    Sharingroads: Economic Interest Grouping specializing in responsible, fare trade tourism in Senegal. We offer different tourist tour (circuit) and stay in the country. We propose a real Senegalese advanture and immersion in different communities to share their customs but also to contribute to the economic growth of these families.

  63. Sole 2 Soul ...
    Harlem is indeed the great Mecca for the sight-seer, the pleasure-seeker, the curious, the adventurous, the enterprising, the ambitious and the talented of the whole Negro world.

  64. Soul Get Aways ...
    Your Travel GetAways for People of Color.

  65. The Black Diamond Sanctuary ...
    The Black Diamond Sanctuary is a series of luxury retreats designed specifically for African-American Women. These luxury retreats provide cultural experiences and deluxe travel excursions for Black women. The Black Diamond Sanctuary is a place that allows women to bond with one another by fostering friendships, sisterhood and social enjoyment while rejuvenating in exotic destinations!

  66. The Memorial Day Getaway ...
    The Memorial Day Getaway is a 5 Days / 4 Nights annual event developed for Urban Professionals who are looking to getaway, relax, network, and party non-stop on the sexiest island in the Caribbean.

  67. Travel Essentials ...
    Online shopping for savings and discounts on travel essentials, accessories, luggage and bags, travel products, women's plus size clothing, men travel wear, travel essentials.

  68. Travel-Smarts ...
    Interested in travel? Get direct travel advice from a experienced travel agent - from cheap flights to exotic destinations!

  69. TraVicarious ...
    A young Black couple with a passion for traveling, photography and finding the best deals share their high quality, low budget travel tips and beautiful photos from places off the beaten path.

  70. Trinidad & Tobago ...
    Planning a trip to Trinidad &Tobago? Please visit this site for helpful info.

  71. Truzion Travel ...
    Online travel destination for people of color, specializing in spa travel, events, cruises, corporate, and leisure travel.

  72. UGOGURL ...
    UGOGURL - Your Black Travel Portal, created to change the way you view African American travel.

  73. Urban Beach Week ...
    Dedicated to Urban Beach Week, Annual Memorial Day Gathering in Miami Beach, FL

  74. Xodus International Group, LLC ...
    International tour, mission and meeting planning service. we also offer international air tickets and programs for seniors.

  75. We Shall Overcome ...
    We Shall Overcome; Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement National Register Travel Itinerary.

  76. Wild n' Beaches Dreamliners Safaris ...
    Kenya tours and travel operator, offering Kenya safari holidays and Tanzania wildlife adventures safari holidays, thrilling Nairobi and Mombasa city tour excursions, Nairobi - Mombasa first and second class passenger train booking and reservations.

  77. 50+ Soul Singles at Sea ...
    A cruise group created especially for "us" Fun-loving Soul Seniors 50-plus. For everyone over 50: married couples, singles folks, friends, relatives, co-workers, co-retirees, etc. Coming together for 7 days/nights and will ALL have a great time.

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